Birthstone Gift For A Pisces Woman To Impress Her

What are the various types of birthstones for Pisces you can get?

By Sophia R
Birthstone Gift For A Pisces Woman To Impress Her

Types of Birthstones you can get for a Pisces Woman

Pisces is a zodiac sign that is ruled by the planet Neptune, known as Poseidon. People who are born approximately on February 19 until March 20 will be Pisces.

To get you to understand this sign better, we will give you a short summary of its characteristics and meaning. There is an ancient legend that says that people born under the influence of this sign acquire qualities of all the remaining zodiacal signs by their position at the beginning and end of the zodiac wheel.

 Because it is ruled by Neptune, the attributions of this sign are goodness, spirituality, mysticism, and sensitivity. Religion and its spirituality play an extremely important role in their lives. They always have direct contact with the spiritual world. They have a social conscience, they love being able to help other individuals without any interest. These people are able to experience other people's pain as if they were their own. Those born under the influence of this sign are dreamers, they do not adapt easily to reality, and almost always live in a utopian world. Also, they always want to be the redeemer for an individual, making them have a unity and a great connection with all the people around them. 

This zodiac sign is represented with two fish that are both swimmings in contrary directions whilst tied with a rope that symbolizes the people who have this zodiacal sign. 

Was your girlfriend born under the influence of Pisces and want to know which are the best stones to gift her according to this zodiac sign? The truth is that there are many and very diverse gems that are recommended for this zodiac sign of water.  Remember that most Pisces tend to be very sensitive and emotional, so their precious stones will be closely related to this feature of theirs. If you want to know more about the best stones for Pisces, do not miss this article. Get any of the following birthstones and have her as impressed as ever!

1. Moonstone for Pisces woman

 Moonstones are one of the pearly-colored gems that can bring the most benefits to women. This mineral is well known throughout the world for helping with menstruation problems, breastfeeding, insomnia and even to relax the most uncontrollable impulses. 

It is a stone found in places such as Mount Vesuvius, the Swiss Alps and certain areas of the Himalayas, and since ancient times it has been related to the moon, due to its opaque pearly color and texture.

Moonstones exist in a wide range of colors, the most common being beige, brown, white, lavender and blue. It is a unique stone for its ability to change color. The moonstone changes color if we expose it to light due to its modularity (blue reflection that emits when putting it under light). 

It is from the group of feldspars, so they are easy to break and difficult to mold. Their extractions are very limited and the price is usually quite high.

It is said that it is the rock that allows connecting with the ancestors or loved ones, who are no longer on the earthly plane.

Moonstone Necklace Rainbow Moonstone Pendant Necklace

It is used as a healing resource by many, but it will be extremely effective on Pisces women. The benefits of moonstone are healing both spiritual and physical affections. It is the stone of love that heals all the ills of the emotional heart, helping to understand and accept things when a relationship ends. In the same way, moonstone and magical properties allow the healing of problems and the restructuring of couples. The properties of the moonstone are also excellent if you are having problems for conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. It also heals health problems such as digestive problems and lack of sexual potency.

2. Birthstone rings for Pisces woman

Constellation Zodiac Rings

The jewelry you wear, without realizing it, can say a lot about you and bring a lot of energy to you. If the woman you wish to give a gift to is one of those who like the spiritual and the astrological world of their sign, Pisces, there will be nothing they will appreciate more than a ring with their birthstone.

But, first, what is a birthstone? In the past, precious and semi-precious stones were used to protect us from evil, to achieve spiritual balance, and to even take care of diseases. In addition, it was also said that these stones or gems transmit the energy and strength of the Earth. This is one of the reasons why some stones were designated to each sign of the zodiac, which is the so-called birthstones.  

It is advised to wear our birthstones as a jewelry piece, so why not gift a birthstone ring to our girlfriends? Now that you know everything about birthstone rings, find out which are the best for Pisces women.

3. Aquamarine

Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring

Obviously, this stone must be the same name as the color of it, and this time it is directly related to this water zodiac symbol, Pisces. Aquamarine has a lot to do with romanticism because it evokes Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, who comes from seawater. For this reason, it is related to Pisces people, who are so passionate and romantic.

The aquamarine helps Pisces woman to make decisions in a sensible way and with greater tranquility. This stone also helps to release tension and unlock the body of bad energies. 

4. Sapphire

Jewelry | Sterling Silver Sapphire Ring

The sapphire is one of the four gems that have greater importance on our planet and is part of the group of the most beautiful ones, too. 

This mineral can be located in a totally natural state with varieties of tonalities; it can be transparent, have a red, yellow, or blue color. 

Sapphire will be very helpful for Pisces women to fight anguish since it is a sign that is very sensitive and can absorb negative emotions in the worst ways and very easily, too. 

5. Amethyst for Pisces woman

Amethyst is a precious stone belonging to the family of quartz. It is believed to be the magic stone for the zodiac sign of Pisces, the reason why it is a perfect gift for any Pisces woman in your life. 

 The amethyst has the ability to polarize positive energy and provides energy, balance, and spirituality. This is a stone that is linked to the third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead, and that helps to have an objective view of situations and restores psychic harmony.

The amethyst, by reinforcing the sense of the reality of the Pisces, urges them to face difficult circumstances, pacifies their spirit and attenuates or controls their passions.

AMETHYST Cluster - 1/2 to 1 lb.

It is also used to improve memory, relieve headaches and, in particular, it is given the power to help you give up bad habits or addictions. In addition, it has been considered the stone of balance, in all planes: the physical, the mental and the spiritual. It will work, then, to restore the lost balance of the one who carries it, either at the level of physical health, psychic alterations, such as nerves or depressions, or helping us in any external imbalance, or difficulty, that comes our way daily.

The tradition ensures that this stone attracts luck, calls for love and takes fears away so it is recommended for Pisces to always carry an amethyst, as well as place one of these gems under their pillow to ward off nightmares and enjoy peaceful and even prophetic dreams. Following these precepts, the violet that dominates the amethyst would be an ideal color for meditation and introspection.

Lucky stones for Pisces woman

Being lucky in life can be as much a matter of chance as it can be tactical and strategic management of the energies available in the universe. There are many things we can do to modify the behavior of chance for us. Today we gather the stones and the gems, elements with a particular vibration, to help us attract luck to us. If you wish to wish and attract luck to a Pisces woman in your life, don't doubt on gifting them any of the following lucky stones: 

6. Jade

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Massage Tool Set

 Jadestone is the representation of serenity, tranquility, and immortality. As Pisces is a very mystical sign, the most mystical of the zodiac, they are constantly searching for possible ways to transcend after death. Jade is a stone that will favor this search and will strengthen its beliefs and ways to access non-visible planes of their lives. In addition to this, the Jade attracts good luck and protects against the bad energies that Pisces both tend to absorb and find difficult to free themselves from. 

7. Topaz Sterling Silver Oval Amethyst Dangle Earrings: Jewelry

 Although some may believe that the Topaz is only blue, the truth is that this gem can also have other shades such as yellow, brownish, red, greenish, etc.

Topaz will work very well for Pisces women who are very shy because it will help them fight it and be more open to people, as well as help them acquire leadership skills. It will bring new relationships and success to the Pisces. This gem is also appropriate to channel the energy of love, so present in people born between February 19 and March 20. 

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I am sure you will be considered the best one at giving gifts by that Pisces woman after you give them any of these amazing stones for their sign. It will bring them so many positive things to their lives that they will be so grateful for. Believe me, it is impressive how these stones can work. Yes, we know you are thankful, too. You are welcome!


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