Do You Have A Secret Admirer Who Is Always There For You?

10 ways to tell if a guy secretly loves and cares about you

By Sophia R
Do You Have A Secret Admirer Who Is Always There For You?

How to know that your best friend has fallen in love with you? Or better, what does a man in love secretly do? If you have noticed that your friend or any man is somewhat different, you don't know what it is precisely, we are going to give you the best ways to tell if a man secretly loves you, so stay tuned!

Too Shy To Tell You That He Loves You? Friend Vs Secret Admirer

Most men who fall in love with their best friend keep it a secret. They get blocked by the idea of ​​spoiling the friendship because of this. For many of these guys, the crush secretly begins as soon as they meet their friend. They think that they are beautiful, but they won't pay attention to them, so they aspire to be their best friend to keep them close.

They will make little gifts, always accompany you, be there for you, but they will never express what they really want. Since he seems to want nothing more, you start to love him as a best friend, but that is not the case for him. It seems familiar to you? Keep reading!

10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Secretly Loves You

You will now face the dilemma: is he your friend or your secret lover? There is nothing to worry about, as there are many ways to tell if a guy secretly loves you. Enough talk, let’s get to these now:

Through the way he text

1. He starts the conversation

If he starts the conversations almost always, he is very likely to have a real love interest in you.

Do not get excited, this is usually a sign, but it can not mean anything in many cases, so you will have to wait to see if that behavior remains constant after a few days.

2. His answers are long

The worst indication of a lack of interest from someone is that he effectively responds to you but with short messages and no jokes or anything. Monosyllables are the main
an indication that he talks to you without much interest or feelings at all.

On the other hand, if he takes his time to answer you and also tells you some anecdotes or stories, don’t take for granted that boy at least enjoys talking to you ... let's see if his interest continues to grow based on this fact, so be aware of the way he answers to your texts!

3. You talk about deep and personal topics

Okay. You have already exchanged the typical questions of what you do, what you like, what music you listen to, etc. When you have just met someone, there comes a point where you know if the talk goes for more or not.

If instead of losing the spark you notice that this guy is interested in knowing more about you every time and even asks unusual questions, for example, "how do you get along with your dad?" or "why did you have a bad day?" It is a good signal.

These small details denote an interest beyond the superficial and if the talk goes on for a long time, it is that the thing is going well for you two. In other words, he is in fact, in love with you.

How he "helped" you in school or in work

4. He asked you to study together

This is a classic method with which boys will try to approach someone they like in school. If they attend the same classes as you, they will probably send you a text message or look for you after school to see if you want to hang out with him and prepare for the next exam.

If you want to spend more time with this guy, but you can't after school, suggest that you study together during lunch or recess. In this way, your relationship will slowly start growing.

5. He asked you to be his partner for school projects or to help you with a class assignments

If a boy from your class likes you, he probably always asked you to be his partner for projects or offered to help you with assignments when you needed it. Now picture this situation: While you're working, he usually got nervous when you talked to him, which can be a sign that he liked you. If you continued to avoid direct eye contact, this is also a sign that you are nervous because you liked it, too. He tried to impress you with humor, knowledge or physical strength. This situation means one thing only: he likes you.

6. He pays more attention to you than the rest

If he pays you more attention than the rest of your colleges, both in person, if he visits you from time to time in your office to chat, or sends you messages by private chat, it means he probably liked you.

You should know how to differentiate kindness from love and attraction. Some people are very sociable and are attentive to all their colleagues to help them with their tasks or simply to talk.

However, if you see that he is more aware of you than the rest, that he always seeks to talk to you or that he shows a special interest in helping you with your things, it is an excellent sign that he is attracted to you.

7. He offers to give you rides

If your partner offers to take you home from work frequently (or at out of the office parties), he might like you.

If he insists on taking you home when he has to deviate from his route to do it or imposes himself on others to take you, he might want to spend time with you, which is a sign that he has feelings for you, and you are not his colleague only.

How he acts

8. He looks at you differently

If a man is interested in you, he will look at you in a different way than he does with a friend. According to a study by the University of Chicago that was led by Dr. Eckhard Hess, when someone attracts us, your pupils dilate, that is, they get bigger. This reaction has nothing to do with the amount of light in the place where the two people are. Yes, this is a very subtle signal, but it is a good indicator to know if he likes you.

Also, other studies show that the gaze of the person who is attracted to you is often directed towards your mouth and lips and maintains eye contact during most of the conversation, so be aware of this type looks

9. He smiles a lot

When we are with the person who drives us crazy, we feel good and unconsciously reflect that happiness. The continuous smile is an unequivocal sign that this man thinks of you because this act expresses that the person in front causes him good feelings. If you like someone a lot, you can even smile for no apparent reason. Do not forget that falling in love and attraction causes the brain to secrete a series of neurochemicals related to positive and energetic mood: serotonin, endorphins, adrenaline ... which can cause smiling and happiness.

10. He compliments you

When a boy is interested in you, it is very possible that he will listen to you and pay special attention to what you say. But it is usual that, in addition, he gives you some obvious messages that you find interesting. This is no secret, as most men do it for cultural inertia. A "you are very pretty today", "this dress favors you" or a "how good you smell" is not something that is usually said to someone who does not interest you as more than just a friend, if you know what I mean...

Quiz to check if he is a secret admirer

Answer “yes” or “no” to the next questions and find out if he loves you in secret!

  1. Does he compliment you?
  2.  Does he invite you to go out with his friends?
  3. Do you text a lot?
  4. Does he start the conversation?
  5. Does he listen to you when you talk to him or her?
  6. Does he miss you when you are apart?
  7. Does he care about you?
  8. Does he smile often when you are together?
  9. Are his eyes fixed to your lips regularly?
  10. Is he especially nice to you?
  11. Is he interested in what you talk about?
  12. Does ve get very close when you talk?
  13. Is he protective of you?
  14. Does he get jealous when you talk to others?
  15. Does he propose new activities?

If you answered “yes” to 9 questions or more, he is secretly in love with you!

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Use these 10 signs to tell if he likes you more than a friend


Are you ready to tell if he actually feels something more for you than friendship? Well, it is now time. After reading this article, you will no longer have any doubts about your secret admirer any more. You can thank us later!


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