Sagittarius Girlfriend? Birthstone Gifts for Her

Get your Sagittarius girlfriend these gorgeous birthstones

By AcaciaJ
Sagittarius Girlfriend? Birthstone Gifts for Her

Lucky stones, birthstones and flowers for Sagittarius who are born in December

Sagittarius is known to be quite positive and full of energy as people. The sign itself represents the sun, and appropriately, the Sagittarius is typically adventurous and very outgoing by nature. They love to explore and discover new things and meanings to things. They are also very ambitious when it comes to their goals, and open-minded about life. These characteristics alone makes it very hard to dislike those born in the Sagittarius months. 

Of course, the birthstones associated with the Sagittarius sign are as beautiful and full of life as those born within the Sagittarius months. All very unique, each one has very special meaning and can bring about many good qualities, people, and things into the lives of those who wear them. 

Blue Topaz Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Sky Blue Topaz and White Diamond Pendant Necklace For Women (15.03 Cttw Emerald Cut 18X13MM With 18 Inch Silver Chain): Jewelry

The Blue Topaz stone symbolizes strength and focus. It helps to lift the Sagittarius spirit during hard times and helps to increase and promote self-confidence. It also helps to promote creativity and helps bring about the inspiration for creative ideas. This stone is especially great for providing direction and clarity for life decisions and guidance. 

Blue Topaz also allows for a deeper connection with psychic abilities and spirituality. You will have a deeper connection with the ability to help guide others by way of psychic readings and spiritual healing. 

If your lady happens to be unsure on whether she should work towards getting that promotion at work or if her goals are unclear, Blue Topaz is sure to set her on the straight path. 


MOWOM Alloy Genuine Leather Bracelet Bangle Cuff Simulated Stone Rope Bead 5 Wrap Adjustable

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones known to man and is used for protection. It helps promote a strong sense of peace while uplifting your spirits. Turquoise brings restoration while helping you to find your center during stressful times. It helps to renew and cleanse your center energy and can even help you find romance while enhancing your love life. 

The Turquoise stone can rid you of negative energy while in turn helping you feel empowered, happy, and whole. It's also known to bring good luck and success and sparking ambitions. If your girlfriend finds herself troubled and dealing with frustrating times a gorgeous Turqoiuse adorned gift can help ease her pain and brighten her day. 

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire has many special purposes and uses such as attracting money and good health. If you have low energy and need to uplift your spirits this stone helps to re-energize you and even helps to heal certain organs within the body. 

This stone also brings about excitement and a feeling of being revitalized for life. It' helps one to express themselves to the best of their abilities, creatively while ridding of bad habits and negative energies. Encourage your wonderful lady to tap into her creativity should she have doubts, by getting her a beautiful yellow sapphire necklace or a ring as a gift. 


14 Karat White Gold Heart Shape 1.00 Carats Created Ruby Diamond Pendant

The beautiful Ruby which is also referred to as a bloodstone has an array of useful purposes and meaning. It's been considered the most valuable stone held high in prestige by both queens and kings in ancient times. It was said to once be much more valuable than a diamond even. It can heal the physical body aiding in the stimulation of healthy blood flow, the heart, and coronaries. 

Ruby also helps one to overcomes negative thoughts and feelings while helping to feel empowered and inspired. It also promotes positivity and courage helping you get through hard times. Buying your girlfriend a Ruby gift will not only show how much of a queen she truly is to you, but it will also aid in keeping her healthy and happy like she deserves. 

Flowers for Sagittarius


This beautiful tropical flower the Strelitzia is said to represent immortality and freedom, just a couple of wonderful characteristics of the amazing Sagittarius. 

Strelitzia is an ideal gift for your Sagittarius girlfriend if you're looking to spice up the momentSagit or just show her how much she means. As Sagittarius is fun, free-spirited and full of life the Strelitzia is sure to bring lovely bright vibes into her world. 


