9 Tips To Achieve Great Sex Life After Marriage

Build a great sex life after marriage with these awesome tips

By Aey
9 Tips To Achieve Great Sex Life After Marriage

Intimacy is an extremely important part of married life. Especially during the early years of marriage, sex plays a vital role in making things easier for the couple. Of course, there are other things too like romantic date nights, being there for each other and all that but intimacy must be there. In order to build a great sex life after marriage, some of the tips are to start focusing on the quality and not the quantity. Apart from this, you also need to learn to prioritize alone time and be in the mood. I’m writing this article to help out all the couples out there to have a great sex life after marriage. Effort matters a lot here, on both ends, but if you’re here reading this article, you’re halfway there already.

Tips For A Great Marriage Sex Life Before Baby

1. Play dress up

In the early days of marriage, when you do not have the responsibilities of babies, playing dress-up can really add spice to your sex life. Role-play is always fun and extremely exciting. You can dress up fancy or funny, however, you like and surprise your partner when he is least expecting it. You don’t have to do it every day but sometimes playing dress-up is extremely fun. Your spouse must feel special and by doing this, you will show him/her that you’ve invested time to look sexy and appealing to them.

2. Communication

When you are newly married, it takes a lot of time to get to know each other. Even if you have known them for a long time, living with someone is a totally different experience. You do not know the things they like and dislike during sex hence it is important that you talk to your partner about it. Tell them about your sexual needs as well as your expectations from them. Do not assume that they will figure it out without you ever voicing it. Also, ask them about their needs and expectations and try to meet them while satisfying your own needs as well.

3. Make time to have sex

What we call as the honeymoon period is extremely important and memorable for every couple. During your honeymoon, you get to spend time with your partner and explore each other’s needs. However, another reason why honeymoon is extremely memorable is that you are away from all the worldly distractions and just spending quality time with your partner. You definitely won’t have to make time for sex in the honeymoon period because honestly, the honeymoon is just a decent way to put it, it actually is a very sexy moon (if you know what I mean). When that period is over, there will be times that both of you or one of you can get too busy for sex. After a baby, you will not get to spend as much alone time with your partner.

Tips For A Great Marriage Sex Life After Baby

4. Rebuilt intimacy ideas

After baby things definitely change for both the parents. Women undergo a lot of hormonal as well as body changes and these changes also affect her mood. You will feel irritated and annoyed after childbirth which is a result of postpartum depression. During this time, she needs the support of her partner. It is important that you talk to your partner and tell her how she is still as beautiful as she was before the baby. Spend more time together and introduce more foreplay in your life. You can start with cuddling just to show your partner physical affection. Eventually, the cuddling will end up into sex.

5. Schedule alone time

It is extremely important to schedule alone time after a baby. Both you and your partner will be so much into the baby as parenthood is hard especially during the first few years. Hence it is important that you ask someone to babysit your child while you plan a romantic date for the two of you. Dress up nicely and go out with your partner and spend quality time together. Be affectionate and warm towards each other. Being alone will also give you the privacy to talk about yourselves, maybe kiss each other and be close to each other. This can eventually result in great sex you both have been waiting for.

6. Get naughty

After childbirth, it is normal for a woman to be scared or not being too prepared for sex as this is one of the effects of postpartum depression. However, apart from sex, there are many other ways of being physical and intimate with your partner. You can think of creative ways of being intimate with your partner which doesn’t necessarily require sex. For example, affectionate hugs, making out sessions, showering together, cuddling and foreplay.

Tips For A Great Marriage Sex Life After Menopause

7. Boost her self confidence

During menopause, a woman’s body is undergoing a lot of changes and these changes are not only physical but emotional as well. At this time, she needs the support of her partner and it is extremely important that as a partner you are able to boost her self-esteem. Tell her how you still love her as well as her body irrespective of the aging and other changes. When she feels loved and confident about her body, she will automatically want to make love with you.

8. Bring changes to your sex life

With age, sexual feelings change in both men and women. Be supportive of each other and understand that these changes are normal with age. While women are undergoing menopause, men will also experience sexual tensions such as erectile dysfunction. If one of the two partners feels a decrease in their libido, it will conversely affect their partner as well. Hence both the husband and the wife should be supportive of each other. It is mostly men who initiate sex but with aging as these sexual problems arise, men also start initiating it less frequently. To maintain a great sex life after menopause, women should start initiating sex if men don’t.  If it gets extremely difficult to get aroused, you can use sexual enhancements products like lubricants and toys.

9. Stop comparing and keep having sex

One of the most important tips to have a great sex life after menopause is to accept that aging is normal and it is just a part of life. Stop comparing your pre-menopausal sex life to post-menopausal sex life. To have a healthy sex life, think about new ways to arouse your partner. The brain plays an equally vital role in thinking about sex alone can help with increasing sexual desires. During menopause, women experience less vaginal elasticity thus you should keep having sex as it will promote vaginal elasticity.

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Sex is an extremely important aspect of a couple’s life, especially married couples. The love you have for each other and the bond you share only deepens if you have an amazing sex life. Before the birth of the first child, the couple is still in their honeymoon phase. This is one of the most romantic and memorable times in a couple’s life. Try to avail most of this time by being wild and naughty with each other and by arousing each other to the fullest. Learn to explore your partner’s desires and sexual needs and find ways to satisfy them.

After the birth of the baby, things will change somewhat as now you will not have as much free time for each other. Parenthood is hard especially for the first 6 months as a woman’s body undergo a lot of changes. During this time learn to be supportive of your wife and introduce more foreplay in your life. Think of new ideas to arouse your partner.

Another major change a woman undergoes is when she hits her menopause. After menopause, her body, as well as hormones, will undergo changes and she will start aging. A woman becomes extremely emotional during this phase and at this point, she needs her partner’s support the most. To keep a great sex life after menopause, learn to accept the changes in your body and accept that aging is a part of life. However, this should not affect your sex life negatively.


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