Top 10 Ways To Get Her Back

Did you have a fight with your ex-girlfriend? Did you break up with your girlfriend or did she leave you for another guy? Do you miss your ex-girlfriend and want to get back with her?

By Rosedee
Top 10 Ways To Get Her Back


You and your girlfriend had a big fight and in the heat of the moment, you spoke some words that really hurt her and boom your current girlfriend became your ex-girlfriend. You broke up with her and she left you! After some soul searching and spending time with other women you have come to the realization that you genuinely miss your ex-girlfriend and you don’t feel the special spark with anyone else. You realize that you have made a huge mistake and want to make amends with your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

Don’t worry it’s not too late to kindle the romance between you and your ex-girlfriend. But be warned; don’t make any hasty moves that will further push her away. Chart out a structured plan to make sure you eliminate any wrong moves that might hinder your chance of getting back with her. Here, we provide you with top 10 ways to get back with your ex-girlfriend and to get a second chance with the girl of your dreams.

1. Analyse your feelings and find out the reason for your breakup with your ex-girlfriend to get her back

There is always a flood of emotions that one experiences during the end of a relationship. Examining what you are really feeling is often difficult and painful to recollect. Analyse whether you are feeling lonely or hurt? Or feeling sad and rejected? It is normal for one to feel rejected or sad when a relationship with a loved one comes to an end. You might also feel jealous if your ex-girlfriend might have moved on with another guy. Remember that jealousy is a powerful emotion that has to be handled with care. Contemplate and note down the events that led to a breakup with your ex-girlfriend. If you have done anything wrong own up to your mistake and make necessary amendments. You might have been ignoring her by not listening to her, not appreciating her enough, not spending time with her or you might have blatantly disrespected or hurt her feelings by cheating on her with someone else or lying to her. Your ex-girlfriend might have waited for you to change and sine you didn’t own up to your mistake she might have been fed up with your antics and deserved to be treated much better.

2. Reconnect with your ex-girlfriend to convince her to get back with you fast

Absence makes the heart grow fonder day by day, but the same absence might drive the person to seek solace in someone who might offer them with care and understanding. Instead of calling her, trying sending her an honest text telling her that you really miss her after the breakup. Remember important days like her birthday by sending her a sweet message and letting her know that you are thinking about her. Don’t flood her with hundreds of messages which might ultimately irritate and push her farther. Try to understand that she has also been hurt by the breakup and will need time to respond to you. Don’t force her in any way, give her space to ponder over things and if she is interested she will respond to your text in a positive way. Remember to take careful strides and always be respectful, as the time the two of you will be spending together should not cause any hassles in her current relationship with another guy. By being patient you can surely win her heart and get back with your ex-girlfriend within months.

3. Take it slow and steady with your ex to get her back

The next step to get back with your ex-girlfriend fast is by taking things one step at a time. You might have once wooed your ex-girlfriend and would want to jump on the same bandwagon but hold back your reins. Instead of rushing into things, take it slow and steady by setting up a meeting with your ex-girlfriend. It might be awkward talking your ex-girlfriend after the breakup but don’t worry it will be alright. Apologize for your mistakes and let her know how you felt about her after the breakup. Quit being pushy about getting back together, she will definitely consider taking you back after all the bad memories if you give her time. Maintain your boundaries and keep the conversation as stress-free as possible to ease up her nerves. Try keeping the conversation friendly, light-hearted and strictly casual so that you come across a person who is trying to make sincere amendments. Be honest; let her know that you are working out on your issues so that she can place her trust on you and get back to you fast.

4. Give your ex-girlfriend a call and listen to her

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After meeting up with her and getting over the awkward phase, try giving her a call after getting permission from her. Setup a casual date with her in a relaxed setting, so that both you guys can loosen up without any pressure to get back together. Just remember that your ex-girlfriend accepting to go on a date with you doesn’t imply anything. So, keep your mind open at all times. It is important to listen to what your ex-girlfriend has to say and try considering her feelings. Give her some time to get comfortable around you and be patient until she opens up about what she wants. If she is not showing any interest towards you, try contacting her friends or anyone whom she trusts and let them know how you feel about her. Keep it short and don’t divulge any crucial information that may embarrass her or put in her bad light among her friends. If in any case, she turns down your request, don’t feel bad about it and try giving her someone time to think and who knows she might consider going out with you. Smothering her with your feelings might not do any good at this crucial point since she already knows your feelings for her. Finally, thank her for hearing you out and give her time to respond back.

5. Concentrate on yourself, your ex-girlfriend might be watching your move

The next crucial step in getting back with your ex-girlfriend back fast is to concentrate on yourself by working on your physical and mental health. Your ex-girlfriend might be monitoring you or getting updates from your common friends. Make sure that you are not moping around or drowning yourself in alcohol. There is nothing worse than seeing your ex-girlfriend ditch you and move on with another guy. Show her how you have changed ever and things you have discovered ever since the breakup. Pick up any new hobby that you wanted to try for a long time or involve yourself in activities that may take your mind off things. Have some fun by socializing with people and go out with your friend for a drink or two. If you aren't the party type, plan a short trip where you can be clam and introspect on the things happening in your lif right now. Be responsible and show your ex that she can trust you by being a strong and a confident person. Take initiatives to move on by not compromising your feelings for her. Let her know the good things she is missing out on by not being with you, this is a sure shot way to make her realize or rekindle feelings for you. Don’t forget to encourage her to take care of herself so as to improve her physical and mental health.

6. Avoid rekindling past memories and rebuild the trust to get back with her

Faith is trust made eternal.