Carnations are gorgeous in color and can be given at any time of year making them perfect for a Sagittarius. They are fun in appearance and can bring about smiles & lifted moods. They are captivating as they represent divinity, an astrological characteristic your Sagittarius girlfriend would surely love!


Sagittarius are among the most free-spirited of Zodiacs which makes this lovely flower ideal for them. The Crocus flower is used to create the rare material of Sapphron, among the finest in the world which gives even more reason as to why these flowers are fitting. Not to mention how beautiful they are!  

Sagittarius Birthstone Rings


Sterling Silver Aquamarine Peridot Ring

The Peridot stone is a beautiful lime green stone that like it’s color, it’s purpose is very unique. Peridot can assist in breaking negative living patterns. This means thoughts and emotions that may be blocking you from living the best possible life can be removed helping to give you clarity for your life. 

Interestingly enough, Peridot can even help you find items you may have lost and also provide you with more peaceful sleep. 

As couples, things can get foggy at times. but the Peridot jewel can bring clarity to your woman and keep her in good spirits thus, providing balance and more love within your relationship. 


Sterling Amethyst Engagement Anniversary Ring

Amethyst is a stone that may be ideal for all of us as it can help to keep you calm and collected. Perfect for those moments of being angry or also if you have a quick temper. The lovely stone can also aid in better health including healthier  blood flow within the body, a healthier digestive tract, skin and heart. 

Amethyst is also known as the “all healer” and can heal nature as well as people. It also protects against spiritual attacks while providing guidance in your business life and helping your personal life as well. 

Sagittarius birthstone necklace


Merthus Antique Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Created Blue Sapphire Cluster Statement Necklace for Women

Sapphire is perfect for the Sagittarius as they are known to be trustworthy, honest, and positive. The Sapphire stone allows deep intuition about negative energy or people around you. It protects from bad wishes from others as well as illnesses. 

Sapphire is also ideal for relieving depression and other psychological problems and issues. It aids in restoring balance in the mind and body while assisting in sharper focus and getting rid of certain fears. A sapphire gift for your girlfriend is sure to keep her in good spirits and also good energy all around her. 


Sterling Silver Black Onyx Necklace

The oldest of all the stones, Onyx is certainly among the most beautiful as well. Onyx like it’s color is bold in that it can protect from various types of dangers and energies, both spiritual and physical. 

Onyx restores physical strength when depleted. Wearing it can keep strong energies within and nearby helping to ultimately revitalize the body and mind. Its use and purposes also include healing physical ailments.  

Lapis Lazuli

KISSPAT Teardrop Necklace Natural Crystal Stone Pendant on 20" Stainless Steel Chain

As we know having balanced emotional energy is imperative when it comes to living a life that is calm and full of peace and happiness. The beautiful Lapis Lazuli stone can guide you in centering your self-awareness and emotions you may not be aware of. It allows you to dig deep within to uncover emotional problems, and clear them for better decision making regarding all aspects of your life. 

Lapis Lazuli helps to balance both the physical and emotional aspects as well as emotional. Not a birthstone that's as spoken about as others but it certainly aids in keeping the perfect balance within life and yourself. 

Blue Zircon

Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Blue Zircon and Diamond Infinity Pendant Necklace For Women (1.27 Ct Round with 18 Inch Silver Chain)

Blue Zircon since ancient times, has been used for various things such as protection and better health. It was said those traveling would be protected if they wore the beautiful stone and it is also used as an aid in getting rest filled nights. It also helps to encourage wisdom and spiritual growth. 

Perhaps among the best benefits of this unique stone is its luck it can bring. It promotes prosperity which can bring about many opportunities regarding money, relationships, and other good things. 

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Whether Showing your appreciation for your significant other or just a family member or friend, it's is always important and should be meaningful every time. If you have a Sagittarius friend or family member getting them a gift representing this amazing sign is certainly meaningful. While they are already amazing, it receiving any of these special birthstones or flowers as a gift is sure to show and prove to them how much they truly mean to you. 


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