9 Double Date Ideas That Would Strengthen Friendship

Form bond with your friends and your partner with these ideas

By Aey
9 Double Date Ideas That Would Strengthen Friendship

If you’re already in a relationship and your friend has just got into one, double dating might be the best idea to get to know the person your friend is dating. Most of the time when your friend gets into a relationship, you feel that they might let some distance come into your relationship, and you wouldn’t want that to happen now, would you? So, double dating is a great way to make sure you can get to know the prince charming your friend has been talking about and see if he’s worth your friend's time or not. After all, you need to approve of him before things get serious now don’t you? Here mentioned below are a few ideas that will help you plan the perfect double date.

3 Reasons Why You Should Totally Try Out a Double Date

1. You can strengthen your friendship

A great reason why you should double date is that being friends; you need to get to know the people that are important to your loved ones. You can’t expect to be someone’s best friend if you don’t put in the effort to get to know the person that they love. So, a double date is a great way to learn more about a friend’s life, and it can also give a new outlook on their lives and personalities.

2. It can be a new experience

Another reason why one should go on a double date is that it is a great way to meet people. It is a new experience. In today’s day and age when everyone is meeting people online, a double can be a great way to meet people in a genuine manner. Moreover, if you’re in a relationship and all your other friends are single, you need friends that can understand that aspect of your life better. Taking advice from your single friends might not be the best decision that you make, so, going on a double date might help sort that out.

3. It a less awkward way to get your friend’s opinion on the matter

Last but not least if you’re newly into a relationship and want your best friend’s detailed analysis before things get serious between you two, then this is the best thing you could hope for. A double date will seem inconspicuous and will provide you with a great cover to assess the other’s personality. Most of the time we feel a strong attraction to another person, but we still want a second opinion on the matter before we invest our time and energy into it, a double date will prove to be beneficial.

9 Double Date Ideas to Try Out

Now that you’ve been convinced to double date, here mentioned bellows are a few possible ideas that can make a double date amazing.

Outdoor double date ideas

1. Go to the beach

One thing that you can do is go on a picnic at the beach.  Not only will you have lots to do, but you can also spend time with the other couple and by yourself.  Remember that just because you’re on a double date, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend every possible moment with the other couple. You can do a few things together and then wander around for a bit on your own before you up again for some other activity.

2. Road trip

Another possible idea that you can go for is a road trip. However, only go for this idea if you think that everyone will get along. A road trip is a commitment that should only be indulged in if there is a basic understanding between the two couples and a decent amount of trust. While on a road trip, have a plan to follow. If you just let things play out, they might not go the way that you had desired. Plan ahead and you’ll be just fine.

3. Go to a karaoke bar

Another really fun idea is to go to a karaoke bar. Even if you’re just meeting the other couple for the very first time singing your heart out and having a few drinks will surely be the best way to get acquainted with each other without any reservations. Normally when you meet a new person, you try to be on your best behavior, which leads to you filtering out a few parts of yourself. If all of you end up making a fool out of yourself and laughing at yourselves, you’ll surely bond in a more authentic manner.

Indoor double date ideas

4. Board games

If you aren’t an outdoor person, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. A great way to spend a double date indoors is to plan a game night and play indoor games. Not only will it be a fun experience, but you’ll also get to know about each other in a more intimate setting.  You can, later on, switch from board games to twenty questions or ever twister. A great night of food and games will surely result in an amazing experience.

5. Cooking competition

If you’re good at cooking, then it can be an experience that you bond over. If you know that the other couple is into cooking too then maybe a cooking competition can help you guys bond. You can either do it inside or take it out to the yard and have a burger-making competition. Making and eating food together will surely leading to easy-going conversations that can tell you a lot about a person.

6. Arrange a wine and art night

If you love wine and art, then this is what you should go for.  You can arrange a get together where you can enjoy a nice night inside painting and drinking wine. What else could you possibly wish for? Apart from having ample opportunity to get a better understanding of the other person, you can also analyze their art and read between the lines.

Double date ideas to keep an introvert partner comfortable

7. Movie night

If your partner is an introvert and doesn’t want to double date, you can make them ease into the experience by arranging something that doesn’t require too much talking. For example, you can arrange a movie marathon.  I recently arranged a double date in which we saw the Harry Potter series all in one day, by the time it came to an end my partner was so at ease with the other couple it seemed as though they were fast friends. So get whichever movie floats your boat, and get started.

8. Concert

Another idea that you can go to is to go to a concert. If your partner is an introvert, a concert might be the best place for a double date. You guys can have fun without engaging in personal conversation. The concert will be the distraction that you need to steer away from personal conversations. If you guys end up having the same music taste who knows the double date might stem into an amazing friendship that you couldn’t possibly imagine.

9. Go to a theme park

Another idea that can never go old is going to a carnival or a theme park. The things around can provide you with enough topics to talk about without having to talk about things that make you uncomfortable. A theme park can also be a great way to see how the couple acts in front of you and alone. This can give you insight into how the couple is on its own. If you’re going on a double date to look out for your friend, then this might just be the idea that you’re looking for. Whether its Disney land or a local carnival that doesn’t matter.

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If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned article you’ll know why you should consider a double date and how to arrange one. Try to go for an idea that is engaging and fun; you wouldn’t want to bore the other couple to death now, would you? Remember that what might seem interesting to you may not be something that the other couple prefers, so try to go for something neutral that everyone can be a part of. Don’t sit around gossiping about a third person while others get bored and don’t get carried away talking about sports, always keep the others in mind. Now start planning your double date, hope it goes great.



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