8 Safe Places To Go For A Female Virgin Solo Trip!

Yearning for a solo trip? 8 places to get you started safely

By Evelyn
8 Safe Places To Go For A Female Virgin Solo Trip!

Horror Stories of Female Solo Trips

Traveling is one of life's pleasures, just grabbing your things and going to exciting and fun places to experience all that they have to offer is something that we all aim to do, at least once in a lifetime. Going on a female solo trip sounds great right? Traveling by yourself may seem scary, especially if you haven't done it before, it can make you nervous even if it's the second or tenth time you've done it, but once you're on it you get to have an amazing experience.

Most of the time these solo adventures turn out to be great, you get to have fun and when you return home you have a feeling of accomplishment and so much to tell. But also, many women who traveled alone have experienced some horror stories. They can go from harassment to some forms of violence that are truly devastating. This violence against travelers is not exclusive to females, men traveling alone have also experienced some very harrowing experiences, but the violent experiences suffered by some women traveling alone can really shock the senses. 

One of these horror stories was what happened to Carla Stefaniak a dual Venezuelan-American citizen. She went on a 5-day vacation to Costa Rica to celebrate her 36 birthday, she booked a gated Airbnb villa near the airport. The villa had a security guard and it was in a safe neighborhood and she took all kinds of precautions, like getting home before dark. She called her friend Laura Jaime the night before her return flight home to show her some purchases she made and to give her a video tour of the villa, she also told her friend that something on the villa felt "sketchy". Her friend was to pick her up the next day, but Carla never made it home. She was found a week later, her brutalized body was found in a patch of forest near the Airbnb rented villa, it was wrapped in plastic and half-buried. The authorities arrested the security guard from the villa in connection to the murder.

Hannah Gavios has another horror study to tell while traveling alone. She traveled to Southeast Asia in 2016. Thailand was one of the places she visited, while there one evening she was walking alone after having dinner. She was in Krabi, a place with beautiful beaches and very popular among tourists when a local guy offered to guide her back to her hotel. Afraid of getting lost, she followed him. He attacked her, Hanna was able to run but she fell off a cliff and fractured her spine. While she lay there helpless for 11 hours, the man sexually assaulted her. When morning broke, the man left but then came back (surprisingly) with help. She had to be hospitalized for months. Fortunately, she was able to recover, she learned to walk again using crutches and leg braces and her attacker was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison. 

These are just two cases of horror stories while traveling alone, they are devastating for both the traveler and their families and sadly there are more. Even with the documented horror stories, solo female travel has grown in popularity, more women want to explore the world on their own. Preparation can be the key to minimizing risks, say some season travelers. Knowing some kind of self-defense technique, carrying a GPS tracker, making sure someone always knows where you are, and doing extensive research of your destination and lodging can help you make your solo trip a good experience.

To help you make your choice, we thought to provide you with a list of 8 safe places you can visit on your solo trip vacation.

8 Safe Places To Start Off Your Virgin Solo Trip

Solo female trips are becoming more and more popular. Who doesn't want to grab that last seat at the walk-in restaurant bar, or have a change in your itinerary to go explore some other place without having to check with anyone, you know, do your own thing? Solo trips can be empowering, you get to make friends along the way and you get to learn so much about yourself and about all the places you visit.

Of course, there are concerns and some anxiety about embarking on a solo female trip and one question that always arises is, "Is this a safe place to travel?" This next list of destinations are suitable and safe, take a look because maybe you want to include them on your next solo adventure.

1. The Azores, Portugal

The Azores is a tiny cluster of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it is an autonomous region of Portugal and despite its location is actually a very easy location to travel. It's a five-hour flight from Boston to Ponta Delgada, the capital, which is located in Sao Miguel Island. To visit the other islands you can do it by plane (all islands have a commercial airport) or by boat.

Sao Miguel is the biggest and most popular of the islands, in terms of hotels for solo travelers it has a lot to offer. During peak season (May through October) you can watch whales and dolphins, a very popular thing to do there because a third of the world's creatures cycle through this cluster of islands. On land, you can climb the different volcanos, the views on the peak are breathtaking, If you want a little bit of adventure you can go hiking and biking around the volcano's craters. The locals are very friendly, English is widely spoken and the islands are a pretty safe place to visit.  

