Will He Come Back to Me After Our Heated Argument?

It is truly the end of the world when both of you argued?

By Michele
Will He Come Back to Me After Our Heated Argument?

Does a heated argument portraythe end of a relationship Well to be honest, there is no concrete answer to that. Even after a heated argument couples patch up and understand the crux of that moment. But if the argument belongs to a chain of deteriorating events then things can get worse. Now coming to the question will he come back to me after our argument? For that you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

If the relationship is ruining your peace and your partner is no good, then it is probably time to say goodbye! But if there are some misunderstandings and both of you are quick-tempered then, you must work on different methods to rescue your relationship. It is not easy at all to let go off an attachment and become a host to fond memories of him.

Let’s see if he is going to come back or not.

What Caused The Heated Argument?

Before you jump on to any sort of conclusions, find the reasons that lead to your heated argument. The nature of your argument will help determine the severity of the issue and chances of him returning. Don’t panic – calm down and relax. It is quite normal, maybe healthy too, for couples to have some sort of disagreement.

Understand this thing that you two are different people and have diverse choices, concepts and opinions. So there are a lot of reasons that can lead to a heated argument. Partners do disagree on petty issues and the argument can be of the same nature, for most of the time. Here are a few topics that could help understand the cause of heated argument with your partner. Evaluate your situation according to these causes.

1. The Blame Game

Even after several years of a relationship, couples find it difficult to grow out of this game. It is also in the nature of some people to blame someone else instantly, when anything goes wrong. And for couples things get easier, as they have a partner, ready at hand, to blame for everything that has gone wrong.

Maybe the partners feel insecure to come up with a valid explanation for their fault. The circumstances can be threatening too, sometimes. It is to be noted that extroverts will blame others with introverts will blame themselves. Are you a part of this never ending blame game?

2. Spending Money the Right Way

Most of the couples argue over how to spend money. Let’s be frank here that most of the women are quite careless about how to spend money in the right manner. And that makes men go crazy. They are more inclined towards saving money and investing it for a better future. During the course, men tend to shift towards the phase of spending less and accumulating more money. That is something, which women cannot bear easily.

Under any condition, it is important for the couple to spend money in accordance with their earning. It is not a personal issue. Of course, you want a secure future for yourself and kids too. Take risks but don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill. Are you cooperating with your partner over financial matters

3. Doing Chores

Why women must do all the work? When it comes to taking care of her husband, kids and the house. Men have some responsibility too. Couples often fight over this issue. Women complain that men do not lend a helping hand where required. They are busy with friends, watching TV or playing their favorite game.

That’s not how things work. If one’s going to drop kids off to the school then the other one can pick them up. If one’s looking after laundry the, other can help with ironing. It’s no complex equation. Are you both contributing towards making your home?

4. Managing Relatives

There is no way that you can get away from relatives, until and unless you plan to move thousands of miles away. Your family members play an important role in shaping your relationship. But that doesn’t mean that you let them influence your personal space.

Your partner might not be happy with the attitude of your father – for any reason or you might not be happy with his mother. There are several reasons for such perceptions that develop over a period of time. Are you both aware of the concept of safeguarding a couples personal space and growth?

5. Planning a Vacation

It is true that most couples have a heated argument over how and where to spend their holidays. Your partner might want to relax, meet relatives and have some dinner gatherings during Christmas and New Year holidays. On the other hand, you will be looking forward to fly to one of your favorite destinations. Things can go out of hand instantly if, you both don’t sit down and listen to each other and come up with a balanced solution. Are you not willing to listen to each other and end up having a poor holiday time?

Above stated are the most common causes that can lead to a heated argument. It is not like that, you cannot do anything about it. For most of the times, lack of communication and understanding can make a simple situation very complex. Will he come back to me after our argument? Certainly, if you both can work on how to stop arguing accepting personal flaws and never repeat them again. So save yourself from any trouble and sit together to work things out.

Signs That He Will Come Back

Done with argument and now puzzled about if he is going to come back or not? Time matters a lot here. If you have been in a relationship for several years, there are strong chances of him returning back. Reason being, he is deeply attached with you and used to of your presence.

On the other hand if you guys have been in an intense relationship, but for a short time the chances of him returning after a heated argument are not that encouraging. You guys haven’t spent a lot of time together and that has led to communication gap – which can ruin a strong bond easily. There are several other reasons for it too. Want to know what the chances are?

1. Was it an Impulsive Break Up?

Be alert that a heated argument can lead to an impulsive breakup. And that puts an end to everything even before you two realize that. If no room for making a compromise is left, it certainly means that the matters have gone rough. It happens when couples do not master the art of accomplishing a happy balanced ground. For most of the times ego and anger stands in the way of a smooth relationship otherwise.

As the arguments tend to get fierce with the passage of time the desire to find a solution diminishes. If he left you in anger and cut off every possible channel of contact he has certainly made up his mind. Still thinking that will he come back to me after our argument? He would not have terminated all the connections, if he was willing to discuss a possible way out. He is avoiding it.

2. Did He Block You (and Unblocked You)?

Okay, so he has blocked you from every other social media account. It means that for the time being, he is not willing to argue about anything that happened between you two. After a few days, he unblocks you starts following you. This certainly shows that he still has a soft corner for you. But he is a little scared or cautious of making any sort of move. It is reasonable, as the last argument nearly ruined everything.

He might be thinking of mending things. Give him time. Do not rush things or do not pressurize him. You do your thing and keep yourself busy. Stay focused. There are many things that you have to achieve in your life. If he doesn’t contact you after several weeks or months of unblocking you, it means that he has made a truce with himself. He certainly won’t return.

3. Who Dumped Who?

Now the question arises, who dumped who? Was it him or was it you? Well it can be actually both of you. The downfall of any relationship has a two sided story that requires evaluation. There is no success in claiming to be the first one to dump. The thing is that a relationship came to an end. And the happiness of two souls also to an end provided they were happy.


If your relationship was never strong and you were not happy, the breakup will bring you happiness and satisfaction. An unseen burden will be lifted from you. And there is no issue if he doesn’t come back. In contrast, if you enjoyed your bond but had some misunderstandings than you should give him reasons so that he comes back to you.

If he has unblocked you then make proper use of this development. Contact him and let him know how much, you value your relationship with him. Evoke trust in him that nothing bad of this sort will ever happen again from your side. It depends on you too, how you manage to rescue your relationship and avoid heated arguments in future. 


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