Top 8 Travel Places To Hang out With Friends in 2019

Try these fun new places to hang out with friends in the new year

By Sarah
Top 8 Travel Places To Hang out With Friends in 2019

It’s 2019, and the world has so many new places that we're all just dying to see — places to chill with your friends. Just lay back, relax, and have fun. But the problem with having so much choice is, where does one go first? Where will you have the most fun? Which place is better to visit right now and which one should you visit later on?

Luckily for you, we've listed down the top 8 places in the world to hang out with your friends in 2019. These places are great fun and will allow you just to sit back and enjoy the presence of your friends. These days, we're so busy with our lives that we don’t have enough time to spend with our friends anymore. When we do take out the time, we don’t know where to go or what to do. So we're going to make your life easy and show you the best 8 places in the world, that day or night, are guaranteed to be the best experiences you will ever have with your friends.

2019 Best Places To Hang Out With Friends In The Day

Sometimes you only have the day time to spend with your friends and your nights are busy or otherwise occupied. Here are a few places which shine their best during the daylight hours and if you spend your days there then, you are in for a wonderful day. If you need a place to go to, where the day shines brighter than the night, then these 4 places are the best choices for you. They are definitely a perfect space to relax, chill, and just have fun. You and your friends will be hard pressed to find any sort of fault or problem in any of these places!

1. Isla Holbox

If you want time just to be zen, then the Isla Holbox is the best place for you and your pals. The Isla Holbox is a quiet secluded island off the coast of Mexico. Its beaches are the best place to relax and reminisce with your old friends about old memories. You can sit in the waves, make sand castles, and just catch up on all that you have missed in each other’s lives while busy with your own. The Isla Holbox is the perfect place to spend some quality time in the sun, get a tan, have an excellent breakfast under the open sky and sea. I mean who says these places aren’t for friends? Why can’t friends go everywhere and anywhere? We would love to go to a peaceful place such as the Isla Holbox with our group of friends.

2. Southwest US

No matter what anyone says, road trips are always best enjoyed with friends. And a road trip through the Southwest United States is the perfect trip for you to take if you and your friends are people who enjoy the journey more than the destination. You’ll pass tons of cities, national parks, inns, B&B’s and so much more on your way to wherever it is you need to go. You can even pass the grand canyon on your way and bask in the glories of Mother Nature. Just remember to take lots of pictures! Especially of all the landmarks you are sure to cross on your way and of course the open fields and if you’re lucky, wild horses too!

3. Universal Studios

You and your Potterhead friends will die the minute you step towards the gates of Universal Studios. Who better to obsess over the intricacies and wonders of the Wizarding World than your friends, who were there when your obsession started and obsessed with you the whole way. Universal Studios will reawaken all the memories of the Harry Potter fandom and all the related memories you created with your friends. A day spent in Diagon Alley, Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezies, and Gringotts is definitely a day well spent. Other than visiting these wonderful places, you can scream your heart out in all the thrilling rides created in the likeness of the world you and your friends love so much!

4. Maldives

The Maldives is the best place for you and your friends if you like to sight-see and are beach bums. You can play volleyball in the sand and splash around in the waves of the Indian Ocean after a fabulous day of going to all the tourist sites as well as visiting the hidden wonders of the Maldives like the Deserted Islands and the underwater resorts. God, imagine a day spent in an underwater resort where the minute you look out the windows you can see the different sea life floating and swimming about. Can you envision the corals and sea plants? It’s absolutely magical even to think about!


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Fun And Cool Travel Places To Hang Out With Friends At Night

Now that you know the best places in the world to visit in the day, you should also know the best places in the world to visit at night in 2019. After all, whats a vacation with friends without bursting nightlife? Sleep is for the dead, or at least that is what people believe today. You and your friends need a place where they can just get wild and unwind all night long. Forget those inhibitions and insecurities and just let loose with your pals. Who better to understand your wild side other than the people who are eerily familiar with it?

1. Full Moon Party

The full moon party occurs only once a year in Thailand, either before or after the night of the full moon. It's a wild beach party with music, booze, lights, and so much more. It’s the perfect way to end or begin a vacation with your friends. The party is absolutely wild. The party's hosted at Crescent Beach of Haad Rin and almost 10 million tourists and locals attend each year. It’s the best place for you to be when you and your friends want to let loose and have a blast.

2. Amsterdam Light Festival

It is a treat of a lifetime when Amsterdam holds its light festival. It's not a yearly occurrence, but on the darkest of nights in Amsterdam, the people band together and hold a celebration that you will never forget and will probably be raving about for a long time. Imagine the pictures you could take and the memories you can make. Running around with your friends and trying to catch the fireworks on video. Buying lanterns and writing wishes on them and ultimately letting them float high into the sky like a star finally going home.

3. VIP Pub Crawl

If you and your friends are in Barcelona and you miss this fabulous VIP pub crawl, shame on you! This pub crawl tour will take you to dance through the night to all of Barcelona’s best clubs. You can party and dance your heart out with your friends. What more could you want? Just imagine a night out exclusively with your friends, all dressed up and ready with no responsibilities and strings. All you have to worry about is having the best fun imaginable. Of course, take lots of pictures, which you can look at later and remember the feelings you had at that very moment.

4. Bastille

If you’re in Paris then the Bastille is a place you absolutely cannot miss, especially if you are there with friends. It is overcrowded, noisy, and the place to be for nightlife. A mix of classic cafes, night clubs, music venue, and dive bars. You could start by bar hopping down the Rue de Lappe or Rue de Roquette. You could even start by hitting the La Balajo if you all are in the mood for some spicy salsa with a dash of rockin’ music.


Life is a fast track, and you need to always be up to speed so that you don’t get left behind, but it's still essential for you to make sure that sometimes you take time out of your busy schedule and just relax. And what better way is there to relax than with your friends? To put a cherry on top, you could go out and see some of the world’s most fascinating places built, especially for a relaxing and fun time with your friends.

It’s difficult to make up your mind about where to go when there are so many people, each with a different opinion and preference. This article will provide the help you need to escape that particular headache. We want to make sure that you have the maximum amount of fun in the place you choose according to the kind of vacation you and your friends are planning. So hurry up and go call up your friends, plan the perfect time away and go go go!

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