6 Interesting Places To Make Out That You Never Thought Of

6 Fascinating places to make out that nobody has thought of

By Aey
6 Interesting Places To Make Out That You Never Thought Of

Secretly Planning For An Ideal Racy Romp?

If you and your partner are one of the more adventurous ones in the block; you know you’ve had quite the experience of being touchy-feely with each other. People might call you desperate love birds or ask you to “get a room” more often than you’d like. But the fact of the matter remains… Is it even hot in the room anymore? Obviously, there are certain perks of having your own privacy but that charm and oomph factor dies pretty soon. Couples are seen craving for some never before seen or heard adventures. Even if they aren’t on the kinkier side of things; everybody appreciates a little bit of change in routine and welcomes thrill. So if you’ve been secretly planning some racy romp, here are 6 interesting places for you to make out and be naughty with your lover.

Here are some cautionary pointers to note

In all fairness, adventurous love-making can be seen to be a little too raunchy and suspicious at times. You certainly don’t want to have a bad reputation and wouldn’t appreciate awkward moments. Here are a few cautionary pointers to keep in mind.

Don’t choose a spot close to either one of your workplaces

Certainly, you don’t want to have a reputation in your workplace as someone who’s naughty and kinky. So, to retain a professional image at your workplace, try to follow this step religiously. You should actively try to not be somewhere close to work or a frequent place of a visit from your co-workers. The last thing you’d want is to have eye contact with John from accounts while you explore your lovers’ mouth… yikes!

Always have a safe word

Having a safe word can ensure that you don’t have a hardcore conversation about when and why to stop your make-out session. Your safe word will just let you know that you’re treading in the wrong territory and need to leave it soon.

Make sure both of you are comfortable

The best thing about being in a relationship is being able to openly address your fears and insecurities. Share your concerns with each other and make sure that both of you are on board with the plan before going forward with it. You will both have a great time and make unforgettable memories if you’re comfortable.

Don’t make anyone spot your frequent choice

Avoid going to the same spot again and again. This will not only dull the charm of the spot but people might even start getting fishy. This can ruin the fun and take the excitement out of it.

Look out for children’s parks and schools

Don’t choose spots that are near a children’s park or elementary school. You don’t want to be a bad influence for the kids and definitely, don’t want anybody’s parents confronting you. Now THAT would be weird!

Best secluded spots to make out with your partner

1. On top of a cliff

The top of a cliff could give you the best overview of the city and especially at night, with all those lights will make for the perfect get-away spot. It is quiet, it is dark and it is downright romantic! It is hands down one of the best places to make-out with your partner because of the adventure and thrill involved. There won’t be another soul to disturb you and you can have the time of your life. This could very much be the x-factor lacking in your marriage or relationship if it has gotten too bland and dull. If you go at sunset or sunrise, it can add an extra charm to the whole scene. It would just be like the climax of a romantic chick flick and you can be the main cast!

2. Old library

Libraries have become more and more secluded with the advent of the internet and everything being so accessible to us in the comfort of our homes. Old public libraries make for a great spot for making out because of the “kink” involved. You can have a schoolgirl role-play and satisfy your inner desires of going wild with your partner. You can start it by acting like you don’t know each other and have just met in the library. It will add a whole new thrill and your make-out session will be better than ever. There is something just so romantic about the smell of old books and the art and literature they contain in them that you will want to go back again and again to have an amazing time with your lover!

3. In the woods

With wilderness comes a special charm that is amalgamated in fear and kink. If you’ve been wanting to have a wild session of making-out, well, this one is it for you. Find a clearing in the woods and make-out with your lover. You can explore their tongue as nature explores its bounds. The scenery will send you into an adventurous mode and you can live it to your best with your partner by your side. Beware of the animals though, you don’t want you're making out to turn into a nightmare…

Best weird spots to make out with your partner

4. Hospital

From the day we saw Chandler and Monica “doing it” in FRIENDS, I am sure this has been on many people’s bucket list. Making out in the hospital is both passionate and intense because you are surrounded by suffering, the pain of losing loved ones and the happiness of new life. It is a celebration and a miserable reality at the same time. The rush of emotions is all too real and you can feel it in every single one of your bones! Just beware of the people around, you certainly don’t want to be too obvious and conspicuous in your making out and have a bit of respect for those around you. So yes, this one is weird, it might sound stupid to some but oh boy, it sure is going to add thrill in your making out sessions!

5. A bathroom in your friend’s house

If you’re both invited to a friend’s house, you can just excuse yourself to the bathroom and somehow sneak in your partner in there too. This one is so naughty and might even give you massive nostalgic feels as you feel like teenagers trying to kiss each other in your parent’s house. Try this one but make sure you’re not too obvious. Hell, if your friends catch you they’ll only tease you for how much hot you both are for each other. Pretty harmless in comparison to other possible scenarios, right? So go for it and kiss your lover till you’re both breathless and hot!

6. The ATM

Getting out the cash from the ATM is a pretty boring and normal task. There is no thrill and/or excitement in it. However, there will forever be hot and sexy memories attached to it if you make out with your partner in the ATM booth. It sounds desperate and well, is maybe just that. The people waiting outside might eye you both but who cares when you’re in your partner’s arms? Ignore the trespassers and lose yourself into their bodies! The make-out session will make you both pant and crave more… you can make it a teaser trailer and look forward to what’s coming next at home. It is a fun way of spicing things up in your bedroom and there’s no harm in it. There’s the thrill of public making out and the comfort of being all alone in the booth. Best of both worlds, right?

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Making out with your partner can stir up your hormones in a minute and can get your heart racing in no time. If you’ve been wanting to have an amazing make-out session with your partner but just haven’t gotten around to it, just shrug everything off and go make their day! From sexy smooching to simply dry-humping while kissing each other; a good make-out session will never go out of fashion. Try out these interesting places for making out today and make precious memories with your lover that will last a lifetime! After all, what better way to make something special than to kiss your partner?


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