20 Compliments To Give A Girl That She Can't Resist

Do you want to impress your women with unique compliments on their looks? Find out the right things to say to your girls to impress them.

By Gerald Matiri
20 Compliments To Give A Girl That She Can't Resist

The Secrets To Giving Women Compliments

Did you know that there are certain compliments that make women want to sleep with men right away? Yet, there are others which are more suitable for a meaningful relationship. Needless to say, your girlfriend will be flattered if you give her compliments no one else has ever given her. To get a woman’s phone number, you will need to do more than simply smiling at her and hope for the best. You have a chance to steal her heart only if you say compliments that women like to hear from guys. If she is new to you, the initial moments in your encounter are the most critical if you want to succeed in seducing her. What should you actually say to a girl you just met, your girlfriend, or any woman you want to appreciate? Be careful not to say some nonsense that causes disillusionment and gets you friend-zoned if you like a girl; you must be honest and give an impression that you really are attracted to her. Simply saying “you are beautiful” is fine but she will see you as any other guy out there. Particular compliments are so common that they don’t move a girl. But you can learn to give your girlfriend unique compliments (different from her sexy look or her cute laughter). Make her swoon with happiness by saying the following 20 things to her.

1) Compliment the femininity of your girlfriend

Recognizing your girl’s feminine side is something no one else can do every day except you. Give compliments about her caring nature, sweet smile, kindness, how she does her hair and blushes when you praise her. Praising her femininity is a wonderful way to exalt her beauty and her sweet side without necessarily discussing her physical looks. If she posts her picture on Facebook, comment on her feminine posture as opposed to how hot she looks in that dress. Let her know, more often, that you adore her charisma and she will love you more for that.

2) Compliments for how beautiful your girl looks

This is not about the clichéd statement- ‘you are so beautiful’- she already knows that she is beautiful. You should aim at putting in a different way like ‘you are gorgeous’. This statement never grows old and it is totally better than the sexy or hot compliments other guys post on her Facebook picture. Gorgeous is more impactful than beautiful even though the two words mean almost the same. Your girl is used to this word every time she has new hairstyle but when she wears an incredible dress, let her know that she’s gorgeous. She will be mesmerized by your compliments. When you go out with your gorgeous girlfriend, stare at her more often and it will be one way of saluting her looks. It is one of the quiet compliments you can give a girl you are out on a date with. It shows that you are happy to be with her and that’s why you are lost in her beauty; and yeah you should tell her so.

3) Let your girl know that you find her funny

Who told you that women are not funny? You could be too preoccupied with trying to be funny around your girlfriend that you forget to see her hilarious side. She will feel unappreciated if you don’t acknowledge her funny nature. It feels good to be flattered for your humor and you already know this because you are a man. It is not different with women; you must give your sincerest appreciation for her humorous side and she will be happier with you. The best way to communicate this compliment is by laughing at her jokes and sending grinning emojis if you are chatting with her on Facebook.

4) Praise your girlfriend for her charisma

Telling your girl that she has a positive charisma is one of the best compliments you could ever give her besides appreciating her looks. Be genuine when using this compliment on a girl who acts naughty and proud. Women are very sensitive to personal comments and they can tell when you are faking something. The best way to flatter a girl is being honest and when you see her relaxed and having a good time, be kind enough to magnify her positive charisma. It shows that her gorgeous looks are not the only things you focus on or the reason you want to chat with her on Facebook. It means you are a guy who loves positive energy.

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5) Women love compliments on their personality

If you have been with a girlfriend for years, she needs to know that her personality is one of your favorite things about her. Yes, she looks pretty and as hot as a supermodel in that picture, but you like more is the way relate and get along so well because she is outgoing. Show her that no way can you get bored with her and that is all that matters, regardless of her physical traits. As you give these compliments, tell her that her dressing perfectly matches her personality and she can’t help but gape. If her hair is so beautiful, keep it a secret; perhaps something about it is what makes her your mysterious girl. This, she needs to know from your enthusiasm and fascination.

6) Every girl likes to hear that she is different

It is lovely to hear from your lover that you are unique and not like everyone else. Acknowledge your woman’s uniqueness and assure her that she is so endearing and not weird like some girls out there. Go ahead and appreciate her quirky side and value the entirety of who she is on Facebook or when you meet her.

7) Compliment the skills of your girlfriend

Is your girl a great dancer or a poet? Comment positively about that. Some men assume that girls only need praises about their looks but this is false. Next time you are out with a talented girl; give her kudos if you are fascinated. Her skills and talents mean a lot to her. So, as a modern and reasonable guy, you should recognize and praise her ambitions and support her aspirations. If you can’t, stay away from her and watch from far.

8) Focus less on looks of your girlfriend

This is something you must be aware of when you approach a girl. The only physical aspects you should give compliments on are her lips, hair, fragrance, voice, and eyes. These aspects are special, personal and she will never forget your compliments. But concerning her womanly body parts, refrain yourself from making suggestive comments on her profile picture on social media- you will sound too physical particularly if you just met her. Save the sexy compliments for the time when your relationship grows stronger. The sweetest compliments are spontaneous- look at her and say what you think but it shouldn’t be overly sexual. Just make sure it is sincere and truthful.

9) Women like when men learn from them

Every partner wants to know if there is anything valuable their significant other learns from them. Is there some valuable information your girlfriend brings to the table? Don’t forget to compliment her intellectual capacity and show her that you value her advice and opinions. There must be something your girl teaches you. Think about it carefully and give genuine a compliment. You can, for instance, relate it to her taste on movies, books, or music. Ask if she can recommend a good movie, song, or article.

