What Words And Touch Turn A Girl On Sexually Like Crazy

Do you want to know how to turn on a girl and keep her wanting more? Whether she is your first girlfriend or not, there are tips you should know.

By Gerald Matiri
What Words And Touch Turn A Girl On Sexually Like Crazy

How To Turn On A Girl

A girl can be turned on in a number of ways from subtle touches to a seductive word. If you want to know how to turn on your girl sexually, mentally and physically, look no further. This post has all the top turn-ons that will enable you to figure out exactly what she wants. Turning on a girl is not rocket science. All you need id to find out first what she likes. A simple word or touch can make you the most irresistible man she has ever been with.

What It Takes To Turn On Your Girl (Touches)

Go through the following aspects of touching that girls secretly crave from their guys. They play a paramount role whether you are out having fun or in bed making love.

1) Touch your girl softly

Not only will your girl be turned on by light touches but she will also reciprocate them. Touch her subtly and watch where she wants to take the game. You will love it when you see her getting busy with you too, physically. Light and subtle touch on her arm, leg, waist, and face are great turn-ons. She will love it better when you touch her hair and play with it. Run your fingers through hers and watch her responses. Go ahead and place your hand on her thigh and she will love it.

2) Turn on your girl with good kisses

You must be a great kisser if you want to keep your girl. Make sure your breath is fresh and wet your lips a little just before kissing her to make them supple. She will love to make put with you as long as you get down to business. Do not simply kiss her lips; focus on other areas such as the nape of her neck, earlobes, forehead, cheeks, and belly. Take full control of the kissing session and let her feel your sexy lips over her beautiful skin. Girls adore kisses, especially during a make-out session. While your tongue does the actions, get busy with your hands too: run your fingers through her hair, pull her closer while holding her waist, touch her lower back, caress her breasts. Give her a deep, passionate kiss and she will be begging you to make love to her. If you really love her blowjobs, why not reciprocate the favor? You must, therefore, know how to use turn on your girl with your tongue around her most sensitive body parts. This is one of the surest ways to turn on a girl.

3) Public display of affection (PDA) is a big turn-on

PDA is a way of showing your girl that you are proud of her and that everyone should see it. Do not hesitate to hold her in public and declare your love. This doesn’t mean you should touch her erogenous zones while others watch; simply hold her hands, touch her softly, and hold her waist as you go downstairs. Walking together in public is another way of showing PDA. Hold her hands and elbows as you allow her to touch your chest. This form of touch is very sensual and will stir up the tremendous romance.

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4) Playfulness will move your game a notch higher

You need to come up with ways of exiting her physically. For instance, chase her around the house and tickle her. Do not be serious all the time because she might get bored. There are many ways you can express your affection when having fun- cuddle when watching a sitcom, give her a peck as she makes your coffee, and do anything you can to show your caring side. A girl never gets enough of fun activities. Watch humorous films with her and assume roles of some funny characters as you pass time. Make her laugh and she will always have you on her mind

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5) Take a bath with your girl

This is one of the biggest fantasies for many girls so be assured that it will turn on your girl. Just when she is all slippery with soap on her body, touch her and massage her back. Don’t forget to watch her sensitive parts and talk dirty to her.

6) Show your affection with massages

Subtle touches are a good start but deep massages will get her into the real mood for lovemaking. A massage not only relaxes a girl physically but also mentally. If you can, use some massaging oil from her shoulders, back, and thighs. By the time you are through, she will be moaning with pleasure and that’s when you know she is surely turned on.

Traits That Turn On A Girl

When it comes to love matters, there are certain inner qualities of men that turn on most women. You may not have all of these traits but you can use a few to turn her on more than ever.

7) Be a chivalrous man

Do you want to be the knight in shining armor for your girl? You can do it through simple things that will make her feel like a queen. The art of chivalry is enough to make her open her entire heart for you. A simple action like pulling out her chair or opening the car door for her can take her breath away. Show her respect even in the little things and she will see you as the sweetest man on earth. If you open the door for her, mentally, she perceives herself as the most important girl in the entire planet. She will appreciate that you are attentive to her and stay by your side.

8) Confidence is a surefire turn-on

This is one of the greatest traits of a charmer. No girl would notice you if you are awkward or nervous. Walk tall and act as if you are a leader and she will notice you. But do not confuse confidence with pride. Avoid being too proud when around her if you want her to enjoy your company always. However, be careful of coming off as egoistic. Showing your ego does the opposite- it turns her off. She will respect you for respecting yourself, so stop tossing yourself around other people.

9) Improve your looks

As far as physical attractiveness is concerned, every girl has a different opinion but good looks are certainly a huge turn-on. Some girls love tattooed guys, others bearded men, while some prefer muscular guys. When a girl meets a guy for the first time, she must judge him physically. While she will consider your behavior later, your physical looks can make her come closer and want to kiss you. So, how can you enhance your looks? How you dress is critical, regardless of whether a girl wants to be yours or not. Therefore, upgrade your wardrobe and dress like a million dollars and she will be attracted sexually immediately. A well dressed is physically attractive and it means that he knows how to take care of hygiene. Dressing attractively doesn’t mean putting on expensive clothes or putting on a suit and tie. The idea is to stay neat and presentable. Studies show that women are more attracted to men who workout than those who don’t. Perhaps you have not been going to the gym; it’s time you start working out if you want to turn on your girl with your physique. Girls like big chests and huge biceps because they are signs of a strong man.

