Porn Star: Why Some Chose This And How Much They Earn

Find out why they enter the adult industry as their career

By Diana Nadim
Porn Star: Why Some Chose This And How Much They Earn

How Some Porn Stars Started In The Industry

One of the most profitable multi-billion-dollar industries in recent days is the adult entertainment industry. Both males and females of all ages have found job opportunities in this field, which has stood on prejudice and stigma for long. I mean, most of us have been preached against pornography while growing up. Although it is a taboo word in most homes and schools, it is a career which many individuals are going for. The money is excellent!

It is a job like others, just that it stands out because of too much nudity and sexual acts. To choose pornography as a career means you have to get used to being‘ slut-shamed’ by the public. Successful pornstars have had to walk past the stereotypes and the mainstream society’s misconceptions about sex for money. Check out below how porn actresses found started in the field.

1. As A Hobby

Who thought that love for the camera could make people show their sexual tastes, enjoy, and get paid for it? Confessions from retired pornstars revealed how her erotic photoshoot turned them into erotic models that would later be hired by the pornographic production companies.

2. Recovery From Abuse

The female gender has come face to face with sexual violence in mainstream society. Starring in erotic films gives them some form of power and control over everybody else.  They have turned out to be strong-willed and have had the opportunity to exhibit their eroticism through porn. They tend to command back their power through it.

3. In It For The Cash

The cash in this business is exciting and attractive for most adult film stars. Mostly, they are in it to pay bills, and any other accompaniment is a welcomed side dish. Instead of earning peanuts in frustrating office environments, ladies have joined erotic film firms because of how well- paying it is and the job security that comes with it.

4. Freedom

The feeling of restriction, confinement, repression does not work with the energetic and the free-spirited. The fact that the adult entertainment business gives ladies chances to be wild, and fun, and still earn, has drawn them to the venture. Not dressing formally, nor having tabled working hours is enticing for anyone. Ladies get to explore their boundaries while getting paid.

The Top Ten Porn Stars And Their Earning

Despite the criticism in this field, adult films have turned porn stars into millionaires and self-made career personnel. Most actors have milled millions from this venture. Some got just enough to quit, while surprisingly, most have stuck around longer for the love of their job. Their paychecks increase over time, and bigger checks are offered as incentives to entice them to stay and work for the erotic film studios.

Here are the top ten adult film actors who’ve made it in the venture and how much they make.

1. Jenna Jameson – Networth $30 million

Wait till you hear about the woman who made it to the top spot of the richest porn stars. Her sassy body figure and creative mind in bed saw $ 30 million go all the way to her account. She is breathtakingly beautiful and brilliant that she has become a top-notch director as well. She’s definitely that ‘ dirtiest girl’ you see in your videos. The self-proclaimed ‘ dirty girl' is charismatic, diverse, and open-minded. She made her vast fortune of a straight $ 3.5 million from giving her fans everything they needed.

2. Tera Patrick - Networth $15 million

The second richest and most popular star in the adult entertainment world is also a model and an author. The graduate of two degrees; in microbiology and nursing owns her own production company and she also models. The gorgeous brunette is filthy rich.

3. Jesse Jane - Net worth $9 million

The 39-year-old worked in the most costly erotic movie of the recent days, 'pirates.' You can try to figure out how much she made from the film. Good luck. The witty actress does not only flaunt her body for the dollars but her brains too. Apart from acting, she launched her tequila liquor brand called Diosa. She is a beauty with brains.

4. Maria Takagi - Net worth $8 million

Maria Takagi’s name speaks volumes in the Japanese erotic world. She took over the industry, starting her career as a model before settling for roles in the adult shows. She is known for her seduction prowess, especially on married men.

5. Bree Olson - Networth $5 million

If you have checked out some toys in your local sex shop lately, you might have noticed that they are modeled after this beauty.  Bree’s body has been used as the face for adult entertainment on the internet for a long time.

6. Sunny Leone - Networth $2.5 million

Sunny Leone is termed the hottest of them all.  Stirring in 106 movies, this 38-year-old porn diva’s killer body and looks have made her $ 2.5 million richer in cash and assets. She has this innocent face and seductive looks and talent to feed her fans just what they desire.

7. Gianna Michaels - Networth $2 million

The killer showmanship she possesses has made the tall, glamorous, sexy lady one of the richest porn stars.  She started as a nude model before pornography, and her porn career is diverse, probably earning her all she’s got now.

8. Audrey Bitoni - Net worth $1.6 million

What made this lass wealthy and able to blast the business is her demeanor and excellent exhibitionist skills. She is one heck of a talent and has been able to whoop a whole bag of $1.6 million for herself.

9. Asa Akira - Networth $1.5 million

Starting with female scenes only, Asa Akira expanded her boundaries, earning herself a few more bucks.  She is one of the few stars who are married and still active in the field. Married to a fellow star, Asa has a whole $ 1.5 million to her name.

10. Tori Black - Networth $1 million

Tori Black is a well- known name in the field. Unlike most veteran pornstars who ditched the venture, Tori is still acting to this day. Her well-endowed body and seductive looks are hard to pass by on the internet. Oh, did I mention how natural she is in her videos?

Porn Star Earnings On Average

How much the stars in the adult entertainment world actually take home is a topic left for speculation. Although individuals take home millions of money, there is not an adult entertainment firm that has affirmed these claims. The net-worth of the pornstars is reached by taking an audit of their lifestyle.

While there is no way to get precise figures, various people who work in these industries have availed data that has made the figures somewhat right.  There is no doubt, however, that women in the field make more cash than their male counterparts. The female gender dominates the porn world.

The amounts paid to actresses vary. The amount of time one has spent in the field and what they are willing to do plays a significant role in this. For instance,  a superstar performer who is known beyond the adult films earns more than the newcomers and those who are limited to the world of eroticism

Erotic actors work with agencies that offer representation on money agreements and gig seeking. Top-tier performers can take home close to $ 1,500- $ 2ooo on a single set. Most obscene acts that are impolite command higher rates with actresses scooping a clean $ 1800- $ 2500. However, newcomers are taken advantage of and can only earn as little as $ 300 if badly represented.

In other occasions, models are paid anywhere from $ 2000-$ 6000 for a first anal scene. Gay scenes pay less compared to scenes between males and females. For example,  a female and a fellow another female can earn $ 700 and  $ 1000 between a male and female.

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Unlike other jobs that require a high level of education, this business requires willingness and availability. There are no auditions, just a little bit of presentation where you can be asked to show your body in person, and you have the job. With attractive bodies, good health, and body fitness, performers are able to mill millions of money.