10) Admire the career of your girlfriend

Is she good at her job? She would like to hear some encouragement concerning her career path. Give her some morale at her workplace and do not be intimidated if her position is greater than yours.

11) Do you love spending time with your girl?

The simplest compliment you can give your girlfriend is to let her know that she is your favorite company. It is such a humble appreciation to let someone know that they are pleasant and easy-going. It is also a good way to give a little bit of a spark if you have been in a long-term relationship with a girl. You reaffirm what she means to you when you tell her how much you enjoy passing time with her. You will also be strengthening your relationship if you feel like it has moved to a familiar territory. So, post a picture of you and her having a good time on your Facebook wall to let everyone get the same message.

12) If women swing their hips, compliment

If you see a girl in high heels walking like a super-model, swinging her hips side to side, don’t forget to appreciate that. You will meet this girl who will literally blow your mind with her feminine walk; don’t just stare with an awkward smile; tell her that she has the most elegant walking style you have ever seen. A woman who walks in heels is a confident lady and she doesn’t care if her ankles get sores. She is incredibly sexy. If this is your long-term girlfriend, tell her that her walking style makes you feel like putting a baby inside her belly (say it indirectly). Any woman will love you for saying something no other guy has ever told her before and she will appreciate that you recognize something that intimidates most men. To her, it means you are a confident guy.

13) ‘I trust you’

If you are in a committed relationship, your girl should know that you trust her. Don’t just say it but mean it too. Jealousy will not lead you anywhere except creating mistrust and possible breakup. Take note of your girl’s loyalty and appreciate it. Unless she cheats on you and you get real evidence, she will love you for recognizing the fact that she has remained true to you. A woman who remains faithful is one of a kind and she deserves your gratitude.

14) Tell your girlfriend she is perfect

Your girlfriend may not be the perfect partner but you can tell her to change something about herself. She should know that you adore every part of her body, perfect or imperfect because this is what makes her unique. In other words, you are showing that you love her unconditionally. If she feels insecure about herself, tell her that one of your favorite things about her is her insecurity. Maybe she is embarrassed about her dimples or some birthmark on her cheek- show her that these are the things that make you love her even more. Know that it’s hard for her to get over her insecurities but your love can boost her self-esteem. Tell her these things face-to-face, via text or on her Facebook page when she updates her profile picture.

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15) Did your girl make you delicious dinner?

It takes efforts for a woman to prepare a great meal for her man. Her hard work should be left unappreciated. Show up early so you can eat together at her place and thank her for that tangy meal. After hard labor in the kitchen, it feels good to hear kind words from a lover. Be generous with accolades and compliment her cooking in the warmest possible way. You can tip her if you like!

16) Women love when men smile at them

A smiley face is one of the sexiest compliments for a girl. It means you are happy with her and many other positive things. Sometimes you smile just thinking about her- post that on your Facebook wall and include her picture. If looking at her reminds you of a wonderful partner in your life, put on a big smile whenever you see your girlfriend. Thinking about the good moments you always have with her should make you smile. The magical thing about smiling is that you always get it back.

17) Your chivalry a compliment for the girlfriend

A man is deemed to be a protector. Make your girl happy by being chivalrous when you go out on a date. Open the door for her, pull back her seat, and help her on the stairs. Paying attention to your woman makes her feel appreciated, and there is no better compliment than that. Make sure that she enjoys a great time with you and she will warm up to you after the date.

18) That every guy around admires her looks

Every girl wants to feel desired even by other men apart from her boyfriend. It is nothing to do with wanting to get laid by any guy. She just wants to feel prettier and make her boyfriend jealous at times. If you go out on a date, whisper in her ears something like “every man in this place keeps staring at you”. Then hold her waist and pull her closer to you. Don’t forget to give her a kiss while others watch to mark your territory. Telling her how she is admired by others is a way of letting her know that she is gorgeous, yours, and yours alone. This is a compliment you should say to a girl you are familiar and comfortable with. She will feel appreciated and her confidence will increase.

19) Your girlfriend is the best friend

You love her for her wonderful heart and so you should make it known to her. When she hears this from you, she will strive to be a better girlfriend and it is all for your own good. She may not know how many girlfriends you have had in the past but she will feel more confident to know that she rocks your world.

20) Compliment if she makes your life better

This is one thing any girl wants to hear from her man. If she is the reason you have become the best version of yourself, it is just the perfect compliment she gets from you. This applies when you want to be a better person due to her influence on you. Go an extra mile and let her know that you wouldn’t be the person you are today if it were not for her. This compliment shows that you’re lucky to have a girlfriend. She will know that you don’t take her for granted hence she’ll be happy to be your partner. Of course, your life was good before you met her but since she came in, it has reached some new heights.

Summed up Thoughts

Complimenting women is very tricky. You don’t want your compliments about her looks to come out disingenuous, boring, or as if you want to get her straight to bed right after meeting her for the first time. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to leave her starved of affection or approval. The key to complimenting a girl is to target her unique aspects and surprise her. You need to be a bit creative and speak uncommon compliments as opposed to ridiculous things like “you remind me of my mom”. It is not as hard as it sounds; all you need id to practice them anytime you approach women. If you have a girlfriend, you should let her know that she is not like other women and her looks make you smile all the time. Acknowledging her looks is great but she’d be happier if you appreciate her intelligence. She will melt if you tell that she’s perfect just the way she looks. Now you understand what women like to hear. Go ahead to attract a girl and give her your attention without coming out creepy.