Not Getting Any Tinder Matches? Here Are 8 Legit Tips That Get You More Matches

A breakdown of how tinder match works and how to hack it

By Sameet
Not Getting Any Tinder Matches? Here Are 8 Legit Tips That Get You More Matches

Algorithm of a tinder match

Isn’t it intriguing? What is the math behind one of the world’s top dating apps? Can you even believe that something as pure and sensitive as love, can be expressed in a set of numbers and figures?

Tinder basics

We’re all familiar with this app. With one swipe you might just find the perfect match for you to date, and if got lucky, find your life partner. All you have to do is create an account, add a bomb photo, some basic details and you’re good to go. This lets you find people with your common interests, nearby to get notified about you and vice versa.

The Algorithm, revealed

According to research, globally, millions of people are found to be using Tinder and many people who are currently in committed relationships have claimed to find their partner through the app. But what they don’t know is the science behind it all.

The best thing about this dating website is that it’s simple like its algorithm. Its creators are quite open to their ideas and want the world to know how it’s done. Basically, it’s not that complicated too, the tinder matches are based on not more than the factors of location and appearances. But this doesn’t limit dating at all, the human brain has unlimited ways to romance. Let’s see how it works:

The Elo score

This is a rating system that Tinder was using secretly before it was revealed. The system was actually made for chess players. The Elo score matches you up with the people that you would most likely desire and rank them according to their attractiveness. It was a secret score every person had. For example, your score would go up every time someone swiped right (liked) your profile. Now the scorecard you’re getting will be served to other people who match your score. This way people with equal scores can get to interact with each other.

It was a pretty hot topic a few years ago but now the ratings have decreased as the most popular and hot people would keep connecting with each other very frequently, whereas the less desirable people would get a low ranking and curse the website in despair.

The Matching Algorithm

Now, this method is not like it mean when it comes to ranking people or prioritizing them on the basis of likes. The matching algorithm, as the name suggests, matches people by predicting who would like whom. This prediction is based on the profiles people choose. It’s based on the way users select many of the profiles as other users who are similar to them.  

8 Tips on how to get more Tinder matches

First of all, let’s discuss what the factors that influence your tinder matches are. Here are some tinder facts you should know:

New accounts get a push

When you first make an account, you are going to get a boost. This means that your profile is going to be displayed extensively to other users so your profile gets wide exposure. The newbies don’t have to feel left out because of this feature. There is also a paid boost, where you have to pay in order to expose your profile more.

Super Likes

Now here’s a tricky and controversial aspect to Tinder, instead of just swiping right, you can super like someone’s profile. This is a way of getting your attention instead of waiting to get a swipe back to get noticed. But there’s a catch, Super Likes cost.

Over Swiping

If you’re not really interested in finding a match and are just swiping on every other profile, then Tinder has an eye out for you too. There’s a limit of 100 swipes in a day. If you over-swipe, Tinder will automatically lower your exposure to other users.

Don’t be upset if you aren’t getting much tinder matches. Let’s check out these makeover tips for your profile and some hacks to get you dating in no time.


That’s the first thing you’ll have viewed about you. On online dating platforms, you can’t say much about yourself so you have to make your profile as expressive as possible. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

1. Keep it simple

It’s proven through research that keeping an intro short is the best way to do it. No matter how much you want to load your profile with information, it’s always better to only add the highlights about you and make the biodata section precise. When it comes to photos, a lot of filters and editing just ruins it. Take nice clear pictures and don’t tamper with them a lot. People will be more attracted to the actual you.

2. Make it fun, not dull

No one likes boring, obviously. Humor is the best way to attract people, you can try out funny and witty lines for your profile that would make a person pause when they see it. That’s how you’re more likely to find a match. If you can make someone laugh, then it’s an easy road ahead.

3. Express through photos

You are most likely to be swiped right if you have a really flattering display of photos, photos that actually show off your life, your likes, what drives you.  A bunch of mirror selfies won’t cut it. Here’s your chance to be creative, and the main topic is YOU. So don’t miss out on taking snaps when you’re skating, dancing, out with friends and then sharing them on Tinder.

4. Don’t get too cheesy

It’s important to control your emotions a bit even if you got a really hot match. NEVER use a pickup like, that’s a golden rule. Play it cool, keep the conversation slow but going and wait for the other person to respond, then you can easily judge them. But if you get way over your head, you might just ruin it.


To get more likes on Tinder:

5. Like those whom you really want to date

Keep your hand low on the likes there. Not everyone is going to be your match. Keep a mindset about the type of people you want to swipe and like too.

6. Like Facebook pages

How else are people going to know your likes and dislikes? Tinder shares your Facebook info like the type of music you like, or your favorite type of food, etc. This helps you connect with more people like yourself. So a big thumbs up to Facebook pages.

7. Get an upgrade

There is a reason for those upgrades on Tinder like Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. They help you get an unlimited amount of likes so you don’t have to be too picky. Also, they get you boosts which will give more exposure to your profile, hence, more likes.

8. Be confident and initiate

Nowadays, confidence is key. People like a firm attitude and the ones who are still approachable. Show that on your profile, you’ll get likes in no time.

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Using Tinder and other dating apps requires an open mind. No matter how much effort is put in to find you the perfect match, the actual feelings and emotions of love are totally unpredictable. If you don’t succeed at Tinder, it does NOT mean there’s no one out there for you. So, never overdo anything even if it’s a dating app and never get yourself down on the basis of numbers and figures.