9 Signs He Wants To Marry You And Have A Future Together

How to know if you are the one he wants to have a future with?

By Aey
9 Signs He Wants To Marry You And Have A Future Together

If you’ve been getting a feeling that your guy is planning to spend the rest of his life with you, you definitely need a confirmation. Obviously, you cannot just go up to him and ask him because if he isn’t, you’re going to scare him away and come off as a desperate little girl which you’re not. As always, I’m here to help you understand what is actually going on. If you’re having doubts about whether your boyfriend is serious about you or wants to share his future with you, the following 9 signs that he is serious and wants to spend his life with you!

1. He introduces you to his family

You’d be surprised how many guys are reluctant in bringing a girl home. If after a long time of you guys being in a relationship, your boyfriend insists on taking you home to introduce you to his parents, it might mean that he’s thinking about his life together with you. Keep an ear out for ‘you’re the first girl he has brought home’ or ‘he rarely introduces us to a girlfriend’ because this is a positive sign and he really is serious about you.

2. He stands up for you even if its family on the other side

If he’s always there to defend your honor, that definitely means he is head over heels for you. But does this mean he has a future planned out with you? Boyfriends usually do protect their girls so no. When it comes to family, it might mean that he wants to marry you. If for some reason, his family is against you and even then, he doesn’t let that affect your relationship, this means he wants to be with you. Nobody risks losing their family for some girl their ‘just dating’.

3. He sub-consciously makes future plans with him

‘Let’s go on a world tour once we retire’, ‘How many kids do you want’, ‘Let’s settle down in New York’ are just random comments from him. Girls might say such things without actually meaning it but for guys it’s different. They are very very careful about sending across the message of settling down with a girl unless they have actually thought about it themselves. So if your guy is comfortable saying these things to you, this means he has been thinking about it.

4. He starts behaving shady and saving money

Girls, this one is a little complicated one because it could either mean that he’s going to propose or that he’s cheating on you – well that escalated quickly… If your guy all of sudden has started cutting back on expenses and is being secretive, this might mean that he’s planning a proposal and want to spend the saved money on getting you a ring. You’ll know which case it is because coming home late and ignoring your phone calls will warn you if it’s the latter. This shady behavior is the safe shady behavior like dropping hints like I have a surprise or we’re going away for the weekend etc.

5. Something fishy in your jewelry drawer or maybe just a ring is missing

This one is the cutest sign and maybe one that ensures a proposal is on the way. No matter how secretive a guy is, he needs your finger size to get a ring that fits. For this purpose, he needs to go through your jewelry. Little do guys know but girls will always realize if somebody has touched their stuff and definitely when a piece of their jewelry is missing. If your ring is missing or your boyfriend tries to ask your ring size jokingly then expect a proposal anytime soon.  

6. He genuinely feels lucky to have you

If a guy wants to marry you, you will notice that he genuinely feels blessed and lucky to have you. By this I don’t mean him telling you this with words, I’m talking about the actions here. You will notice how grateful he actually is to have you in his life. He will send this message across by treating you exceptionally well like he is afraid to lose you. If he constantly makes an effort to impress you even though you are already head over heels for him, this means that he thinks you’re out of his league and you can do so much better than him and he wants to marry you but in reality, he isn’t the only lucky one. You’ve found yourself a keeper and reciprocate his efforts on your own because what the both of you have is beautiful.  Show him that you feel the same and that you’re in it for the long run too.

7. He makes an effort to impress your parents

Know that your boyfriend is dead serious about you when he plays all his cards to get the approval of your family even though you’ve told him dozens of times that their approval isn’t necessary. There are very few cases when family opposes their children’s choice but such families do exist even in this day and age. Even though he is already aware of the fact that you’ll still be with him despite your family’s opinions of him, he’d still want to get their approval because deep down he knows that you will be happier that way. This is why, if he goes out of the way and tries his hardest to get your family to like him, he’s in it for the long run and definitely sees you when he thinks about growing old with someone. Don’t let this one slip away girl!

8. He opens a joint a bank account with

We’ve all been in a relationship and we all know that opening a joint bank account is a no-no if you’re not in it for the long run. Mixing up finances is a bad idea if you don’t see yourself committed to the other person in every way possible. Joining bank accounts is most probably one of the closest signs that a couple is close to marriage or extremely serious about each other. Which is why, if he offers to open a joint bank account with you, this may mean like he doesn’t have issues in imagining his life with you and seeing you as his wife.

9. He introduces you, anyone and everyone

Guys don’t introduce every girl they are just dating to their circles. If they aren’t serious, they prefer keeping the relationship under wraps. If your boyfriend doesn’t miss any opportunity in introducing you to people around him, this means he’s proud of you, he likes showing his girl off and he’s sending out the message that you’re here to stay. This one is definitely a sign which means that your boyfriend may as well be planning a future with you.

Signs he doesn’t want to marry you

Since we have already talked about the signs that he wants to marry you, let’s leave no stones unturned. Let’s talk about your guy’s behavior when he doesn’t want to get married to you. First of all, if his actions make you feel like you’re not important; it’s one of the red flags because a guy who wants to marry you will want you to feel like a precious one. If he is avoiding situations where he’d have to introduce you to his family and friends, another sign he doesn’t want to marry you. If he ditches the topic future every time, it means he just doesn’t see you in his future and doesn’t want to send the wrong message across. Another tactic guys use is casually slipping in conversation the fact that they never want to get married. Take him at his word girls and save your time girl.

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The summary is that guys will make it very clear if they see their future with you. A proposal doesn’t just happen out of the blue. Most of the times there are obvious signs that he’s planning his future with you that lead up to a proposal. Don’t doubt your instincts and go with the flow. If you’re noticing the signs mentioned above in your guy’s behavior, it is safe to expect a proposal anytime soon. After all, if it’s meant to be, it will be.



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