10 Painful But Accurate Signs That You No Longer Love Him

Feel like something is off? Do you no longer love your husband?

By Michele
10 Painful But Accurate Signs That You No Longer Love Him

Falling in love for the first time is an amazing feeling; it turns your life completely. You find happiness in the little things. Nothing worries you. It is like you are high on love and everything around you is perfect. But the question is what do these feelings last forever? To be honest – they don’t.

There are certain feelings attached to the experience of love that does not ever fade away. They can be bittersweet feelings. It can be said that you can fall in and fall out of love easily. There are reasons associated with it, nothing happens all of a sudden. If you do not have the same lovey-dovey emotions and feelings, it is about time that you analyze the situation carefully. Let’s have a look.

1. Your Heart Doesn’t Feels the Same Way

As said above feelings change with the passage of time and there are certain reasons attached to it. If your partner does not make your heartbeat go up then it means, you are not experiencing the same adrenaline rush.  There are no butterflies. It is a major physiological sign of getting out of love.

When your partner’s sight cannot stimulate you– the tables have turned definitely. From this point, things start getting slowing down and your partner’s presence doesn’t matter much. Alarming isn’t it?

2. You Do Not Like Getting Touchy

There are different methods of showing love and physical connection is one of its forms. When the excitement goes down, your feelings automatically change. You would not want to: play with the hair of your partner or place head on his lap or even hold hands for a while.

So, if you notice that there is a lack of physical communication then you are most probably falling out of love. Affection plays a great role in keeping the spark of love alive. In the same manner, its absence makes love: cold, meaningless and clueless.

3. Your Body Language Changes

It is something important that you need to notice. If you no longer love him you will start feeling uncomfortable while around him. Even walking together will get quite awkward. He might be moving at a normal pace and you will be a bit slow or at some distance. It means that you would not feel good while going out with him. 

Observe your body language, trust your movements. There are small yet meaningful signs hidden behind your daily activity and interaction that involves your partner. Such signs need to be acknowledged instead of being ignored.

4. You Don’t Want To Communicate

Conversations will start getting, to the point and dull. It means you won’t find reasons to talk or sit with your partner. And if there is anything to discuss, it will be wrapped as soon as possible. The excitement in your voice will diminish while talking to your partner. You won’t be sharing or caring much about him.

You might even feel annoyed while communicating with your partner. The level of irritation will go up and you will at some stage get defensive and pitchy even. These signs are basically a form of frustration, which if not communicated at the right time can convert into aggression, hostility, etc. 

5. You Feel Deterred

Falling out of love has several important signs associated with it that you need to notice. Deterrence is one of those. You discourage yourself from getting close, sharing issues, planning events or anything of this sort. In short, whatever that you used to do together doesn’t hold any importance now.

Just remain honest about your feelings and discuss them with a family member or a friend or even a therapist. You need to recognize your feelings and stay emotionally and mentally healthy. Falling out of love is not a smooth process at all.

6. You Don’t Feel Like Having Sex

Having sex, while falling out of love, becomes a tedious chore. You won’t find any sort of enjoyment or pleasure during physical intercourse. It all started from not holding hands, not giving hugs and now escaping sex. It is evident that your feelings have changed but is it important to stay like this? Without finding any solution! You will keep yourself and him in pain.

Do not torture yourself or your partner. Find a way out and be honest about your feelings. But it is to be noted that, a little can be done if you are falling out of love. When physical intimacy goes away it is a clear sign of an arising and unavoidable relationship dispute. Lack of sex is one of the crucial 10 Painful But Accurate Signs That You No Longer Love Him.

7. You Feel Burdened With His Presence

It is a tiring process – falling out of love. You will feel physically and mentally drained. Managing chores, doing any sort of activity or even talking to him will leave you exhausted. It means that your energies are not resonating anymore in the bond of love. It is a strong sign that cannot be ignored.

Such types of indicators do arise in long term relationships due to physical distance and general boredom. But if you live together and feel that you are drained then it’s about time that you trust your emotional gut. You are certainly falling out of love when his presence becomes a source of infuriation for you.

8. You Start Finding Flaws

When you were in love everything was perfect. But while falling out of love, you start noticing different issues. A little inconvenience caused by him and it strikes your nerves. You lose temperament and start judging him. According to experts, you also start having problems with him on matters that can be ignored like: his hairstyle, his laugh, his way of walking or relaxing, etc. Everything that you used to like about him is now troublesome for you.

In general, everything that he does now annoys you. And you won’t let it go ignored. You will even find a reason or a chance to tell him that you are uncomfortable with his habits or attitude. It is like pushing him out of your life and digging for every possible reason to make it happen. Truly falling out of love!

9. You Stop Trusting and Fixing Issues

It is natural when it comes to falling out of love, you will doubt him for anything. It will give you the advantage to get out of the relationship. When trust goes away it makes it difficult for a relationship to survive.

In the same manner, you won’t put effort towards solving the problems between you two. Instead, you will be happy about misunderstandings and issues that will help in pushing him out of your life. Those issues would be like a blessing in disguise.

10. You Plan Without Him

Love fades away, it is a bitter reality. When you do not feel about him in the same manner, as you used to, a lot of things will change. You will make plans without him. Like if you are going for shopping, you won’t feel that urge to take him along. It won’t even matter if he helps with choosing specific outfits, shoes, jewelry, etc. or not.

In the same manner, you would even prefer going to a movie alone. His presence means nothing to you now. Observe this change in your behavior.

What Not To Do

I know the situation is pretty tough and complicated, but you need to practice your brain to not to fall for following misadventures.

  • Think that you are hurting him intentionally and complicate the matter further

  • Feel guilty about expressing different feelings of love for him

  • Not talking about your fading love with any family or friends

  • Not seeking professional counseling or help related to relationships

  • Isolating yourself and not focusing on general improvement

  • Think that it is the end of world for you and nothing won’t be ever okay

  • Hating men for no reason and quitting the thought of falling in a relationship ever again

  • Compromising on your academic or career goals

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You must have heard that there is a reaction for every action. So if you understand the 10 Painful but Accurate Signs That You No Longer Love Him it is about time that you move on. It would not be easy but there is no need to compromise on your mental and physical wellbeing.  It all depends on you how you manage to understand these signs and take proper measures.

You will need to act carefully in order to minimize the chances of hurting yourself or him in an emotional manner. It will take some time to come out of the trauma. But trust me there is nothing more difficult than living a forced relationship. Where there is no love. Hence no emotions or feelings!

Can you ever think of being a part of any such relation? Hopefully not! So stay sane recognize your fading love for him and let him know. You will have a healthy, happy and successful life ahead. Totally depends on how you make out of it. Just move, on start it all over again! 



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