12 Cute Dates You Should Plan for Your Other Half

Here is a list of 12 cutest dates to surprise your loved one

By Fred S.
12 Cute Dates You Should Plan for Your Other Half

A movie date, a dinner date, and a stroll in the park are date ideas that have been going on since the beginning of time, we each deserve to feel special, and feel as if we have something that no one has had before us. For people trying to make little things special for their loved ones, this article discusses a few unique ideas to make your date nights cuter than ever!

Creative and cute dates for Fall

1. Go camping:

Summer has just ended, the wind is chilly, the sun warm, doesn’t it sound like the perfect weather to go out in the woods and have a two day camping trip with your loved one? Camping can be a testing, but a very intimate date idea for a long weekend where you both are free together. Pack up a bag, take a few tents and go to the nearest camping spot. Look at the stars, talk over food, and enjoy the weather, and each other’s company.  
While it may seem a little too out there for some people, the idea isn’t to connect with the wilderness, but to connect to your partner! 

2. Explore the fall foliage:

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year: green leaves are turning brown, their texture turning crisp. The whole world is in the shades brown, yellow, and orange. The world is beautiful in Fall, and how wrong would it be if you aren’t exploring the beautiful scenery outside. 

Talk to your partner, plan a day and just drive around your city. If you have time, plan a road trip little further and see how beautiful Fall can be. This time could really spark romance between you and your loved one. A road trip, some road games, and a few sing-along challenges will help you come closer than ever before! 

3. Go horseback riding:

If you choose to drive up to the countryside, to explore the colors of Fall, make sure to ride a horse! Your partner might complain about how he/she doesn’t know how to ride a horse, make sure you teach them and enjoy it with them. If you both don’t know, then you get to learn it together and then enjoy the little things like horseback riding. This may seem like a small thing, but learning to do something and then doing it together can be more engaging than you realize. 

Creative and Cute Dates for Winter

4. Make hot chocolate together:

In some areas of the world, Winter is the most difficult weather to survive in, usually in areas such as these, you would cancel bookings and plans. Most of your time would be spent indoors. Once you see the reality, you need to see that your romance shouldn’t be on hold just because the weather is inconvenient.

You should make some hot chocolate together and then sit and watch a movie in the comfort of your own home. Cuddle up on a sofa or in your bed, watch a romantic movie or series, and enjoy some special alone time with your special someone. 

5. Enjoy a bonfire:

When we say bonfire, we don’t necessarily mean to sit in a forest and put wood on fire, for people that have a fireplace, they could sit somewhere near it. For people who don’t have a fireplace, could just stand with their partners near a stove, and toast a few marshmallows, makes smores, and enjoy them over a few talks about each other. Or you could silently sit next to the fire and cuddle up.  

Sometimes, silent times are more important. Sometimes, all you need is to sit together with the man/ woman you love and spend some time with them without having to plan too much, or putting in too much money. For some quality time, all you need is each other. 

6. Go ice skating:

In areas where the cold isn’t so much that it limits you to your households, go towards winter sports such as ice skating. You could go topple over a bit, find the balance in each other and make your way through the floor, gliding away from all the normal day stress. You could take classes before the actual ice skating date.  

You wouldn’t want your date to be haphazard. Ice skate, have a snow ball fight, enjoy the weather and enjoy each other’s company. You would be surprised how much fun you can have in the little things as long as you’re with the people that you love! 

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Creative and Cute Dates for Summer

7. Volunteer Together:

Have you ever seen couples spending their times together, doing things such as pot paintings, attending events together, helping with arranging events. These couples often volunteer in such places as an excuse to spend some time together. This is one of the most effective ideas to spend some time together. Not only this, it will also leave you with an empowering feeling about the society and the world.  

You could volunteer at a close by community center or a children’s fieldtrip. While you help make the world a better place, you’re transforming your relationship in to a better one as well. 

8. Have a backyard water fight:

You don’t always have to think big when you want to come up with a cute idea for a summer date. You don’t need an extravagant dinner at a fancy restaurant or a long vacation. All you need to do is be in one place with your partner and find the enjoyment in that one moment. Since we’re talking about the summers, where everyone is complaining about how hot the weather is, you could have a water fight in your back yard or on your roofs.  

Running around like children, and laughing might bring back the memories of when you fell in love, sometimes in order to keep a relationship healthy you need to keep reminding yourself of the fun that once used to be part of who you two were together. 

9. Limitless food truck date:

Is picking a restaurant becoming difficult for you? Do you want to have fun with your partner while also getting the best type of food out there? You and your partner should have a competition or a bet as to how many food trucks you can visit in one day or few hours and let’s see who gets to eat the most, and which one of you gets tired of visiting food trucks first!  

Make sure you set a budget before you head out, so none of you exceed the amount. Go out there and go crazy, compete, run around like little children, and have a food-filled summer evening! 

Creative and cute dates for Spring

10. Dinner on the Patio:

Wouldn’t you like to sit somewhere and witness the changing colors of the sky, the beautiful bright and lit up trees, with shifting gradients of sunset above your head. Who wouldn’t want to get a glance of everything that the surrounding has to offer? You should help your partner prepare food and set up a picnic on your patio.  

Sit together, pour two glasses of wine, and discuss your dreams and ambitions. Discuss the whole world, let the both of you totally belong to each other in that moment - no phones allowed! 

11. Enjoy the Sidewalk:

Winter has just ended, your sidewalks are no longer covered in heavy snow, and you can finally walk outside, stretch yourself and have a little run. But wouldn’t it be better if you could spend some time with your loved one. Go outside walk on the sidewalk, see the flowers, the colors and little children on the wall. If you live in an area where you wouldn’t be penalized for drawing on the sidewalk, then make it colorful together. Make sure you do something that you both remember for the next few years! 

12. Watch a romantic sunset:

Spring season has the most beautiful sunsets in the whole year, if you want a cute, romantic date away from the kids, and the rush of the world, go to the nearest beach, or your rooftop, and sit together and wait for the sunset. Watch the sky turn from blue, to orange, then lilac, and then finally black.  

Watch the sun go down, and see how beautiful and complete it makes you feel. Just to make them feel special, make it a point to hold their hand, and share the beautiful moment with them. While you might think there isn’t enough time for something so relaxing in your everyday routine, once you do this, you will remember it for the rest of your days. 


There are a lot of dating ideas that could come in handy for couples who have been looking for a reason to just break away from all daily responsibilities. In the article we tried to make sure that you have enough options for each season, so that none of these seasons could hold you back from having your romantic escape. You two could be a part of a volunteering program in the summer, part of a snow ball fight in the winter, go on a road trip in spring, and in fall you could go horseback riding!  

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