John Cena's Ex Wife: Everything About Elizabeth Huberdeau

More about Elizabeth Huberdeau, John Cena's Ex Wife.

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John Cena's Ex Wife: Everything About Elizabeth Huberdeau

When you’re related to a popular personality, celebrity status isn’t necessary for fame. Such is the example of Elizabeth Huberdeau, who wasn’t a celebrity herself, but yet came into limelight. She rose to popularity when she started to be seen with one of the biggest professional wrestling names of all time, John Cena.

Before John Cena’s famous six-year relationship with Nikki Bella, there was another woman who he was deeply committed to. She was Elizabeth Huberdeau, his high school sweetheart. They even got married back in 2009, however, the marriage only lasted three years. In this article, we’ll discuss whatever there is to know about this huge wrestling personality and his ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. We’ll take it from their sparking and cheesy high-school romance, to proposal, then marriage, and finally to the reason behind the divorce. Keep reading!

John Cena: Wrestler who learnt Chinese


If you’re not aware of who John Cena is, you must have been living under a rock for the last decade or so. He’s a professional wrestler, and after conquering the world of WWE, he moved on to become a successful actor. He’s now also fluent in Mandarin, which is known to be the hardest ever language to learn. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

The actor showed off his fluent Mandarin-speaking skills in a video posted on his account on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform). He included clips before and after having his haircut, as he effortlessly talked through in Mandarin throughout the English-subtitled video.


Fans took this in absolute shock, hearing him say in Mandarin: 

His fans couldn't help but express their sheer surprise and awe at how well he spoke Chinese, while also admiring his dedication to learn this difficult language just for a role. Here's what twitter had to say about this! 

8 Facts About John Cena's Ex Wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau

The esteemed wrestler, having already risen to the top ranks in the realm of WWE, married his high school girlfriend, Huberdeau, in 2009. However, in 2012, he filed for divorce, and this move allegedly shocked Huberdeau. Their separation, messier than usual, garnered some media attention. In this section of the article, we’ve gathered 8 important facts about Elizabeth Huberdeau.

1. The Identity of John Cena’s ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau


All passionate Cena fans, and even some general WWE fans, know about her. Almost every article that features John Cena’s personal life includes her name, as their 3-year marriage gave a super interesting story for the public-eye to follow back in the day. They were an example of successful teenage love, that found its way from high school pleasantries to taking the noble vows of marriage. However, the marriage dramatically came to an end soon after.

Elizabeth Huberdeau isn’t famous for anything else except for her marriage with the WWE superstar. Media spotlight remained fixated on her right after she tied the knot of marriage with Cena, and only became popular for her relationship with a well-known public figure. Her fame died in the same sudden fashion after her association with Cena ended with an abrupt divorce filed by him. We’ll discuss what she does currently further down in this article.

2. Short Bio


She was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, on September 28, 1979. She finished her studies in Springfield College, in her hometown, Massachusetts. More details about her education are discussed in the next section.

3. Early Life and Education


Not much information is available about her childhood, early life, or family. However, it’s well known that she got her schooling in her home state of Massachusetts. She also met her husband-to-be, John Cena, in one of the two institutions that she went to in Massachusetts. It’s therefore understood that Cena and Huberdeau, the two young lovers, first met in either the Cushing Academy in Ashburnham or Central Catholic High School in Lawrence.

She wanted to pursue further studies, and chose Springfield College for that too, which was also situated in Massachusetts. This was to prepare herself to build a career in the business of real estate. Initially though, her dream was to become a super model. She even managed to fetch a few modelling projects before marrying Cena.  However, Elizabeth couldn’t manage to gain much traction in the modelling field, despite having a fit body and a pretty face.

4. From Young Love Birds to Spouses


Even though her story of being associated with John Cena started all the back in her teenage years, no one really heard of her name for a long time. It wasn’t until Cena finally announced their engagement in public, that Huberdeau started to gain some attention. The announcement might not have been that special or formal, but it was enough to urge people to turn their eyeballs towards this newly introduced female personality. Cena casually told an interviewer, during the promotion of his movie “12 Rounds”, that he was going to get married that year. The internet unexpectedly blew this news up and loads of attention got thrown towards the couple. The public managed to extract more and more details about this inspiring love story between the two!

Five months following this interview, the couple exchanged noble vows of marriage in the state of their hometown, in Boston Massachusetts. The ceremony was pretty private, held on 11th July 2009. The couple seemed inseparable at the time. Some of the couple’s “aww-inducing” public displays of affection even got captured by the media. Huberdeau had left her modeling dreams behind and decided to support Cena in his wrestling and acting endeavors. They enjoyed the company of each other but didn’t have children as Cena was reportedly not ready due to his demanding WWE commitments.

5. How the Marriage Ended


It’s not possible to find concrete facts as to what exactly happened to the seemingly unbreakable bond between the two. However, one can surely say that marriage merely lasted for 3 years. In may 2012, John Cena filed for divorce. Upon asked for the reasons for such a sudden decision of divorce, he mentioned that the couple wasn’t getting along nicely anymore, and the home’s atmosphere for consistently in tension. Some statements even mentioned that a feud springing out of redecorating disagreements played the role of the last straw in the story. Rumors were inevitably thrown around in the fans, some even accusing John Cena of cheating on her wife. However, no particular evidence of him being unfaithful have been found.

6. What is she currently up to?


Right after the marriage ended, Huberdeau stopped getting public attention right away – and understandably so. She hasn’t been sharing much of her professional life or personal life on social media handles. Her original profile is nowhere to be found on notable social platforms either. She has settled herself in Florida though, and she’s pursuing a career in the real estate business. According to some related reports, her salary as a real estate broker is pretty high, and she’s able to afford quite a luxurious standard of living.

7. Personal Life


Now, post-divorce, Elizabeth Huberdeau is reportedly doing well in her personal life as well. Recently, the internet saw her photos with her current boyfriend, Eli Ayoub. The couple looks like they’re happy with each other. However, Cena, on the other hand, has recently broken up with Nikki Bella, who became her fiancée after a public proposal in WrestleMania as the whole world watched. Cena had started dating Nikki only four months after the divorce, and their relationship lasted six years.

Apparently, she is doing well in her personal life, too. Photos with her and her boyfriend, Eli Ayoub, appeared recently on the Internet, and she looks like she is really enjoying the company of her partner.

8. Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth 2019

Huberdeau was a real estate agent before becoming Cena’s wife. As of 2019, reports have her net worth at a staggering amount of $10 million. However, not all of her net worth is self-earned.  Research shows that her net worth skyrocketed upon her divorce with Cena, as she received a huge amount of alimony from her ex-husband.

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When you’re related to a popular personality, celebrity status isn’t necessary for fame. Such is the example of Elizabeth Huberdeau, who wasn’t a celebrity herself, but yet came into limelight. She rose to popularity when she started to be seen with one of the biggest professional wrestling names of all time, John Cena. However, that didn’t last long, and we’ve followed the series of those events in this article. After going through all this, Elizabeth is now seen as an example of strength and independence. The fact that she essentially had to restart her entire life after her divorce, rebuilding her career and her family life, is worthy of appreciation.