Workout Sex: 8 Best Positions To Burn Calories With Sex

No time to exercise? How about mixing sex and exercise together?

Workout Sex: 8 Best Positions To Burn Calories With Sex

Does Sex Count as Exercise?

Whether you are a fitness freak or just gotten on the way to a healthier lifestyle, the vigorous exercise would have been a part of your life for good. Race walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and other such activities are very beneficial when it comes to physical and mental health. From weight loss to increased energy levels and healthier muscles and bones to improved brain health; exercise can make you feel happier and healthier. 

Increased heart rate and sweating do not come with exercise only. One of the basic human needs and common physical activity; sex also elevates the heart rate and leaves you in a sweat. The next question that comes to mind is: “Does sex count as exercise?” The answer can be “Yes” and “No” at the same time. Yes, it can count as an exercise if you are burning as many calories as you burn in a workout and “No” if sex isn’t making you sweat the way a workout does. It all comes down to the way you are having sex and the number of calories burnt during sex. But if you turn to researches, sex that burns 101 calories in men and 69.1 calories in women and lasts an average of 25 minutes can be counted as a workout.

According to Sara Silberstang, the founder of Mind Body Love, “Sex wouldn't be considered a workout in terms of caloric expenditure and muscular gains in the traditional sense,” but any level of activity leading to calorie burning no matter how less, is better than zero.  

How to Combine Sex and Workout?

Fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules leave no room for many important things including sex and exercise. Career-oriented individuals become so indulged in their work that they forget about fitness and relationships resulting in poor health conditions and breakups. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate to 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week. To remain healthy, one needs to spread out these exercises over the course of the week. They also suggest that being active for short intervals throughout the day can add up to better health at the end of the day. 

As much as sex is a pleasure activity, it is a way to keep you physically healthy. Sex; at least once a week, leads to a happier relationship. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the frequency of sex for happier and healthier individuals. Whatever works for the couple is good enough. 

Sometimes, in a relationship, there comes a time when both partners don’t get enough time to get physically intimate and the relationship starts going downhill. These busy routines can affect workout schedules as well. The best solution in times like these is to find ways where you can do both; sex and workout, in a way that does not hinder your routines. Combining sex and workout can help achieve better results in dying relationships and busy work-life situations. There are several positions and postures which you can try and adapt to have sex and get dual benefits; pleasure and workout. Mentioned below are 8 best positions to have sex and burn calories at the same time.  

8 Best Sex Positions to Burn Calories

Sex is a physical activity that is mainly for reproduction and pleasure. Combining sex with workout can be more beneficial as it will not only keep you happy but healthy as well. Once you understand what kind of sex and how much of it is helping you burn enough calories to keep you healthy, you won’t need to hit the gym after that. 

Here are 8 sex positions to help you get results that only a workout at the gym can offer. 

1. Standing Position

If pleasure is not the only thing on your mind and you want to burn some calories while having sex, have it standing. The best workout positions in sex require a little effort. The standing position can be a bit difficult if there is a difference in height of the partners but if you are about the same height, it is the best way for workout sex. Stand facing each other and either wrap the legs around your partner’s waist or put one leg in the crook of your partner’s elbow.

Having sex while standing can be a real challenge but will get your blood pumping in no time. It can be tricky in the first but once you get hold of it and understand which position best suits both of you, it can be a game-changer for both of you. Why go to a gym when you can have sex standing and get the same result.

2. Lotus Position

As beautiful as it looks, the lotus can be a real test when it comes to a sex position. The lotus position can be acquired by sitting on your partner’s lap while facing each other. The partner can sit with legs crossed or straight in front of them. It is different from other positions as you can just grind against each other and not go in the thrust mode. You can go slow or be aggressive but since it will take effort; you will be sweating in no time. 

It is a great way to get extremely intimate with your loved one and skip the gym session by sweating in bed.

3. The Shoulder Stand

The more challenging a position sounds, the more endurance it offers, the more you sweat, the more calories you burn. In shoulder stand position one partner sits on the knees while the other making a little bridge puts the legs on the shoulders of the kneeling partner. The position is a little difficult to acquire but once you both are correctly aligned, it will be a great alternative for a workout. 

4. The Cowgirl Position

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Combining sex and workout requires the couple to be creative and inquisitive enough to try various positions and select the one that best suits their needs. Although all sex positions help you burn calories but the ones that burn as many calories as a workout session at the gym will need a little extra effort. The cowgirl position sounds easier as one partner would be lying flat on the bed and the other would be sitting on top like a cowgirl rides a horse with legs on both sides of the partner but here is the difficult part. Instead of sitting with your knees on both sides of your partner, you will be sitting in a squatting position with feet flat on both sides. It will seem like frog jumps but at the same point. You can always change back to knees if you feel more pressure which this position does offer but if you are looking for an alternative to workout, this position will be a great option.

5. The Crab Walk Position

The crab walk is a variation of cowgirl position. While sitting on top of your partner, you will have to lean back and put your hands and feet flat on both sides of your partner in a crab position. You can have sex moving your hips up and down or simply grinding horizontally. Any position that requires extra effort is great for opting for it as a workout alternative. Although this position is challenging for one partner only, you can always try it in combination with other positions so you both can sweat equally.

6. The Piggy Front Position

You must have heard about piggyback ride and this position is the exact opposite of piggyback; it is the piggy front. Riding on the front with both legs wrapped around your partner and locked at the back, this position can be easier for you but quite challenging for your partner. If your partner is a fitness fanatic, he will surely enjoy holding your weight while enjoying sex.

7. The Plank Position

The plank position in a workout offers flexibility, improves posture, helps get rid of back pain, improves coordination, metabolism, and mood. It is considered one of the core exercises. Combining plank with sex can offer benefits of exercise and pleasure of intimacy. Since your target is burning calories while having sex, you will need to exert more than just exercise. While your partner gets in the plank position, they will insert in you as if doing pushups. 

8. The Wheelbarrow/Cow Position

Sex can be considered a workout if the partners can burn as many calories as they would after a vigorous workout session which is nearly impossible. There are certain sex positions however that offer a near workout experience if done correctly. The wheelbarrow/cow position requires strength and stamina to pull it out. One partner stands while the other put their hands flat on the ground and uplifts the legs to the level of the pelvis of the standing partner. The standing partner holds the legs as if driving a wheelbarrow. This position is challenging for both the partners and after having sex this way they can skip the gym session.

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Sex and workout may sound different but they have some similarities like increased heart rate, sweat, and burnt calories. The only difference is that sex is mostly used for pleasure. Whether it is because of a busy schedule or a way to spend more time with your partner, sex and workout can be combined in several ways. Mentioned above are 8 positions that can help you and your partner burn calories just like a gym session. You can opt for either one of them or combine more than one position for extra pleasure and extreme workout.


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