10) Intelligence is hot

It is fascinating for a girl to hear her man discuss his favorite subject matter whether it’s about his official responsibilities, works of art, science, or politics. She feels good knowing that her man has a brain full of facts and wisdom. By simply listening to your insightful conversation, she can be turned on. An intelligent man lives a controlled life. If you are sure of your personal goals and live a balanced life, then you are intelligent.

11) Show your sweet side

A strong guy is hot but she wants a man who can show her his soft side. If she tries to warm up to you, let her see your softness by comforting her. Pay close attention to what she needs by making her feel special. She will be turned on more than you think if you let her see your soft side. Do not be selfish but rather take care of her needs for instance by letting her climax first when making love.

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12) Dominate her sexually

A girl wants who is in control of situations, even in bed. You don’t have to always play it soft and easy; a little roughness is good at times to arouse her, mentally. When making love, pull her hair, bite her lips slightly, bring her closer and drive her harder. A dominating guy is more attractive and represents an alpha male who knows how to lead under any circumstance.

13) The adventurous guy can turn on any woman

No girl wants to hang around boring guy. Even if she has been your girlfriend for a long time, you must never stop being adventurous. Being adventurous represents your dangerous side which is a great turn-on. Whether you’re mountain climbing or driving fast, your girl will see you as a daring kind of a guy and she will be turned on.

14) Deep connection is the key

A deep connection is the biggest form of romantic attraction. To connect to a girl let her know every aspect of you. She wants to know how you feel, what you think, and the direction your relationship is taking. She wants a man who can start an enlightening dialogue. Through creative listening, you can build a strong bond letting her know that she has someone who pays attention to her. For instance, she will be impressed with your listening skills if you remember to buy her an earring she told you she wanted a month ago. To further your connection, find a common ground between the two of you. You can do this by understanding her in and out, doing fun activities together, and help her when she needs you. if the two of you like camping, the do it as a couple.

How To Turn On A Girl With Words

If you want to express your sexual desire through a conversation, you must use a descriptive language instead of dull statements. A simple word can turn on a girl if it paints a picture in her, mentally. Let’s say you want to ask for a kiss; start by describing how you will pin her against a wall, slide your arm under her top and rub her hair as you breathe on her neck. Specific details count in putting clear images of what the two of you can do as a couple. She will start feeling as if it is all real hence getting turned on.

15) Tell her you want to take it slow

Insist on the word slow and mean it. If you are caressing your girl for the first time but are not sure if you will have intercourse, these words are very effective. Or perhaps you are reconciling with an ex-lover, use the words to turn her on. As long as you mention the word ‘slow’, she will be assured that you care for her more than the intimate act. What will happen is that it will create reverse psychology. She will be dying with passion as soon as you speak the last word.

16) Her name is the greatest turn-on word

Use her name more often. Her name is one of the most seductive words you can use while making out or having a simple conversation. Her name is sexy because you will be referring to her rather than the actual act of lovemaking. A name is very personal and she will love it when you recognize her as a valuable person in her life. It validates her and she feels as a queen rather than a servant. Use her name at any opportunity you get and you will be the greatest seducer she has ever come across.

17) Let her know that she makes you have wild thoughts

If you have just begun a new relationship with a girl, you can strike some dirty talks by making a statement as this: “Seeing you makes me think dirty”. If you want to make your sexual conversation heated, tell her that you had a dirty dream at night and act like you are so embarrassed. If you are talking through text, use emojis that show a shocked face so that you can bring up the topic in a casual manner. If she asks, explain your dirty dream but in a twisted way like the two of you getting muddy after raining. Such a joke will lighten her up and turn her on. She will also feel more comfortable touching on a sexual subject now that she has intimacy on her mind. This is the perfect time to send her more sexual texts. But before you dive into your kinkiest talk, test her and see if she likes talking dirty and then go with her flow. Check her responses keenly before taking your flirty conversation to a higher notch. If you are smart, you will know when she is offended and back off immediately.

18) Open up sexually through text

In the beginning of a relationship, a girl may be uncomfortable both mentally and physically. She has to know you first before speaking and doing intimate stuff. A good way to stir up a sexual conversation is by assuring her that you will not judge her or say anything to your friends. If she feels sexually insecure, accept it and don’t coerce her. If she likes wild talks, give her space to express her feelings and fantasies without judging. You have to share your crazy stuff first and she will follow and open up to you.

19) Tell your girl that you want to turn her on

If you are up to making love, you want your girl to reach climax and feel good. This is something you should tell her directly but do not mention the word orgasm. A statement like: “I want to see you feeling good” is better.

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20) Choose unique words to compliment her

When complimenting your special girl, avoid common clichés used by most men. If you keep using a generic word to describe how she looks physically, she might think that it is the same work you use to seduce other girls. Look for unique details in her such as her long eyelashes and neat fingers. Make her feel special and she will be aroused more than you can imagine. Use words that insinuate how attractive she is and how much you appreciate her. Do not forget to compliment your girl even after making love. You will get a bonus point if you compliment her looks after an intense intimacy session.


Do you think you are a great boyfriend? Have you ever lost a girl to another guy or she called it quits because you were not good enough? You must never allow yourself to be a loser. Use this article as your daily life catalog to impress your girl; be it in your first or fiftieth conversation with her, and she will always be attracted to you sexually. It is easier to assume that you got the tips already and some of them seem too much to fulfill but they are the things that will make a difference in making your girl desire you sexually, mentally, and physically.


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