Idris Elba's Girlfriend: 4 Facts To Know About Sabrina Dhowre

Idris Elba walks the red carpet with stunning model Sabrina Dhowre- his new girlfriend and a former Miss Vancouver. Read on to know more about her.

By Amanda Palmer
Idris Elba's Girlfriend: 4 Facts To Know About Sabrina Dhowre

Idris Elba graces the red carpet with his new lady love

Idris Elba created quite a havoc when he graced the red carpet with his stunning new lady love last month. The mysterious woman was none other than former Miss Vancouver and a fashion model Sabrina Dhowre. The Toronto International Film Festival saw the two of them together for the premiere of his latest film 'The Mountain Between Us'. While talking to the press about his upcoming latest thriller, Idris Elba took out time to introduce his 'Beautiful New; girlfriend to the press. Read on further to know some interesting facts about model Sabrina Dhowre.

1. The young model Sabrina Dhowre

Sabrina Dhowre is of Somali descent. She has won a Miss Vancouver pageant in the year 2014. She first made a public appearance with Idris Elba at the premiere of 'Molly's game' on Friday night. Elba has had two failed marriages before with lawyer Sonya Hamlin and makeup artist Haane Norgaard. The actor was also in a relationship with Naiyana Garth. Elba has a teenage daughter from his marriage to Norgaard and a two-year-old son with Naiyana Garth. The actor Idris Elba is a doting father to both his children and admits being closest to his 15 year old daughter Isan. Elba tries to spend quality time with his son Winston whenever he can. Sabrina Dhowre is rumored to have been dating Elba since 6 months now. The 29 year old brunette is quite a sizzling beauty queen. During her pageant, she had left the judges awestruck in her slate grey evening dress with a plunging neckline. The East African beauty has quite an enchanting taste in fashion as can be seen from her Stella McCartney dress which she wore during the red carpet event.

2. Idris Elba with his new girlfriend

The British actor Idris Elba had first been spotted getting up close and personal with the sizzling brunette Sabrina Dhowre in August and have been seeing each other for 6 months now. They made their first public appearance during the premiere show of 'Molly's game' and are now often spotted together for film festivals and other such events. Elba not only gracefully introduced his girlfriend to the press but also proudly boasts her off on his arm at important functions. This clearly speaks volumes of their relationship status. Sabrina Dhowre keeps uploading several pics of the British superstar in her snapchat accounts. Both Elba and his girlfriend Dhowre are clearly madly in love and have no qualms about telling the public about it. Idris Elba shared that the red carpet event for a first for Sabrina Dhowre and so he wanted to make it special for her. Idris Elba had his girlfriend by his arm close all the time and the duo looked like a dream together.

3. Sabrina Dhowre is as private as Idris Elba

The fashion model Sabrina Dhowre is not on social media. She likes to keep her personal life as private as possible. One cannot find Elba's girlfriend on twitter, facebook or Instagram. Dhowre does upload pictures of her new love on snapchat though. Idris Elba and his girlfriend share the same mindset on social networking sites and like to keep their personal lives very private. The moment girlfriend Dhowre was spotted with Elba, millions of fans logged on to instagram, twitter and other social networking sites to find some information about her only to find out that she is not on any of these sites.

Written by Tasha Royce :: #IdrisElba is opening up about his girlfriend, #SabrinaDhowre. Idris recently celebrated his 45th birthday and his bae got him a thoughtful gift for his special day. He shares, "My girlfriend basically turned a room in the house into a studio…I’m not joking. For two months she turned the whole place into a studio. It was really, really special – it touched me." Although he’s usually pretty private with his relationships, Idris recently went public, bringing Sabrina as his date to the #Toronto International #Film #Festival. As to why he decided not to keep his relationship secret, he explained, "I just think when you’re a public persona, it’s okay to be who you are. But I don’t think you need to overly flaunt it. But at the same time, when you’re happy and you’re in love..." Read more on (#tiff #idris #elba)

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4. Are Idris Elba and his girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre getting married?

Idris Elba and his girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre have been seeing each other since 7 months now and its too soon to predict whether we shall be hearing wedding bells or not. Elba and his girlfriend are clearly smitten by each other. Although fans want to see them getting married soon, Idris Elba had made it clear in an earlier press release that he won't ever get married again.

“Marriage is an institution of sorts. And I’ve done it,”. “It’s not for everybody. It’s not my life’s calling.”

After two failed marriages, Idris Elba does not ever want to get married again. Let us hope Sabrina Dhowre changes Idris Elba's mindset on marriage and we get to see the sizzling beauty in a pretty wedding gown besides the British hunk soon.

The couple looks stunning together. Idris Elba found his girlfriend during the shooting of 'Mountain between us'. The movie is about falling in love and it was during this shoot that he too found himself falling in love with Sabrina Dhowre. Idris Elba calls the feeling very special and proudly takes his girlfriend around.

The duo was spotted attending The BARDOU Foundation's International Day of the Girl Gala to support the Prince's Trust last Wednesday at Albert's Club in London. The American actress and model Sabrina Dhowre has been secretly dating the actor, DJ and musician Idris Elba for about 6 months now. She is 16 years younger than her boyfriend and is quite active on her snapchat accounts. Graceful, stylish, attractive and 5.11 feet tall, this Somalian model has been the talk of the town since she was last spotted with the British hunk. The duo did manage to break millions of hearts as they realized that Idris Elba is no longer the most eligible bachelor in town!


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