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The next major step in getting back with your ex-girlfriend fast is to stop rekindling things from the past. Once you have acknowledged the past and moved on, under no circumstance bring up the bad memories. Focus on all the positive memories and remind her of all the good things you both have been through as a couple. Complement your ex-girlfriend and let her know how you feel about her. Another important thing to be remembered is to rebuild the trust which is crucial for rekindling the relationship with your ex-girlfriend. Depending on the circumstances of your breakup, a trust has to be rebuilt to sustain the current relationship. For instance, you may have broken up with her or she might have broken up with her. Whatever, the circumstances might be, it is possible to rebuild trust though it may take months and some effort from your side. Get her small presents or get her flowers to make her feel special and never forget to appreciate her for all the things that she has done for you. Write her a letter and let her know about your feelings. By writing it down you can express your feelings in a much better way with being awkward. Make sure you learn from your past mistakes and make use of the second chance that has come your way to make things right for you.

7. Avoid rushing into a physical relation with your ex-girlfriend, wait for few months before making a move

The next crucial step in kindling your relationship with your ex-girlfriend is to never rush into a physical relationship with her. As tempting it might sound, rushing into sex with your ex-girlfriend is a very bad idea. Having sex during this vulnerable time will lead to confusion and cloud your judgment. Sleeping with your ex-girlfriend creates an illusion of everything being hunky dory but in reality, the underlying problem remains unresolved. If the situation doesn’t turn out in an expected manner, your ex-girlfriend might mistake you for using her which will further complicate the situation at hand. Sex with your ex-girlfriend leads to an unhealthy cycle, you guys would have decided it to be a one-time event which will ultimately lead to a second encounter if the sex is good. The other scary thing that may occur is when you suddenly realize things were not the same as before which might put all your efforts in vain. So, be calm and try to solve the underlying problem and then jump into the sack with your ex-girlfriend. It might even take months but it is definitely worth the wait.

8. Avoid getting into rebound relationship to forget about your ex-girlfriend

As you are trying to make amends with your ex-girlfriend make sure that you don’t get into a rebound relationship with anyone. You are free to date any women of your choice but be sure not to provoke your ex-girlfriend. By getting into a serious relationship or sleeping with another girl might send your ex-girlfriend a message that you have moved on without her. Secondly, rebound relationships follow an abnormal timeline where the concerned person hasn’t had the opportunity to experience their ‘single status’ and they are merely escaping their emotions by seeking solace in someone else. When you don’t take enough time to grieve about your failed relationship, it leads to a scenario where the new relationship falters fast, which might do more harm to your fragile state of mind. Hold on to her until you have sorted everything out with her. Going on a rebound relationship will prove to be bad for everyone involved in the love triangle and unfair to the new girl. Wait for a few months, Even after giving your heart and soul to make the relationship work and your ex-girlfriend still refuses to give you a chance then feel free to move on without any apprehension.

9. Look out for subtle signs from your ex-girlfriend, prove that your feelings are sincere

Women are usually timid and find it hard to express their feelings when compared to men. Be alert and look for subtle signs that your ex-girlfriend might exhibit when she is with you. Try to interpret the signs since they are very hard to read: Does your ex-girlfriend reply to your calls and messages? Does she convey anything along the lines of missing you after the breakup? Does your ex-girlfriend get jealous when you talk to other girls? If the answer is yes, then she is interested and has feelings for you. On the other hand, your ex-girlfriend might be polite in answering your calls, caring, and understanding towards you in a platonic way and you might misinterpret it as love. Find out if she has moved on with another guy or is still single. If you still find her behavior confusing, confront the issue with a close friend that has been rooting for your guys all this time. Enquire them about your ex-girlfriend’s feeling for you and remember to phrase your words in a polite manner to project a good image. Once she gives you a second chance make sure to prove yourself at all cost. Address all your shortcomings and make her understand hers. Only you guys can have a heartfelt talk to work on your issues which will, in turn, make your relationship stronger than before.

10. Try again and make it work this time with your ex-girlfriend

After the making up confessions and apologies make sure you remember the crucial step of working towards a healthy relationship. Acknowledge the things that you both have to work on so as to improve your relationship. Also acknowledge that in getting back together, she has to end the relationship with the other guy, if she had been involved with one in the first place. Be helpful and let her know that you are there for her whenever she needs you. Show her that she means the World to you and you would do anything to keep her happy. Change your attitude and make her understand that you want her to stay for good and take the next step towards eternity. Ensure that you both preserve your individual identities as well and respect each other’s space.


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Always be prepared for the worst case scenario where your ex-girlfriend might not be interested in getting back with you. She may have moved on with another guy in her life. Just accept the truth and don’t try convincing her to get back with you. Stop stalking her or pestering her with incessant text messages and calls which might make you look bad in front of her. Trust me you don’t want to be categorized as a horrible ex-boyfriend who pesters his ex-girlfriend by refusing to accept that she has moved on with another guy. You definitely don’t want to get a restraining order from approaching her and avoid getting into messy situations like that. Save yourself from further embarrassment and walk away with your head held high. You have tried your best and there is no need for any regrets because some things are better left untouched. Everything takes time to heal and give yourself few months to grieve and move on after the relationship is over. And don’t forget to have fun after getting a closure; we had already warned you from getting involved with another girl and sex. After getting the necessary closure you are free from any obligations, free to date anyone or getting involved in a physical relationship with any girl of your choice. Remind yourself that it will be better and who knows you might end up meeting the girl of your dreams if you keep your eyes and your heart open. Remember that you have ample time on your hands to try again since there is much colorful fish in the ocean waiting to be serenaded by you!