10 Signs that He likes You and Cannot Wait to Hold You Tight

Use these 10 signs to tell if he likes you more than a friend

By Evelyn
10 Signs that He likes You and Cannot Wait to Hold You Tight

10 signs on How to tell if he likes you more than a friend

Ok, there's a guy that you really like and that you think he really likes you too. So far you've just been hanging out like friends and having lots of fun, but the uncertainty is driving you crazy! We hear you, it can be frustrating trying to guess and just not be sure where you stand.
You want to know for sure if he likes you as more than just a friend but, how to go about it? How can you be absolutely sure? There are some signs that could help you decipher if you're just imagining things or if what you think is true.

If you want to change your status with this guy, then pay attention to these 10 signs on how to tell if he likes you more than a friend.  

1. He wants to know everything about you

If you happen to make an offhand remark and he presses you for more details to know what happen? That is a sure sign that he's into you, that he is romantically interested in you. It seems that he can't get enough and wants to know everything there is to know about your story.

A good friend would also be interested in your life story but pay attention in the way he approaches learning that story, it's in a completely different level. He wants to know more because he wants to understand you, so he's viewing you as more than a friend.

2. Your opinion matters to him

Guys don't like long stories, gossips or having "serious" conversations, but that changes once he's really interested in a girl. So, if he starts to pay attention when you talk and tries to remember what you said, then it means that he's listening and that ladies, is a sure sign of liking.

Pay attention next time you spend time together. If he remembers details about past conversations then be glad because things are going in the right direction. 

3. He keeps finding excuses to touch you (not in gross or inappropriate ways)

If he really likes you he will want to be as close to you as possible and will find any excuse to touch in innocent and playful ways. For example, he would get close so he can whip an eyelash off your cheek, or touch your hand when he's telling a story. Have you noticed that from your guy? 

4. You catch him looking at you frequently

Ok, this is tricky because it's not just a guy thing but a human thing to stare a lot at someone we really like. So if he's staring at you frequently then chances are he's attracted to you. But tread carefully here because he may like what he sees but if he doesn't do anything else then maybe you should just forget it and move on.

This sign needs to be considered in context. He's looking at you and what else is he doing or not doing? 

5. He stays in touch over text throughout the day

Have you two been having conversations over text throughout the day? Not like every minute but you know, like an actual conversation with its stops, pauses, and starts? Then be very glad because things are going more than OK. 

Usually, men don't text without a reason, but if he really likes you he will send you a text just to let you know he's there and to know how are you. Also pay attention, because if he really likes you he will make use of some emojis like a wink or a heart

Another sure sign that he's into you over text is that he will send you one first thing in the morning. Have you been surprised with a morning text from him? That's awesome, it means that you're his first thought in the morning. Good for you!

6. He'll want to make you feel good by complimenting you

A sign that he likes you more than just a friend is that he likes all things related to you. And not just that, he will let you know what things he likes, and why does he do that? Well, because he wants to make you feel good. He'll say things like, "You look good today" or "I like how you smell" or "that hairdo really works for you".

Be aware that not all guys are that verbal with their compliments, some may feel awkward saying them because they're not used to saying things like that. Maybe he'll go the indirect way and just laugh at something funny you just said, that's the best compliment (he thinks you're funny). smiley

If he really likes you he'll go the extra mile to make you feel good, even by just smiling at you when he sees you wearing something that makes you look hot.

What if your guy is a coworker? How can you tell if he likes you more than a friend? There are a couple of signs you may have to pay attention so you'll know for sure.

7. At work, you're the one he pays the most attention to

If you're not a newbie at work and he spends a whole lot of time talking to you then he may be interested. But heads up, if all your conversations are work-related, then his interest in you is as a work partner, now if your conversations go outside of the workplace then his interest is definitely personal.

Has he asked you to lunch? That's great! that's a sure sign that he wants to talk to you in a more relaxed environment, sometimes the work environment is not conducive to romance. it can be tough to show the real you when you have someone watching. He asked you to lunch so he can "investigate" you further. 

Is he regularly bringing you things you haven't asked for like a cup of coffee or breakfast or flowers?! If you're the only one receiving that kind of attention from him then, go ahead and do a happy dance because he really likes you. smiley

8. He lights up around you

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Have you noticed that when you enter the room he raises his eyebrows and subtlety smiles at you? There should be other changes like in his voice or the way all his demeanor lights up. If he consistently acts happy around you then that's a sure sign that he really likes you more than just a friend. 

9. He shows interest in your virtual world too (aka your Social Media)

If your guy is active on social media and he's paying attention to all the things you post, if he starts liking them or even better, commenting on them, that's a sure sign he's really into you. He'll do things like watch your Instagram stories or click on your pictures and leave you little comments on them. He'll talk about what he saw on one of those posts like "that family get-together looked like a lot of fun".

Pay attention or take notice how he is on Social Media because that is key.  

Lastly, you can tell if a guy likes you more than just a friend by observing his body language. There are some body language signs that can confirm your suspicions. wink

10. All his body language will gravitate towards you

By body language, we mean eyes, smile, eyebrows, torso, hands... you get the picture. When you're talking among a group of friends, does he angles his feet and torso towards you even if he can't turn his entire body? That's a good sign because it means that he finds you the most interesting in the group.

The same applies if the conversation is just between the two of you, leaning his torso and feet towards you means you have his whole attention. That is always good.

Has the following scenario happened while the two of you were having a conversation: While you're talking he's leaning towards you, but then you get interrupted by a third person, he just turns his head but keeps his torso towards you... if yes, then start your happy dance because he's totally into you and doesn't want anybody intruding on his private time with you. Yeah!


If you know what to look for, you'll notice that guys are pretty obvious about their feelings. So if you want to be sure about how he feels, look beyond those little hearts in your eyes and really observe him. Sooner or later, you're going to see one of the 10 signs we just talked about.

Caution is always recommended because some signs could be tricky so it would be a good idea to put them in context and not just them take them at face value.

Good luck deciphering the signs! We hope that it all works out for you. smiley



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