Double Date 101: How to Have Successful Double Dates

Avoid double dates going horribly wrong with these tricks!

By Fred S.
Double Date 101: How to Have Successful Double Dates

Keeping the conversation going effortlessly isn’t a skill everybody possesses. It’s especially harder when you’ve just started dating someone, with all the shyness still in place. On such dates, there’s a clear and straight-up solution to this problem; double dates! Going out with another couple gives you a bigger group to interact with, with more people to chip in their humor and an all-round warm setting. Potential awkwardness no longer threatens the date, and that’s what makes it such a great idea!

It’s doesn’t only have to be “double” either. Inviting more couples in for a fun outing with a larger group is always an option. These dates could work well with picnics, hikes, escape rooms, ice skating, or other fun endeavors. It allows you to loosen up a bit, and feel more relaxed throughout the meetup. It’s relieving to not always be the sole focus of your partner throughout a date – right?

If you don’t like being the center of attention all the time, and you especially fear awkward silences, double dates might just be made for you. As an added plus, when you’re around familiar faces, you get a more open opportunity to express your genuine personality to your date! In this article, I’ll take you through some of the pros and cons of bringing in more people, and what it really means. Keep reading!

What is a Double Date?

It’s a pretty simple concept; where you invite someone else on your date and they get to bring their partner with them. The two pairs plan fun activities, which could be anything; watching a movie, eating out, or attending a concert etc. Usually, people choose to do this when they date someone in their friend group (inviting other friends to join in on the dates), or when they’re not yet fully comfortable with each other.



1. You finally get to introduce your bestie to your date!

If you’re like the average person, you tell your best friend about all the new juicy details of your dating endeavors. If you’ve been going out on a few dates with a special someone for a while, it’s high chance you’ve already talked about this person with your bestie a lot! Well, a double date is the perfect opportunity to finally get everybody in the same room!

2. Takes the stress off!

With a friend by your side at all times, there’s a lot less attention pointed directly at you. Awkward silences aren’t always right around the corner in a double date, and the pressure isn’t always on you to keep things flowing. More people translates to more laughs, and a more lively experience altogether.

Plus, if you run out of conversation starters, your friend can always start telling a funny story about your past! Your bestie would know you better than you do yourself, and the stories they tell might make your date connect with you just a bit more!

3. You could find the perfect dating partners!

If you can bring two relationships together out on a date, and have a genuinely fun time together – you’ve found the perfect dating buddies! It can be incredibly fun to plan more dates together with a group that’s totally comfortable with each other. You could go bowling, wine tasting, karaoke and just laugh and have a blast! It gives birth to an all-new, happy little community of your own, which is a blessing to have.


1. Your friend’s opinions could get to your thoughts.

Mostly, besties tend to like the person you’re into – but that’s not always the case. There’s a rare chance that they’ll sense a bad vibe from them and may end up talking to you about it. This may bring ripples of complications into the relationship with your date, and also in your friendship.

Enter into a double date with a clear mind, that you won’t let the opinion of your best friend really get to you. If you feel like you connect with somebody well, and you really see yourself with them for a long time, trust yourself! With that said, your friend’s two cents shouldn’t be disregarded as unimportant. Find a balance, and don’t let their first impressions come in the way of a blossoming new relationship.

2. You’ll miss out on alone time.

Wanting alone time and inviting people on a double date just don’t go with each other. You won’t necessarily have time to gaze into the eyes of your date with loads of laughs and banter going around the table. You can’t expect meaningful one-on-one conversations with your date in such a situation.

In the early stages of the relationship, awkwardness prevails, but it’s important to get to know the person too! While you’d keep things light and breezy with a double date, you won’t be able to have many intimate discussions in a group of four.

3. The love triangle threat.

Chemistry can be random, and sometimes occurs between the wrong two people. That’s a threat in some double dates. Everything would be going well, when suddenly you notice your date connecting a bit too well with your friend. Or, your friend’s partner shows a bit of an interest in you. Yikes! This could really mess things up, and not only endangers the relationship, but also the friendship.

With these pros and cons in mind, you should be able to decide whether or not a double date is the best idea for your situation. If you think the pros outweigh the cons, go for it. Switch things up!

When is a Good Time to Start a Double Date?

1. Early on

Double dates can be of two types. Either it’s with a couple that your date knows and you don’t, or it’s a couple that you know and they don’t. If it’s the former one, then it can really help you understand your partner’s personality early on in the dating process. Knowing more about the interests and personalities of their besties says a lot about your date too!

You’ll be able to learn about the memories that your partner’s friends have about him/her, and whether they have nice things to say about them! Plus, being invited to meet their friends is a sign that they’re into you, and they’re opening up their circle to you – so why not try it out?

2. After a while

Having dated for quite a while, human nature welcomes change. A double date could be just the right idea to switch things up in the time you spend with your partner. Spending time with other people adds a ton of spice to a regular night out with your significant other.

Whether it’s with your friends, their friends, or mutual ones, it’ll always be different from a one-on-one dinner. This works best for couples that are super social and outgoing. If the relationship has one introverted person, it could be uncomfortable for them to be themselves around new people.

Who Pays in a Double Date?

Traditionally, the guys take care of the bill. With two men and two women on a day out, it’s commonly understood that the men will split it between them. Men naturally love feeling like providers, and wouldn’t want their girls to pay in front of another couple.

3 Good First Time Double Date Ideas

1. Go watch a sporting event live!

The more people you go with at a big game, the better time you’ll have! Grab all your bored friends and hop into the car for a last-minute booking to an interesting match! Let the boys sit next to each other so they talk the football stuff out, while the girls enjoy the concept of men in helmets aggressively tackling each other!

2. Hit up an amusement park!

Any place that welcomes two lovers to act like kids and scream around in thrilling adventures is an amazing outing spot! Amusement parks are made for this, and it’s always double the fun when you’ve got a great couple to accompany you two. It can be a great place to really strengthen the bond between all four of you, and just genuinely have fun!

3. A dinner party with a twist!

Dinner parties are fun, but it could get a bit exhausting for the hosting side. Plus, the formality of the setting makes it just a bit boring at times. To spice things up though, you could incorporate a unique element to it! Ask the invited couple to bring the ingredients to their all-time favorite dish. Let them whip it up in your kitchen while you work on yours – and it could be a little couple competition!

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Every once in a while, a double date is a surefire way to enjoy some novelty in your couple adventures. If things go super well, make sure you talk about the next thing to experience together before saying goodbyes. The momentum continues this way, and the bond between the two couples strengthens more and more!

The more you meet up and experience different things together, the more you’ll open up. Eventually, it’ll be a super positive and frank environment leading to a healthy little community! On the other hand, if you feel like it didn’t go all too well, feel free to keep switching the invites between different couples to find the one that matches your frequency. All the best!


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