What To Do When A Hottie Keeps Staring At Your Eyes

How to remain composed during intense eye contact from a hottie

By Michele
What To Do When A Hottie Keeps Staring At Your Eyes

Eye contact is a serious business. Single eye contact can change your life forever. And trust me over that! There are several incidents, quite famous ones too, where a single stare has led to a date or a relationship and even marriage. Okay, now let’s be honest that sometimes an eye contact can get awkward too – especially when you are with family or friends or at a formal gathering.

Just keep it in mind that your immediate reaction, to eye contact, needs to be – cool, calm and collected. There is no need to freak out. No one’s going to take your soul away through just a stare. Of heart – getting stolen – I cannot promise. Let’s have a look at What to Do When a Hottie Keeps Staring at Your Eyes.

Understanding The Nature Of Stare

There are different types of stares, which tell you a lot about the intentions of the other person. Sometimes it can get awkward too, even if it’s a hottie who keeps on staring obnoxiously. As said it can be greatly uncomfortable.

The Long Stare

Okay, so you are being stared continuously and do not know what to do. You have noticed that the staring time period is getting unreasonably lengthy and there are no warm facial expressions. By warm I mean that there is no smile or a wink from the other person. This can mean that the other person is trying to dominate you through their glare.

There is a simple step that you need to take. Just move away and do not stare back. You must be feeling uncomfortable and it can get insecure too. No need to panic. Just keep on doing your own thing. By ignoring you can save yourself from any sort of unwanted situation.

The Occasional Stare

Okay so you are being stared occasionally and your gut is all okay about it. It is evident that the hottie staring at you is shy and doesn’t know how to express interest. For such conditions you need to be extremely alert. A single glare can mean a lot. Notice the message that is being sent.

Just stay composed and try to read what is being said through the stare. Occasional stares can be for short time periods and you will need to act quickly. Such types of stares do not have any sort of threat associated with them. They mean that the other person is feeling nervous about expressing likeness. You will need to respond in a proper manner too if you are interested.

The Smiley Stare

Okay, so you are being stared with occasional smirks. Well, that’s a clear signal that you are under observation and profoundly liked by that hottie. Smile is a clear sign of friendship and there is no ill will associated with it – apparently.

When you get started with smiles just reciprocate, but don’t go for long stares. Keep it low key even if you are interested. Remember that a positive response is only required if you are interested and get those linking vibes. After all, there is no compulsion. Now you know what to do when a hottie keeps staring at your eyes with smirks.

How to Develop a Connection with Just a Stare?

According to psychology staring plays an important role in developing a bond between two people. Most people stare at others when they admire something about them and want to compliment in a nonverbal manner.

Things can get quite confusing if a hottie keeps on staring at you. If you have a shy personality, you might walk away. But that also means losing a potential date or even a partner. In such cases, you must know how to reciprocate carefully. There is no need to feel offended or insecure. Just relax!

Tip 1

Okay so a hottie is staring at you for a while. And it is evident that a response is required. First of all, you need to establish if you are interested or not. It will help in devising a plan for carrying the eye stare interaction forward in a natural manner.

Tip 2

Stare back occasionally and make sure that you send a smirk too. It will help in demolishing that awkward barrier. Do not make things obvious. It is you who is getting the invitation to being liked. To maintain the upper hand and use this privilege in the right manner.

Tip 3

Just don’t get flattered or arrogant. Keep it well-balanced keeping in mind that we all need to give and take respect – even if it’s about staring. Do not ever lose that idea of developing and maintaining mutual respect.

Tip 4

If you get a few positive eye stares from the hottie. You can move forward and initiate a conversation by greeting. It can be a simple “Hi”, “Hello” or “How are you doing?” If you receive a warm response carry the conversation forward.

Tip 5

You guys were staring a few seconds ago and now standing or sitting close to each other. If you are approaching the hottie do keep in mind to respect privacy and personal space. You will have an idea about it through the hotties movements and body language.

So, now you have an idea "What to Do When a Hottie Keeps Staring at Your Eyes". Oh yeah, always stay confident otherwise, you won’t be able to secure a good first impression. Hope you understand the points above and have no confusion.

10 Interesting Quotes about Staring

I have collected a few interesting quotes related to staring. I found them interesting for you all. I hope you will enjoy them too.

1. “You can know who a person is simply by staring into their eyes.” Shiloh Walker

2. “The gaze that sees is the gaze that dominates.” Michel Foucault

3. “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Harry Winston

4. “We look at each other with shy relief. It's the look two odd socks give when they recognize each other in the wild.” Fiona Wood, Six Impossible Things

5. “And what about the lovers who spend hours staring into each other's eyes? Is it a display of trust? I will let you in close and trust you not to hurt me while I'm in this vulnerable position. And if the trust is one of the foundations of love, perhaps the staring is a way to build or reinforce it. Or maybe it's simpler than that. A simple search for connection. To see. To be seen.” Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star

6. “Eye contact: how souls catch fire.” Yahia Lababidi

7. “I have a big thing with eye contact because I think as soon as you make eye contact with somebody, you see them, and they become valued and worthy.” Mary Lambert

8. “Make eye contact with cute strangers. Give the guy your email. Email is safer than a number, or at least it feels that way.” Nikki Glaser

9. “Flirting all starts with eye contact! You can tell a girl is into you if she's across the room and still making eye contact with you.” Chandler Parsons

10. “We're just looking and looking at each other. And I can feel something new between us, something even more intimate than anything we've done. Eye to eye. It's the most powerful connection in the world.” Sophie Kinsella

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Staring is a more powerful expression than the verbal mode of communication. So make sure that you interpret stares in the right manner. Carefully read whatever, I have complied for you in this read. And I am hopeful that you won’t feel bad about getting stares from a hottie. Just think about a nice date that you can have. And furthermore who knows where the time and tide can take you! Wink, wink!



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