15 Bedroom Skills To Drive A Guy Crazy And Have Awesome Sex

Bedroom skills so good that he wants you again and again

By Aey
15 Bedroom Skills To Drive A Guy Crazy And Have Awesome Sex

Seduction is truly a performance art form; everyone has sex, but few do it with finesse and that takes skill, practice, and ingenuity! Turning your partner on is an exciting game that can be played in virtually infinite tantalizing variations. The key is in creating mystique and a story during buildup; sex devoid of this spicy experimentation will be underwhelming and flat line and who needs that! Troubles in the bedroom also, often, leak into all the other areas of our lives and corrode relationships from within. So, what are some skills in the bedroom that you can use to get some steamy detox in the sheets and drive your man crazy? Say no more! Here are 15 ways you can drive him insane in bed and have him begging for more!

Why you need to spice things up in your bedroom

Sex, in its bare bones, is just mechanical and if your end goal is just to make babies, maybe that’s enough. But pleasure and lovemaking is a beautiful, exciting and infinitely diverse domain to play around in and there is so much to discover about your own sexuality that this journey is a gift that keeps on giving! Discover what drives your partner off the edge and ensure extreme mutual pleasure. It all starts with an openness to try new and brave things. This article will help you take a step in the right direction.

15 Things To Surprise The Guy

1. Give His Neck Attention

Everyone – yes, everyone – likes neck play! Ain’t no one about to not feel pleasure if you plant soft kisses all over his neck and jaw or lick up his Adam’s apple and beeline to his mouth. Necks are vulnerable and sensitive erogenous zones that are amazing during foreplay, sex and even during the afterglow.

2. A Hummer

Every man loves himself a blowjob, but hummers are special occasion delicacies! Literally, hum or make a vibrating sound when he is in your mouth and he is sure to explode in orgasm. Blowjobs are full of pleasurable sensations, but that extra vibration will drive him off the edge. Make as much eye contact as possible during a blowjob but especially a hummer. You will bring out the best in him!

3. Kiss His Belly

When you are kissing, move south towards his privates slowly. – lavishly kiss his neck and chest. Kiss, lick and bite your way down and make a stop at his belly. Many people do not know this but a man’s navel is an oft-ignored erogenous zone that is bound to excite him beyond understanding. Good sex is all about the extras – anyone can perform the motions, you want to try new things, play with and explore his body in exciting and surprising ways that catch him off guard and turn him on off the charts. You will have him hounding for more.

4. Tease Your Man and Talk Dirty

Men have a history of hunting and they love the thrill of a challenge.  Tease him and make sexy eye contact. Never shy away from looking a man straight in his eye and enslaving him in your sexy knowing gaze. Lick, bite and pucker your lips and drive him insane. Make teasing sex noises to drive him off the edge. Men love audio and if you give him moaning sounds, raspy pleasurable ones and whisper dirty talk in his ear a lot he will melt like butter on a warm croissant. Say things like, “I want you, Daddy!” “I want to feel you inside me,” “I’m so wet right now” etc.

5. Suck on His Fingers

Kiss his hands lavishly and make strong eye contact, start by licking his fingers and then start to suck on them, pretending they are his dick. Make a show of it and be extra as hell! This is an excellent foreplay leading to a real blowjob and the preview alone will drive him insane. This is sure to both surprise him and excite him!

6. Bite his ears

Bite his earlobe and run your tongue all across the contours of his ears – it’s sure to give him that chill that runs down your spine and resonates in the groin. Be relentless and whisper in his ear – this is sure to get him to rock hard in a matter of seconds.

7. Kiss His Thighs

Men’s thighs are also a largely ignored erogenous zone. Kiss the inside of his thigh before a blowjob and lick, bite and tug on them. A sound of utter pleasure will guaranteed slip out of his mouth and he will be in the sweet torture of sexual pleasure. Look up and make eye contact and it will be the cherry on top!

8. Say his name a lot

Men like hearing their names come out of your mouth a lot! It personalizes the experience for them – causes let’s face it Britney from Pornhub doesn’t say their name even with that POV. Scream his name during the climax and keep saying his name as you moan. This is sure to drive him wild and enhance his performance as well! A win-win!

9. Bite His Bottom Lip

Kiss him passionately and hold his bottom lip in your teeth. Men love a feisty woman and he will not be able to resist the sexy aggression of a lip bite. Pull his lip towards yourself and release it. Have fun with this to spice up kissing foreplay.

10. Sex in Front of a Mirror

Men are visual creatures. Having sex in front of a mirror and putting on a show will drive him wild – guaranteed! Every man low key or high key wants to star in a porno with his partner – indulge him! You are both going to be so turned on seeing how sexy you look to an invisible audience. It’ll pump more testosterone into him.

11. Cowgirl

Contrary to popular belief, men love a woman taking charge. Ride him and leave him writhing in painful pleasure. The cowgirl is one of the most popular sex positions and a sure way to have a good time and also pull your weight in the giving department if he’s usually more of the giver. Let him sit back and enjoy the show as you take the lead! Make eye contact during cowgirl to see him lose control!

12. Doggy Style

Some women do not like to be “taken from the back” and that’s perfectly okay. You should never do something you are uncomfortable with just to please a man BUT if you don’t mind or would like to give it a shot – most men are very aroused by this position. Go wild like an animal and give your man a special treat! Doggy style facing a mirror is even better!

13. Tickle Him

They aren’t kidding when they say ticklish men make the best lovers! Tickle His ribs, his armpits and watch him get turned on. Play with his feet too. Explore every nook and cranny of his body and experiment on what touch he responds well too. Get creative!

14. Order Him Around

More men have dominatrix fantasies than you would imagine. Tell him what to do and order him around. Depending on what he likes, maybe even try humiliating him – with the consent of course – more men than you would think will be turned on like crazy by this! Be confident and self-assured! Confidence is so sexy in a partner!

15. Play with His Nipples

Nipples are extremely sensitive erogenous zones that are ignored in men! Kiss, lick, suck on and gently bite his nipples to send him into a frenzy! Trust us do not ignore his chest! Some men will shy away from asking but he wants you to play with his nipples as much as you want him to play with them!

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There is so much to try out, discover and experiment within a bed and virtually no limits to what you can both enjoying the bedroom – provided it is consensual of course. Taking is all fun and games but there is an extreme pleasure in giving and taking care of your partner and making sure they are being pleasured is great for the sexual and all other areas of health in a relationship.