15 Celebrities Who Had Gone Braless At Least Once

Female celebrities who are embracing the growing braless trend

By Aey
15 Celebrities Who Had Gone Braless At Least Once

Going Braless: Why?

You would have had to be living under a rock for the past decade if you haven’t heard of the, Free the Nipple movement, which is perhaps best known for its notoriety in being, for some, a distraction in modern feminist discourses, from more pertinent issues faced by women in the 21st century. Despite what critics claim, for better or for worse, banishing bras has very real political connotations for women and has surely taken the fashion world by storm as more and more female celebrities embrace this risqué aesthetic. The idea is to own and celebrate one’s femininity and sexuality on one’s own terms and two normalize nudity in a way that forces the male gaze to desexualize it. To what extent this is true in impact is open to debate but regardless of what whether you yourself choose to skip the bra, in your next ensemble, it is hard to deny that the women who have chosen this braless lifestyle surely seem to find it freeing and empowering! More power to them in making choices about their bodies!

15 Celebrities Who Had Gone Braless Before

Long Timers

1. Kim Kardashian West

Image Source : @kimkardashian

A woman in need of no introduction, Kim Kardashian, the CEO of KKW cosmetics, reality tv star, and wife of iconic Kanye West and one of the bold long-time followers of the braless trend. Kim does not shy away from posting Instagram pictures of her bold and beautiful body uncensored or casually strolling around while freeing her nipples and we’re living for the lack of shits given!

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Image Source: @kourtneykardash

There is for sure some great hype around this sassy family because Kim Kardashian West’s sister Kourtney Kardashian is herself a repeat offender of doing away with that pesky bra as she posts pictures on her Instagram flaunting sheer dresses minus the bra. Keeping up with the Kardashians ain’t no joke from the looks of it and the Kardashians, sure as hell, as a family is grand contributors to the Free the Nipple cause.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Image Source : @jennifer_aniston_the_official

Old time sweetheart, the extremely talented Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, has also embraced the free the nipple movement with her arms wide open and looks classy as hell while she’s at it! Keep doing your thing Jennifer, we love you!

4. Miley Cyrus

Image Source: @mileycyrus

What list of risqué, wild and uncensored behavior can be complete without Disney’s very own Miley Cyrus who is famous for her larger than life wild aesthetic? Miley hates bras – let us just put it like that! From swinging butt naked on a wrecking ball to all the amazing work she is doing for the queer community, Miley Cyrus sure as hell doesn’t give a flying heck what you think about her life choices and doing away with bras completely is one of her many bold lifestyle choices.

5. Bella Hadid

Image Source : @bellahadid

The fashionable and always on point beauty, Bella Hadid, isn’t afraid of rocking the chicest and the trendiest outfits no matter how out-there they may be and has on more than a few occasions left the bra out of the equation. We think she looks classy and flawless and undeniably chic no matter what outfit she puts on!

6. Bella Thorne

Image Source: @bellathorne

Wild child, Bella Thorne, cannot be expected to sit this risqué and very compatible with her style trend and has been seen braless many times! She is an activist of normalizing nudity and spreading body positivity. She is also working for the queer community and very strongly supports the free nipple movement. 

7. Blake Lively

Image Source : @blakelively

The gorgeous Gossip Girl star and wife of the hilarious Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, is a strong believer in leaving the bra at home! She is seen often rocking chic attire sans bra and we think she looks beautiful and elegant like it’s no one’s business!

8. Rihanna

Image Source : @badgalriri

One of the most iconic legends in the singing industry, in our opinion, Rihanna has come a long way from her troubled teen years in the industry and is now a powerful style icon who is bursting with personality and individuality in absolutely everything she does! – be it her new makeup line called Fenty Beauty or her outfit picks for the red carpet. She is also top of the league of badass woman who does not care what anyone has to say about her life or style choices and, yes you guessed it right, for sure, has been seen serving that no bra aesthetic on the red carpet like it’s no one’s business. 

Recent Converts

9. Selena Gomez

Image Source: @selenagomez

Another talented singer and actor who started her career off at Disney, none other than the fabulous and raw Selena Gomez, has also decided to do away with that pesky bit of lingerie and we are living for her sheer turtleneck sans bra she was spotted in, in London and that yummy mustard sweater she sported sans bra, of course, in NYC while shooting her new film! You do you girl!

10. Emily Ratajkowski

Image Source: @emrata

The beautiful Emily Ratajkowski has also been spotted sporting some killer outfits with no bra insight and we love the bold new look! Be it casually on the streets of London or on the red carpet, Emily is beautiful and fashionable in a striking way!

11. Halsey

Image Source: @iamhalsey

Another baddie who is enjoying worldwide acclaim and just plain out winning the music scene is Halsey who, in 2017, became the first female artist to top the Billboards chart. She’s bold, she’s beautiful and she has been very vocal about the feminist movement be it in the capacity of the Me Too movement or her beautiful spoken word poetry at Women’s March, she is unafraid in her politics and unafraid to rock the latest trends including going braless. 

12. Kendal Jenner

Image Source: @kendalljenner

Supermodel Kendal Jenner, who is also part of the infamous Kardashian clan, is great at incorporating the freshest fashion in the most classic basic outfits and has been seen rocking the braless look on many occasions. And she looks bomb as hell!

13. Ariel Winter

Image Source : @arielwinter

The Modern Family sweetheart, Ariel Winters, gets a lot of hate online for embracing her body and sexuality, but our girl won’t have any of that hate and cyberbullying mess up her great style or stop her from sporting some saucy looks! She is not about to stop serving looks in some of the most sensual outfits seen on the red carpet for some judgmental bullies behind computer screens and we love her courage and no bullshit attitude!

14. Rita Ora

Image Source : @ritaora

Bisexual queen, Rita Ora, has flaunted her no bra look in a very normalizing way by showing people that freeing the nipple can be more than just a fashion statement and also just a wardrobe choice for any season and any reason, as she rocks outfits braless just as hard as she’d rock them wearing that infamous brassier. You go, girl!

15. Chrissy Teigen

Image Source: @chrissyteigen

The hilarious, the politically outspoken and the beautiful Chrissy Teigen does it like no one else can and is last in our list of female celebrities embracing free the nipple and the no bra fashion trend! We love how unapologetic and authentic you are and bra or braless no one can do it like you do that glamorous wholesome mom aesthetic. 

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Free the Nipple is a movement as old as third-wave bra-burning activism but just now has taken the fashion world by storm as more and more celebrities, new and old, across the industry have opted to do away with the bra or to display their nipples as men have always without it ever being a big deal. Despite skeptical voices, no one can deny that the fashionable aspect of the trend has shifted the image from a crazy bra-burning feminist stereotype to a fashionable, powerful and unbothered by your judgment image of the movement which has only let it gain momentum. Many celebrities also rail against the Instagram policy that censors female nipples but not male nipples, highlighting the absurdity of the double standard. Whether you agree or not or like or dislike the trend, there’s no lying that activism has never been more fashionable, and the list of celebrities seen sporting the no-bra look is a list that keeps on growing with every passing day. 2019 is definitely the year of the No Bra and we are living for it! 



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