What Birthstone Gifts To Get For A Cancer Sign Woman?

Gift these beautifully crafted birthstones for a Cancer Sign lady

By Diana N.
What Birthstone Gifts To Get For A Cancer Sign Woman?

Birthstone Rings For A Cancer Sign Woman

What better way to celebrate a woman’s special day than with the gift of a gemstone? Birthstones are the perfect gift to give those people who love the stars and beautiful designs. Birthstones are known to have originated from the sacred breastplate of Aaron, a ceremonial priestly garment that had 12 gemstones. Many people wear birthstones as pieces of jewelry believing that they have their unique magical elements. Their beauty speaks for itself and whether you believe in their said magical powers or not, their sparkling beauty will dazzle on you forever.

The birthstone that is associated with the cancer sign is the ruby. Red rubies are known to represent tokens of happiness and peace. The beauty of these rubies speaks volumes for their strength and nobility of character. In ancient Hindu tradition, the ruby is regarded as the “king of gems.” It is deemed to be the most precious stone by the Bible and the ancient Sanskrit writings. It was also believed to protect the wearer from evil and misfortunes. A deep red ruby signifies love and passion.

Rubies are desired for their durability, luster and rare qualities. The only gen that is known that is harder than a ruby is a diamond. The only thing that is distinguishable between rubies and sapphires is the color because all their other qualities are similar.

Ruby gemstones are known to be among the most expensive of the precious gemstones because some are so rare and so gorgeous. Gifting a woman a ruby ring shows how much you love her.

1. Ruby resin ring

Ruby Red Resin Ring

This ring is designed with a mixture of natural red ruby mixed in the resin. It gives a slight and transparent look which is very unique and gorgeous.

2. Gold ruby ring with diamonds

Genuine Ruby and Diamond 10k Yellow Gold

This is one of the simple designs which is very attractive and eye-catching. This ring is designed with the ruby stone and decorated with white stones. It is so beautiful it can be worn alone or stocked with an initial ring or with another gemstone ring.

3. Handcrafted raw ruby ring in silver

925 Sterling Silver rough Ruby Ring

This is one of the woman’s favorite. It is handcrafted with sterling silver material and finished with plum color ruby stone. It is simply elegant and symbolizes royalty ad it also offers a fashionable appearance.

4. Danette ring

Danette Ring

This ring has a modern minimalistic appearance and a sleek design which is the inspiration for this eternity Ruby ring in 14k White Gold. This ring is usually perfect as Classic wedding ring or anniversary ring.

Birthstone Flowers For A Cancer Sign Woman

Long ago before the era of calling, texting, face timing, and instant messages, people used flowers to communicate. Each birth month has a flower and it represents a unique meaning that is meant to make the recipient feel special. The birthstone flowers that are associated with the cancer sign are the Larkspur or Water Lily.

5. Larkspur

Dwarf Delphinium Mixed Colors Larkspur Flower

This flower usually represents a strong bond of love. It signifies an open heart, attachment to someone and the celebration of positivity. The Larkspur comes in a variety of colors each symbolizing something different. Blue larkspur symbolizes dignity and grace, pink larkspur symbolizes contrariness, white larkspur symbolizes a happy nature and purple larkspur symbolizes first love.

6. Water Lily

Live Aquatic Plant Nymphaea Mayla

These are a unique kind of lotus-like flowers. They normally symbolize rebirth or purity and majesty. They are so lovely on their own and they are often used in ponds to prevent the growth of algae and to cool and shade the waters for fish.

Birthstone Necklace For A Cancer Sign Woman

Jewelry is one of the best and expensive gifts one can get for a woman. A necklace highlights a woman's personality and brings out her gorgeous neckline depending on the occasion. It is a piece that accents femininity, charm, elegance and the fine curve of her neck. Offering a woman a necklace is accompanied by attaching some emotional value to it. The ruby is a vivid gem that optimizes integrity, confidence, and strength. It also has excellent toughness which makes it great for everyday wear.

You can buy a woman the cancer birthstone as a necklace even though it is usually worn as a ring. You can get her a double-weighted Ruby stone and she can enjoy its healing process. By wearing the cancer birthstone necklace, she will be bringing in the energies of the sun.

This necklace will shower her with good health, wisdom, wealth and an overall good personality. If she is suffering from any kind of mental health problem or blood-related issues, a piece of ruby on her neck will prove favorable for her condition.

It is also believed that people who work in political or business administration benefit a lot from wearing a cancer birthstone necklace.

7. The liberty necklace

Liberty Necklace with Heart Ruby

This necklace has an intricate gold or silver pendant and stunning heart-shaped ruby stone. In this pendant, the heart represents love and the crown with a Ruby in it represents loyalty.

8. Corina necklace

Corina Necklace with Heart Blue Topaz

This is an exquisite heart-shaped stone that is coupled with three sparkling diamonds. It comprises a chic and utterly modern stylish love Ruby pendant in 14k White Gold. This is the perfect way to express your love to a cancer sign woman.

9. Claudia Bradby signature necklace

Claudia Bradby Signature Heart Rose Gold & Pearl Necklace

It has a heart-shaped enticing pendant that could be an excellent gift for all occasions. This beautifully intricate and shimmering gold heart can be pave set with choicest diamonds and precious stones. You can also make this a more personal gift by personalizing it to something that has more meaning for both you and her.

10. Grania necklace

Grania Necklace with Pear Ruby,

Gifting a woman with this pendant is a beautiful way of expressing your love for her. This unique heart-shaped pendant has a gorgeous round ruby in 14k White Gold sparkling at its core with petite gemstones covering one half of the pendant.

Moonstone For A Cancer Sign Woman

Moonstone originates from a mineral family of feldspars. It’s an opalescent stone that comes in different colors from colorless form to peach, pink, pink, grey, yellow, green, brown and blue. It is the zodiac stone for those born under the sign of cancer.

The meaning of the moonstone lies within its energy. Women who relate to moonstones use their moonstone power to nourish, give passion and awaken their feminine energies. They aid in distinguishing between what one merely needs in life versus what they really need. In India, the moonstone is regarded as a "dream stone" that brings its wearer beautiful visions during the night. The most prized moonstone is from Sri Lanka and India. They are usually highly-priced because they are very rare.

The cancer birthstone, moonstone, is highly connected with the moon's energy-enhancing one's intuition and new beginnings. It is an important birthstone for women as it is said to enhance fertility, aid with menstrual issues such as cramping, bring comfort during pregnancy and at childbirth, and assists in the production of milk for breastfeeding. It is also known to cool down the hot sensations of menopause.

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Women who are born under the Cancer sign normally exhibit personality traits that range from being very loyal and sweet to resentment and petulance. For one to truly understand and appreciate the sign and its birthstone, one should put in the effort to take a full spectrum of the characteristics of cancer.

The birthstone for cancer is ruby but it also resonates with other birthstones such as Emerald, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Moonstone, and Pearl. Since it is a water sign, it is known as the gateway of life where the seeds of life are born in the mystic waters.

The energy of the ruby birthstone supports the cancer woman in keeping wealth in her life. It is also known to protect against psychic attacks. The birthstones act as a lucky charm especially when worn in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. When you wear them daily or regularly, they provide you with a sense of emotional serenity. Wearing this is also thought to provide stability with issues of the blood and its components. The positive life force of Ruby is known to revitalize the entire body through the blood circulation.



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