Is Dating an Italian Man a Good Idea? Here are 5 Reasons Why

Known to be romantic, is dating an Italian man truly romantic?

By Evelyn
Is Dating an Italian Man a Good Idea? Here are 5 Reasons Why

Character Traits of an Italian Man

We all have heard this at some point: Italian men are so romantic. So our romantic hearts dreamed of going on vacation to Italy and meet the Italian man that's going to sweep us off our feet. A lot of movies are to blame for these fantasies (hey, we're not saying that it can't happen), where we see ourselves with the wind in our hair, riding a Vespa with the most handsome, tall and dark man in front and he's taking us riding through Rome. He takes us to the most romantic (according to the movies) places, to eat some gelato, or to throw coins in the Fontana di Trevi, or to supper in a cute little restaurant and then dancing... yeah, that's the dream (big sigh!)

But, do you really think in reality that's what happens? Do Italian men are really this romantic and dreamy? Maybe yes, maybe no. If you have high expectations about your next trip to Italy, regarding tall, dark and handsome men, you'll do yourself (and your heart) a favor reading the following. Here are some character traits of Italian men that you should know about before you embark on your trip to the Belpaese. 

Italian men have a sense of humor

Women around the world like Italian men because they are usually smiling right? Well, according to Italian women that is true, most of them are playful and have a great sense of humor. Most of the men throughout Italy think it's important to have fun and they sure like to make the women their dating laugh So to sum it up, an Italian man has good-hearted humor and knows how to smile. That's a check on your romantic expectations.

Family is very important to Italian men

Family and Italian men go hand in hand, they still have a strong link with the concept of family. For them sitting around a table surrounded by their loved ones, eating, drinking and chatting is a great pleasure. Yes, they can be mommy's boys but we have one of those in every country all around the world. You'll just have to be careful not to get tangled up with one of those.

They are jealous...

It's not a good thing when we generalize, there are jealous men of other nationalities but there is some scientific evidence supporting this. A research study conducted by the Univesity of Pisa discovered that indeed Italian men are jealous. It actually revealed that men in the North of Italy are more jealous than men in the South.

Italian men are passionate and good kissers

In the collective imagination of women all over the world, Italian men are categorized as great and sexy lovers. Well, those rumors were confirmed by a survey conducted before launching an advertising campaign that was looking to cast a male protagonist. The campaign required a male kisser and it turns out foreign women voted Italian men as the perfect kisser. They defeated the French.

Women chose Italian men not just for being excellent kissers but also for being passionate, but also for having charming personalities and for being good friends during difficult times.

Italian men know how to flirt

Italian men have also known to be flirty, at least according to some foreign women. They say that they have a natural aptitude for flirting because they love women. Again we are not generalizing, because not all Italian men are like that but their reputation in that regard precedes them, so expect a little bit of it when walking on the street.

They talk with their hands too

Italian men may seem theatrical when expressing his feelings or just when talking. Almost every word that comes from their mouths is accompanied by a hand gesture. They are very intense, sometimes you'll wonder if he's angry or just very invested in what he's saying. That fact that Italian men are ruled by emotion could be a good thing but also it could be exhausting (it will depend on your particular taste.)

Beware of these Bad Character Traits

Like everything, there are two sides to the coin. As charming and romantic an Italian man can be, there are some bad character traits that you need to acknowledge before you pack your bags and go to that much needed Italian adventure.

They can be womanizers

Yep, all that charm and romantic nature can be used to do evil. This character trait is not exclusive to Italian men (there are womanizers all around the world), but beware of those. Italian men, as we told you before, can be flirtatious (especially in the South) and there are theories and statistics that point to them being cheats and lotharios but tread carefully here, it really depends on each individual.

They can be mama's boys

At times, some Italian men, have difficulty to ease out of their mama's influence and really, what woman want's that? It can be unpleasant. Italian women are strong and assertive and though good, they can become (at times) overpowering mamas. There are some cultural and economic factors that contribute to this flaw. First, the masculine ideal of Italian men from generations back (manners, strength, and independence) has been substituted by men lacking these traits; and second, finding financial and professional independence is tough due to the economic crisis causing men to stay at home with their parents.

5 Reasons Dating an Italian Man is a Good Idea

So, is it a good or bad idea to date an Italian man? Here are 5 reasons why it could be a good idea. 

1. You'll be wine and dine to your heart's content

When in Italy, socializing involves and revolves inevitably around food, so you can imagine that dating is no different. Prepare to dine and wine when you go on a date with an Italian man, even if it's a casual date. You'll find yourself seated in front of your Italian man trying to know about each other over pizza or pasta or risotto. Be prepared because you can gain some pounds too.

2. He's insanely good looking

It's no secret that Italian men are good looking. Even the ones that are not gifted with the chiseled looks and built bodies, they know how to put themselves together for your eye delight. Some women say that being gorgeous in Italy is not an attribute, it's a way of life. Italian men like to take good care of themselves and make good impressions so they dress and look the part. Take a walk around the piazza, you'll see what we're talking about, lot's of eye candy.

3. You'll never be bored

Italian men love to have fun, it's part of their character trait, so be prepared to be entertained to your heart's content. He will make you laugh and forget about anything else during the time you spend with him. He'll take you on little trips to the coast or maybe to a concert at the piazza or to a walk in the city or to a gathering with his friends, where you'll be guaranteed to have the best time, eating, drinking and getting to know him. Dating an Italian man will always be exciting.

4. Passion is one of the things that rule him

The rumors about Italian men being good in bed are not just rumors, there are some statistics that prove it. In the global research site, women were asked which men were the best in bed and Italian men came number three in the top list. Dating an Italian man will guarantee you'll be kissed good too. Moreover, an Italian man is passionate about the way he treats you, even if it's a one-night-stand, he'll make you feel really special. You won't have to sneak out in the middle of the night, he will make you coffee in the morning, he will take you home, and he will treat you with the same respect he did when he was courting you.

5. He'll make you feel like you're the only woman in the world

Italian men are the romantic sort, so if one comes into you, he'll make sure you feel really special and unique. Expect romantic walks, and intense eye meeting all through the evening, he'll find a pet name to call you immediately after meeting you and (make sure you take this with a little bit of salt), he'll express his undying love for before you even get the chance to know his last name.

He'll set all the stops, he'll buy you flowers, take you to the piazza for a romantic candlelit dinner and moonlit walks, he'll tell you phrases like "I was just passing through life until I met you" or "You make me feel alive". Of course, it's a little hard to believe that right? but he'll believe it (at least for the night) and you'll have an unforgettable experience.

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Generalizing isn't always the best idea when judging a group of people, not all Italians are what your fantasies make them be. But if you're thinking about going to Italy to find the man of your dreams, then don't discard them because maybe walking through the piazza you'll hear a "Ciao Bella" and that will be it! wink Good luck!



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