Why You Should Pee Before Having Sex (Legit Reasons!)

Pee before or after sex? Or hold your pee? Find out now!

By Evelyn
Why You Should Pee Before Having Sex (Legit Reasons!)

Why Do Girls Feel Like Peeing While Having Sex?

This has happened to you? You're in the middle of a fantastic rip-each-others clothe's session and you realize that you have to pee? How can you?! Pee or orgasm? Now there's a decision... but don't worry too much. First, you're not alone in this predicament, lots of women in the US suffer from this needing to pee while having sex. Ok, it could be a mood killer but there are things you can do to prevent this. Let's talk about it.

Do you know why you feel like you have to pee while getting hot and heavy? There are a number of factors that might contribute to you having to run to the bathroom at that exact moment. The most obvious one, you had to go peeing before things started happening but you realize it when things are already happening (you got a little bit distracted and forgot everything else). Well good for you! but not so much for your bladder.smiley

The thing is that sometimes it's not that you actually have to pee, it just feels that way. Why? Well, according to experts it all comes down to women's anatomy. The vaginal cavity sits right behind the bladder and sexual intercourse can put pressure on the bladder making you feel like you have to do a run for the bathroom right in the middle of it. So, next time things are about to get steamy excuse yourself for a moment and go empty your bladder so you'll be able to enjoy what's about to happen.

There is yet another reason why you might feel you need to pee while having sex, even when you know your bladder is empty, and that's because of G-spot stimulation. What happens is that, when the g-spot is stimulated, the spongy urethral tissue that's nearby, gets pool with fluid. This is called women ejaculation, and according to research, 10 to 54% or women experience it during sex. It may feel like peeing but it's not.

Other reasons why you feel you have a need to pee while having sex might be irritation and swelling around the urethra caused by vaginal dryness as well as sensitivity to lubricants or condoms. This can lead to making you feel like you have to pee. Another factor could be a weakness in the pelvic floor muscle, this is an actual problem for nearly one.quarter of women, according to the National Institutes of Health, in the United States and it could lead to incontinence.

Why You Should Pee Before Sex

We know, having to put a pause on foreplay because you really need to pee can be a mood killer but it is crucial. According to specialists, holding your pee for any amount of time especially when you´re experiencing an urge to really go, can be harmful to your bladder. This takes relevance during intercourse because it can increase the risk of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) which then can cause you to have bladder spasms (a form of incontinence). Women are more at risk of UTI´s because of the shorter urethra.

So, instead of worrying about killing the mood before things get really steamy, put things in perspective. It's going to be hard to enjoy and have fun and really have a connection if you're distracted because you really need to pee. Think about how much more present and enjoying the moment you're going to be if you eliminate that distraction. Plus, you'll be reducing the risk of infection. 

Is it OK to pee after sex?

It's not only OK it is highly recommended. We mentioned UTIs before and the importance of peeing before sex to reduce the risk of getting them, well it is equally crucial (if not more) to pee after intercourse. The main reason being that urinating after sex helps cleanse the urethra from harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of getting Urinary tract infections. The urine stream mechanically flushes and cleanses the bacteria that could enter the urethra.

This recommendation is especially for women, men don't have that particular problem because their urethra is much longer.

That being said, while you need to acknowledge the importance of peeing after sex for health reasons, you don't have to jump out of bed to go to the bathroom the minute the deed is done. You can take time to cuddle for a while because there isn't an exact time for when you should go relieve yourself. Now, if you're prone to getting UTIs frequently, then you should go right after, just to be on the safe side.

How About Holding My Pee?

We established (and if it's happened you know) that holding your pee while having intercourse is going to be uncomfortable and you're not going to be able to enjoy your encounter as you should; besides is not a healthy thing to do. Now, it may not seem like it but an adult bladder can hold as much as 2 cups of pee before you feel the need to relieve yourself. When your bladder has reached its capacity, your body knows because the bladder wall is filled with tiny receptors that send the signal to your brain. 

If you're a healthy person, you have full control of your bladder function, so when your brain receives the message you can decide if you want to relieve your self now or wait just a bit because you're having sex, or the movie is too good, or you're on the road and no bathroom is on sight (just to mention a few). But holding it for extended periods of time can really be harmful to your bladder. This is what could happen.

a. Stretching of the bladder capacity

When you make it a habit of holding your pee for long periods of time, you're at risk of getting your bladder to stretch and it will hold more than the 2 cups. This is what happens to nurses, for example, because of the job constraints they hold going to the bathroom almost the whole day and their bladder nearly double their capacity. Than in itself is not so bad but the bladder may not be the only thing to stretch.

b. Stretching of the external sphincter muscles

These muscles are important and they are connected to the outside of your bladder. They're the ones responsible for not letting your pee escape. When you clench them you hold your pee, when you relax them you relieve it. But if these muscles are overstretched you can lose control over them. This is not very common and it usually takes years of holding your pee for it to actually happen but once it does, it can lead to awkward and even dangerous situations.

By losing control of your sphincter muscles, you're at risk of leaking urine when your bladder is full and then of not emptying it all the way when you actually go peeing. You will need to go pee more often because your bladder fills quicker, which can lead to a serious disorder called urinary retention. With this disorder, you end up with too much urine in the bladder for too long. This situation (your bladder is a warm wet bag of body waste) is perfect for the breeding of so many harmful bacteria that can cause significant damage to your urinary tract.

c. Kidney failure

The worst possible consequence of holding your pee is kidney failure. This happens through time and with neglect. By retaining too much urine it can back up into the kidneys and this could lead to kidney failure and that's life-threatening.

So, in conclusion, don't hold your pee when you have to go, avoid being at risk of all of the above.

5 Ways to Excuse Yourself Gracefully to Pee

We've established the importance of not holding your pee and going before things get hot and heavy but how can you do it gracefully? It may prove difficult but not impossible. Here are some ideas on how you can excuse yourself to go pee before having sex.

1. Throw something flirty

This will depend on the person you're with and the chemistry between you two but you can say something like "I'll be right back, but don't worry I'll try not to keep you waiting too long". accompanied it with a wink and a kiss and mission accomplished.

2. Go "freshen up" first

You know the importance of peeing before sex and besides you really have to go. So, since you know what's going to happen, tell him you're going to freshen up before you start.

3. Fake a phone call you just have to take

We know, who is going to answer a phone call when things start to get steamy but, as excuses go, it can be believable and it will allow you the time to go relieve yourself.

4. Say you need to check on something

You don't have to be specific and you can say it in a flirty way so it atones to the atmosphere, then make your run to the bathroom and return to enjoy the experience.

5. Be truthful

Since the needing to pee is something natural, you can just go ahead and tell him. Choose your own words but, "hold on, I have to pee" will do it.wink

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Now you know the facts why you should try to always pee before and after sex. Before so you can be more comfortable and enjoy the moment and after to reduce the risk of UTIs. Holding your pee for long periods of time is definitely not recommended.