2. Berlin, Germany

This a city with a very low crime rate, public transportation is excellent and you won't have to worry about language because English is very well-spoken. Berlin is a city with progressive vibes where you'll feel very much at home. The city offers a vast quantity of hostels and also free tours. There are many places you can visit, landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, which has a lot of history. Near there you can visit the Reichstag, this building has an impressive glass dome and it's open to the public. You can go to the Museum Island and visit the beautiful Berling Cathedral. 

Berling also has a fantastic public art trail, you can have an entertaining and safe experience wandering the city on foot.

3. Berkshire, England

Berkshire is less than an hour from London and it has a lot to offer, lush meadows, a display of castles like no other and it's an ideal destination for those of you solo travelers who enjoy English history, or the British Royal Family. One of the most visited places there, and where you should begin your journey, is Cliveden House. This is a hotel full of history built in the 1600s by the second Duke of Buckingham as a gift to this mistress, Anna Talbot.

Of course, you have to visit Windsor Castle, which as you know is the residence of the Royal family since the 12th century. If you're a fan of Downtown Abbey you have to visit Newbury, maybe you'll find like-minded fans there. 

4. Taipei, Taiwan

This choice may come as a surprise but in terms of safety, it's up there with Japan. For solo travelers, Taipei is a cheaper destination than Tokyo. The city has a tremendous offer of affordable boutiques and hotels and even some American brand hotels like the Hiltons (all well prized). You won't lack on lodgings there. It offers free walking tours of some city neighborhoods, you'll likely find some traveler friends there. The street food is also good and affordable.

5. Australia

Some travelers deem Australia as the backpacking capital of the world and for female solo travelers, it's an easy destination to experience. The hostel offer in Australia is huge, you'll find one everywhere you go. There are tons of things you can do there, and even though the country is big, you can travel by bus easily and safely. You can visit Darwin if you're into crocodiles and want to see them up close or go to Cairns for some serious adventure or to the coast which offers some pretty amazing beaches. And of course, you have to visit the Great Barrier Reef. 

6. Bermuda

Fancy some solo island escape? Then Bermuda could be a good choice, this British Island offers all the perks with an offer of very well established hotels. One of the draws of the island is the pink sand beaches with the hidden coves and private little beaches. There are places in Bermuda that you have to visit like the cerulean waters of Jacobson's Cove or the Chaplin Bay. You can explore the island on foot or on a bicycle through The Bermuda Railway Trail. 

7. Singapore

For a solo female trip to Southeast Asia, you can't do better than Singapore. This city has become a very safe city to travel to. One of the reasons why it's become a safe city is because it has many laws to maintain public order. You can expect an organized, clean, and english speaking locals with lots to do and explore. Sure it can be expensive but there are options for the budgeted solo traveler. The public transportation is excellent which makes moving around easy. Go visit the Marina Bay Sands and the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. Check out the impressive Singapore Zoo or go to take high tea while looking over the city from the Singapore Flyer. 

8. Malta

Malta offers gorgeous beaches and it's a very safe place for the solo female traveler. You can see children playing on the streets until midnight and walking through the city at night is pretty safe. It's a great city to socialize because the locals are very friendly and it has some Unesco ruins you can visit. A very charming city to consider on your next solo trip.

The Must Haves To Bring in a Solo Trip

If this is your first solo female trip you need to be prepared and packing can be daunting but what you bring in your bag is very important and can help you have a pleasant experience. So what must you bring on your solo trip?

 If you're on an adventurous trip, then the first and most important item you should consider is a backpack. Be sure to get one that's sturdy, spacious and comfortable. Also, be sure to pack light and to help you with you can use a packing app. Now on to what to pack:


Tissues come handy because some bathrooms you'll encounter on your travel won't have toilette paper. You may want to include some wet wipes too.

Safety gear

You're traveling solo so personal safety gear is a must. Some pepper spray and a safety whistle to carry on your neck or wrist. You can also carry a GPS tracker and be sure to always tell someone where you are or where you're going.

Travel Scarf

A travel scarf comes handy to secretly stash money, credit cards and other important items like your passport. It's easier to carry than a purse and it can be a safeguard in case of a theft.

First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit should include pack bandages and disinfectant ointment, some generic pain killers, bug repellent, medicine for an upset stomach and any personal medication that may be difficult to obtain in certain places.

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Going on a female virgin solo trip can be exciting and fun and memorable but it can also turn into a horror story even when you take all kinds of precautions. Still, lots of women are eager to embark upon a solo trip and experience all that their destinations have to offer.