8 Creative Christmas Tree Decoration Themes Not to Be Missed

Creative ideas that are an inspiration for your Christmas tree!

By Adina Mazilu
8 Creative Christmas Tree Decoration Themes Not to Be Missed

Regardless if you are now decorating your first Christmas tree in your new home or if it’s already a years-long tradition, this process it’s always fun and has a special energy to it. It’s all about that reunion with the whole family when everybody is full of joy that Christmas is finally here another year. However, it can sometimes happen for you to get bored with a certain decoration theme and to want to refresh the holiday spirit just a little bit. Maybe your kids want something specific or maybe you simply want it all to look a bit different. In this article, we will show you 8 creative Christmas tree decoration ideas that will provoke your imagination and that will make anyone jealous of your gorgeous tree.

The Joy of Decorating the Christmas Tree

It doesn’t even matter what color you prefer, around this time of the year, everything seems to be either red or gold. This is not a bad thing at all because it truly represents the spirit of holidays, but we can definitely see why you would want a new kind of decoration theme to shake things a bit this year.

Also, you may have some decorations that you cannot wait to use this year or some older ones that you haven’t used in a while. You may be a minimalist lover or someone who adores sparkly things, it truly doesn’t matter. What it does matter is to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and to gather your entire family around this magical tree that will become the symbol of your household during this wonderful time of the year. Here are some clever ideas to decorate the Christmas tree this year.

8 Creative Christmas Tree Decoration Themes for 2019

For Kids

1. Mickey Mouse

Source: @drekoluv/Instagram

In case you have small kids who absolutely adore Disney and especially Mickey Mouse, this is definitely a great idea for them. Simply buy some toys that they like and turn them into Christmas tree decorations. Carefully place them on certain branches and complete the whole theme with bright lights and other decorations in similar colors. Christmas will definitely become your kids’ favorite holiday if you do this effort for them, at least once.

2. Frozen

Source: @_iambrittanya/Instagram

What kid doesn’t absolutely adore Frozen? And how can you not indulge in this when the whole story actually revolves around a girl with special winter superpowers? It’s probably the best-suited theme for a Christmas tree! Find snowflake-like decorations and other similar ones that remind you of the story. Also, invest in some toys with the main characters from the movie and use them too as decorations. Olaf the snowman is the perfect one to place either in the tree or next to it. Elsa, Anna, and all the others should make an appearance too.

3. Lego Christmas tree

Source: @maryssa1717/Instagram

Yes, this may not be a real Christmas tree, but it’s definitely one that won’t pass unnoticed in your home and your kids will adore it. You can find this Lego Christmas tree either online or in Lego stores all over the world and if your kids love to play with these pieces (and if you avoid stepping on them), buy one as a Christmas decoration. It’s truly a one of a kind piece that you can also photograph and post online for everyone to see.

Creative Ideas you did not think of!

4. Eco-friendly Christmas tree

Source: @helenmartinwright/Instagram

We are sure you didn’t think of this one, right? However, if you did think of having an eco-friendly Christmas tree, this is a great idea. Simply take some branches and hang them on an empty wall to form the shape of a tree. Then decorate them with fairy lights and decorations according to your taste. It’s a very simple yet fairly unused option to save trees and impress your friends and family too.

5. LGBTQ Christmas tree

Source: @lgbtq20s30sladies/Instagram

Are you an LGBTQ supporter? Wery well. Then you can have a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree right in your living room which will impress all of your friends, either from the community or supporters of it. These bright colors will make the tree pop as it is but imagines actually decorating it for Christmas. A spark of happiness, color, and bright lights, just how everyone should feel like when talking about the LGBTQ community.

6. Christmas tree made of books

Source: @dorothiem/Instagram

A truly, truly unique idea for a Christmas tree that is different from any other. This works especially if you are a book lover and do not want to get a real tree to decorate for this holiday. Carefully arrange a few thick books in a shape that’s both stable and resembles a real tree. Place decorations on it and even fairy lights in order to make it look like the real thing. This might actually become you and your friends’ favorite type of Christmas tree.

7. Darth Vader Christmas tree

Source: @shortbrowniecakes/Instagram

Creepy? Possibly. Cool and special? Definitely! Especially if you are a huge Star Wars fan, this unique Christmas tree will fill up your room with the Force and with the spirit of Christmas. Use your normal tree and instead of the tip decoration, use a Darth Vader costume complete with mask and all. You can even place a red lightsaber nearby for an extra dramatic effect. This type of decoration is also amazing for kids who love the Star Wars universe as well as for grown-ups who also cannot get enough of it. If the mask also speaks and breathes like Darth Vader you are in for a treat.

8. Christmas tree made of lights

Source: Pinterest

Finally, another eco-friendly and tree-less option for a Christmas “tree” is the one only made of lights. You can choose any kind of string lights you want, bigger or smaller, and simply hang them on an empty wall in the shape of a tree. You can even put decorations which will also be hanging on the wall and Christmas presents all around it. The best thing about it? It doesn’t take up any space at all! Cool, right?

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All in all, with these nice and very interesting ideas, it seems that choosing other options besides the classic tree is a lot easier now, right? Don’t get us wrong, we adore that old Christmas tree decoration because it has a special charm to it and it’s the symbol of the Christmas holiday. However, there are more and more people today who want an eco-friendly option, are bored with the old option or simply do not have enough space for a tree in their house.

We really hope that the aforementioned ideas will help you decide on a new kind of Christmas tree. Regardless if we are talking about changing the theme of the decorations or about the actual tree, there is always an option. For example, some of the above ideas are especially-meant for kids and their passions like Lego, Frozen or Disney. You can make them happy by investing in some special decorations for the tree. The second part of the article offers you ideas on special kinds of “trees” that are either eco-friendly, special or have to do with your beliefs and passions.

Everybody is different in their own way, which is a very good thing, and this can clearly be seen by looking at different Christmas decorations and what they prefer. The bottom line is that if you want to make someone happy or you are simply bored of the same old decorations, you should have the courage to change things a bit and do what you like. After all, nobody should tell you what the right type of Christmas tree should be. You should discover it yourself.



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