15 Classic Warning Signs Of Infidelity In Your Relationship

Reading the signs that shout infidelity in your relationship

By Anastasia K
15 Classic Warning Signs Of Infidelity In Your Relationship

Classic Signs of Infidelity in Wife in a Marriage

When the nagging thoughts of questioning your wife's behavioral change are constantly in your mind and you cannot shake the feeling of suspicion, you probably do not want to shrug that off as jealousy. What, she now takes more time preparing herself, puts on more makeup than before, and goes the extra mile to smell and look good?

She is now happier than you've ever seen her and you have even caught her a couple of times giggling to herself. Her job is now as busy as ever and that's why she has to stay behind to finish up on the extra work. Well dude, your wife might be cheating on you.

However, you cannot go raising claims against her without proof of your wife's infidelity, as you could end up making false allegations. You also wouldn't know if she is telling the truth when you confront her. Not to mention, finding out that your wife has been unfaithful is something devasting and handling such a truth would be difficult.

So, how can you tell that your wife is cheating on you? Here are a couple of ways to that will help you tell and eventually catch the cheater. 

1. A sudden wardrobe change

Noticing your wife's change in an outfit can really excite you. She has started showing a lot more skin and she is very confident in her new outfit. Her sexy lingerie, you only get to see it in the wardrobe but not while she's wearing it and instead of her asking you about how she looks, you find yourself being the first to compliment her on her looks.

A sudden wardrobe change should raise your eyebrows since it is a sign of a cheating wife. It is even more questionable if your wife does not discuss this with you. To approach this, you can choose to ask her about it and watch her reaction as she explains her lavish spending on the sexy garments. 

2. Taking extra care of herself

Since you married the love of your life, you probably know her as much as she knows herself. So, you do know the kind of makeup she likes to wear, soaps she likes to shower with, as well as oils and perfumes she wears. But now, you are noticing her change in perfume, her long stays in the shower and an addition to make up you've never seen her wear.

With all this going on, you can tell that she is not doing it for you because she barely seeks your opinion or approval on her new look. Then it is high time to start your investigation. 

3. Busier at work

The first thing you hear now every time your wife comes home is the classic "Work is so busy now that I have to stay behind for a few hours". At first, you might shrug this off and decide to support your wife in her career, but when it's now getting to the point where her work is overwhelming her every day that you barely get to spend time together, you might want to review things.

This extra work story is also accompanied by "I ate at work", and you find yourself having dinner on your own every night. While there could be some truth to this, it is still a warning sign of a cheating partner.

4. Increased privacy and no time for you

Your wife is your best friend and best friends do not hide things from each other. However, lately, you cannot read aloud her incoming texts for her while she is in the shower because she prefers to carry her phone with her to the bathroom. Or that one time her phone rang and she mumbled an excuse about signal issues as she ran outside to pick it.

This should be an eye-opener for your wife's infidelity suspicion especially if you are a very close couple. Such closeness is not lost all of a sudden unless she is getting attention from someone else.

5. Change in sex life

This is probably the final blow to your marriage since your cheating wife could become more vigorous in your sex life together or might start raising excuses as not to have sex with you. This is because her lover is satisfying her needs and he makes her excited as compared to when you are with her.

In this case, she will start to become more private and the less time she spends with you, the more time she spends with her lover. Eventually, this will take its toll on your sex life. 

6. She keeps talking about this guy she met

When a woman is excited about something, she keeps talking about it. When you find her talking about this guy she works with, or she met at the store, it is time for you to wake up.

It is the thought of this man that keeps provoking her. She feels good every time she talks about him, but she will always make it look like a story.

7. Sudden possession of expensive items than both of you can afford

If neither of you has had a rise in income and you notice a change in her lifestyle, it is time for you to start becoming curious. When she starts to bring home expensive clothes and jewelry, someone else could be showering her with them to make her feel special.

 It is even worse when she suddenly stops asking you for any money for her shopping if she used to before.

Classic Signs of Infidelity in Husband in a Marriage

When you do not want to suffer the pain that comes with a cheating husband, you ought to keep your senses alert. It does not mean that a husband must cheat and, therefore, you do not have to feel insecure.

The following signs can help you know if there is infidelity in your marriage.

8. He is always fresh and glowing after work

Is it not strange that when your husband gets home, he is smelling so clean and has a bright face? Well, he could smell fresh because his work demands him to shower before leaving. However, a glowing face is something different.

A fresh smell after work is a sign that he has passed somewhere for sexual pleasure. It applies if his job is not demanding, and he does not sweat while working.

9. He starts avoiding friends and relatives

Your friends and relatives are the people who understand you the most. Therefore, once he starts cheating on you, he starts feeling uncomfortable around them. There is always that feeling that keeps telling him that one of these people has seen him with someone they would not like to be seen with.

As a result, they avoid such a company since their behavior will raise an alarm, and someone will raise a question.

10. Irresponsible behaviour

A family man suddenly turning into an irresponsible man is an alarm that he has become an infidel. He suddenly starts lagging behind the bills, does the shopping, or even pick the kids if he does. Oh, oh! Someone else has begun replacing all these in his mind, and all he can think of is her.

11. Appearance change

Once you start realizing a particular behavior in your husband’s appearance, know that he could be seeing someone else. It could be that he changes his hairstyle; he starts shaving his beard clean or even changes his dressing style.

The change comes along to please that other woman, especially if she has a particular taste.

12. Always full

When your husband starts coming home in a full stomach, it is a sign that he is feeding somewhere else. Unless there was a celebration at his workplace or you had dinner from out as a family, you should start feeling concerned.

Signs of Infidelity in a Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship is always based on trust. Since you do not see each other more frequently, you have to be disciplined while your partner is away.

What if your partner is cheating on you? The following are some classic signs that show infidelity in your significant other:

13. Cuts off communication

When you are in a long-distance relationship, communication is a critical factor for its survival. There are usually time schedules when you call or message each other.

However, when one spouse is unfaithful, they tend to start avoiding communication hours. They will start coming up with excuses that do not add up, and they will finally cut off their communication.

14. No longer eager to meet up

When you are living in a different area from your spouse, you always miss your spouse and can’t wait to meet with them. In a case where your partner has started going outside the relationship, you will begin realizing a certain lack of interest in meeting with you.

Do not get surprised if they go ahead and reschedule or cancel your next meet uptime. Someone will already be filling your space.

15. Gut feeling

Nothing is truer than your gut feeling. If you get that feeling that keeps pricking you that your spouse is no longer trustworthy, do not ignore.

When you are in a romantic relationship with a person, there is that bond that you two create. Thus, when something is amiss, you will always feel it.

16. They are never ready to settle down

Every time you bring the topic of upgrading your relationship up to the next level, your partner will always dodge it. They do not feel comfortable discussing the status of your relationship.

Instead, they find comfort in discussing the next fun thing or destination you should do. Even worse, they can keep comparing yourselves with other people’s relationships, yet you have different goals.

17. Avoiding video calls

A cheating spouse will always avoid video calls for different reasons. It could be because they are with their new lover, and they do not want you to compromise that and let you see the guilt on their faces.

They will always come up with an excuse like poor WI-FI connections or broken camera lenses.

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Although these are some of the significant signs of cheating spouses, they are not always true. Before jumping into conclusions about your suspicions, always take time to learn what is happening. Otherwise, you might mistake change for infidelity.

Some people keep changing their lives to become better. It is a lack of understanding of such changes that could tear a relationship into pieces that could never be recovered. Relationships are difficult for people who do not understand them and sweet for those who do.


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