Explaining Everything About 69 And How To Do It Correctly

69 explained to the truly innocents and even to the veterans

By Sophia R
Explaining Everything About 69 And How To Do It Correctly

Don't Know What 69 Means?

Do you think there is a sexually active adult who does not know the famous position of 69? It is somewhat unlikely since Kamasutra - something like the father of 69 - is one of the most famous and consulted sex techniques over the years. No worries, there is no problem if you actually don’t know what it is: that is what we are here for!

69 is that famous posture that encompasses the wonderful world of oral sex, in which one person is stretched while the other is on top, face down and with his head pointing at the other person's genitals, so that the mouths of the two people point to each one's genitals at the same time... wonderful, right? Well, let’s get a little deeper into the advantages and disadvantages one may find with this position:


Well, although it is hard to imagine, not all are advantages with this Kamasutra position:

  • It can be quite complicated to concentrate when you are giving and receiving at the same time. During 69, it is very easy to lose yourself in pleasure and stop giving the other one pleasure. That is why we recommend starting small ... Maybe you will both enjoy more if you can enjoy the pleasure and then give it.
  •  If you are shy, it may not be the best position for you ... You will have access to many erogenous zones at once and you will have them on your face and, the same will happen to your partner. So, if you are one of those who think “is she liking it?”, “Is he liking me?”, “I don’t want her to have my ass in her face”, We recommend that you leave 69 aside for the moment.
  •  The intimate areas - and more so placed so directly on your face - generate liquids that then generate bad smells. So, if you are a little shameful with the smells, we recommend that you take a shower with your partner minutes before venturing to try the 69 posture and get a flavored lubricant to give a gourmet and different touch to the experience.


Obviously, not everything can be disadvantages. If not, this Kamasutra stance would not have earned such a good reputation, right?

  • Your mouth will have access to the intimate areas of your partner in an unconventional and totally new way; which will undoubtedly increase pleasure and desire between you two.
  • The 69 is a perfect Kamasutra posture to alternate as you want with your hands and your mouth ... Nobody said it was a posture exclusively of oral sex, in addition, your hands are in the perfect place and within reach of erogenous areas capable of giving much more pleasure.
  • And although we said it was a disadvantage it is also, without a doubt, an advantage: MUTUAL STIMULATION. At the same time you give, you receive. Can there be something more wonderful?

How to start 69 sex position for beginners

Different and exotic sexual position can be pretty intimidating for beginners, reason why you can be a little scared or hesitant to try them out. Here we have got some tips on how to start 69’ing like a pro:

1. Shower

It is not only about being clean when you are about to get into such a revealing position but also about knowing and getting to relax. When one sets out to embark on a new sexual experience, it is important to calm the nerves. What is better than a hot bath or shower for that?

2. Warm up


After ending that nervousness, the excitement inevitably arrives and with it the amazing foreplay: the kisses, the caresses, the touching... to leave everything ready for the amazing 69.

3. Position

Choosing the position you will play in 69 is not a trivial issue since whoever is up is usually in control of the movements. Here are our favorite variations of 69:

1. Sitting


This position has its degrees of difficulty, but it is not impossible. To be able to do it, either one of you must be seated at the edge of the bed. While the other approaches by the back and leans down until they are hanging. Just imagine that you are a circus trapeze artist.

It is recommended that whoever is seated is the man, because it is he who must use greater force when taking the woman's back, while she supports her weight with her arms resting on the bed.

2. Knealing


This position is less complicated than the previous one, although it needs a lot of strength from the man. To achieve this position, the woman should only lie on her back on the bed, while the man leans toward her and places her hands under her waist. Then, the woman should grab her legs and put her own on his shoulders. Finally, it is the man who must carry the full weight of his girl, until he lifts her up and remains upright. And ... Ready to enjoy!

3. French (side)


If none of you want to take control, you can opt for the French version, in which both lie on their side and have total freedom to do what they want. Perhaps this posture is somewhat less invasive and allows you to enjoy it more calmly, which is way better for first-timers. To do this position, both must lie on their side, in reverse. Then, both place your faces in the crotch of each one, without any shame, and bring your hips to the other one's face. The best thing about this position is that not only can you be stimulated with your mouths, you can take advantage of your free hands to do so as well.

Tips and tricks for better 69 sex position

Want to become the 69 expert? Follow our tips and tricks and make anyone crazy with your Kamasutra skills:

1. Be aware of each other

 It is not easy to master the art of 69 in fact, it is quite complicated. We tend to get carried away by the pleasure we are receiving and we abandon our duty, forgetting that the other also likes to receive. That is why it is convenient that you focus on the reactions of your partner, it is a work of two and simultaneous, do not forget it. Pay attention to what they say, their noises, groans, and movements, which will make the experience even more rewarding for both of you. 

2. Use your hands

There is a world beyond oral sex. Do not forget that the position allows you to have your hands free. Take advantage of them. After a while, sooner rather than later, your tongue will end up getting tired and even your mouth and jaws may hurt. That is why it is perfect to use your hands to add a little something and more stimulation to the whole thing. You will see that his excitement is increasing when using your fingers and so you can relax your mouth. It will give it an immediate plus to the whole experience! 

3. Try toys

Sex toys are welcome in any sexual encounter or position. Why wouldn't they also be a great addition to 69? Well my friend, let me tell you they actually are. Also, just, as we encouraged you to use your hands, introducing toys, will allow you to take breaks. And it is equally exciting. So dare to include some toys in this practice and it will become your favorite!

4. Take breaks

As with anything that has to do with the act of sex, it is not a marathon: the ultimate goal of sex is not orgasm, even if we think so, but to actually enjoy all that way until that orgasm comes, which by the way, is completely welcome, too, but it is not the only thing about sex.

As we already said, 69 is not an easy position. So if you get tired of the posture, pause: no, this does not mean that you leave it and return to the reading of the novel that you have on the bedside table, but rather that you stop and focus on another part of your partner's body and then return to 69. This way you will not let tiredness make it not that enjoyable or exhaustig and just too difficult for you. Trust us: it is worth it once you take it slow!

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69 is so talked about because it is actually a bomb sexual position, and now, thanks to this article, we are sure that you will get to discover the wonders of this Kamasutra technique. Remember, use your creativity, let your imagination fly, and adapt the position to you and your partner's capabilities and preferences. Do not forget that they are a great card in your favor if you want to get out of the monotony, try new things and get intense orgasms. Thank us later!