60 More Cute Texts to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Make your girlfriend smile with these even more cute texts

By Fred S.
60 More Cute Texts to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Relationships in the 21st century have been simplified and made easier than ever, all thanks to the avant-garde cellular network services and the fast internet. People are now closer and can communicate better than was possible a few decades ago.

It started off with writing letters to your loved ones, a means that would take weeks and even months to reach the nearest town. Waiting for the reply would be another daunting task. Imagine being your great grandfather who could not talk to his girlfriend on a romantic rainy day because mail service would be suspended in that dreamy yet havoc-wreaking weather.

Later, telephones came into being. Writing was replaced slowly by speaking and distances were bridged. The biggest drawback of this invention was perhaps the fact that it offered no privacy. Placed right in the middle of the most occupied part of the home, a telephone conversation between lovers became a public affair.

Mobile phones solved every problem for mankind. Communication was made possible on-the-go and more personal. Text messages allowed lovers to have a safe space to articulate their feelings for one another. You could even send pictures. The use of the Internet to text and call offloaded the cost otherwise involved in long conversations. Relationships became real-time and more intimate.

This article will help you make the best use of your mobile phone’s text messaging feature that will make your girlfriend fall for you even more.

Why text messaging?

Experts believe that SMS might be a rather dubious means of communication as it lacks the non-verbal element of communication and leaves a greater space for misconceptions between the two parties. However, text messaging if used properly can be more reliable in maintaining relationships online than calls due to the following reasons:

Allows multitasking

Text messaging does not ask your girlfriend to leave her important tasks to engage in a conversation with you. She could be doing her office work with dedicated concentration while reading your texts and replying to them when appropriate. On the other hand, a voice or video call would require her to put everything else on hold for you. This can turn your relationship sour and even hurt them professionally.

Time to think

Calls can be very spontaneous and not permit you to straighten your thoughts before you put them into words. A text message can be thoroughly planned and corrected as the need be to keep any misunderstanding and wrong words at bay. You can correct any component of the text that you deem to be a bit offensive or add cute little emojis to lighten up the mood.

Intimate communication

Text messaging offers more 1-to-1 communication as no one else is a party to the things you talk about with your girlfriend. A call can be heard by others around you two, but a text message remains private. What happens between you two over SMS or WhatsApp, stays between you two. ;)

Rules to Remember in Couple Texting

Text messaging does make things a lot simpler in relationships, but it can also turn into an anathema. People have been known to break up with their significant others over texting. Here are a few things that you need to consider before making SMS your preferred means of communication with your girlfriend:

Do not text them obsessively and repeatedly if they have not replied to you for a while. They may be busy or might not be in the right state-of-mind.

Avoid arguing over texts or expressing your displeasure. As stated earlier, many couples break up because of misunderstanding things over text. Keep inflamed topics and conversations for when you two meet. 

Do not text them during their classes or important meetings.

Take your time to write a complete message, especially the ones that speak about your love them. Excessive use of abbreviations might give them the idea that you are not ready to invest your time in them by acting so dismissive.

When you are in a fit of rage or are overwhelmed by emotions, keep your phone aside. Texting your girlfriend in this state can lead to a rudely structured text message that can create a huge mess. 

60 Cute Text Messages to Make Your Lady Love Happy

Everybody is different, so is your girlfriend. She might want something that other girls do not want or they might have their unique set expectations from the bond they share with you. Irrespective of how different they are from the rest, these 60 texts are guaranteed to put a huge smile on their face and rejuvenate the spark between you two:

1.         You look beautiful today, like every other day.


2.         I love you so much more every day


3.         Take care of yourself so that you can take care of me

4.         Can’t wait to see you! I have missed you like never before


5.         Mine, you are all mine. I still can’t believe it.


6.         Ain’t I lucky to have you?

7.         You are everything to me. With you by my side, I don’t want anything or anyone else.


8.         Wish you were here, miss you so much.


9.         You’re so beautiful, I can’t believe you are real


10.       7 billion people and here I am with the most special being


11.       I can’t wait to wake up right next to you


12.       You do so much for me, thank you

13.       Thank you for choosing me


14.       Everything I do is for you, I hope that I can do more and I hope that it is enough


15.       Why can’t I be where you are?


16.       My heart beats for you alone


17.       You are my marshmallow


18.       I didn’t believe in love before I found you and it is all I have faith in now

19.       Can you stop being so cute? You steal my breath away


20.       You complete me


21.       I don’t know why you love me, but this has to be the best feeling in the world


22.       You are the first voice I want to hear when I wake up


23.       I wish I could sleep in your arms


24.       It’s so cold today; I miss the warmth of your skin. Let’s meet soon.

25.       You have taken every pain away from me and blessed me with happiness I didn’t even know I deserved


26.       I honestly don’t understand how I was alive before I met you. Please don’t go away.


27.       Can you stay the night and every night after that?


28.       Your love for me is so unconditional; I forgot that selfishness still exists.


29.       I never knew I would need someone so much that I would need to hear their voice every morning to wake up.


30.       Before you came into my life, I thought happiness is ideal and that true love does not exist. You changed everything.

31.       Your kisses fuel my soul


32.       I bet every woman on this planet wants to be as beautiful as you


33.       Why do you have to make me keep falling for you over and over again?


34.       When I first met you, I thought this feeling is temporary and it would soon get stale. I was wrong. We have been together all this time and every day feels like the first day I fell in love with you.


35.       I hate this distance and I hate everything that keeps you away from me. I need you here with me, right now.


36.       I wanted to tell you that I miss you. But, then it dawned upon me, how can I miss someone whose face has been engraved onto my mind and heart? You are unforgettable.

37.       The more I talk to you, the more I fall in love with you. It feels like an endless abyss, with each level even more blissful than the previous one. I am not even scared of hitting the bottom; I would do anything for you.


38.       You are my soul mate. You draw me towards you so strongly that there is no other way for me but to surrender myself to your affection.


39.       I am nothing without you. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for you. Never leave my side. I would get better for you.


40.       I don’t want to live another day if I don’t get to see your face and touch your supple skin the first thing when I wake up in the morning.


41.       I meet you because I miss you. I realized, this strategy backfires. I miss you, even more, when you leave. Can’t wait for the day when none of us have to leave and we can be with one another.. Forever.


42.       If I could die in your arms, I don’t think I’ll have a better ending than that.

43.       Before you came into my life, I thought I needed money, fame, and power. You know the teenage dream. After meeting you, I understood that all I need in this life is you and only you. Everything else is secondary.


44.       I never thought I was capable of being loved before you came around. You gave me more than I deserved and asked for. I wish there was a way to repay, but for now, all I could do is love you more and more every day and that is exactly what I will do.


45.       Alone is not a state of mind. Loneliness is not being solo. All of it means being without you, even when everyone else is around.


46.       I could search every part of planet earth and still not find another like you. Love you!


47.       Being with you is like being in a mesmerizing dream. I hope to God this is real. If it isn’t, I hope to never wake up.


48.       I haven’t felt like this in ages. This sensation is new. These emotions are distinct. Maybe I needed you to discover myself.

49.       You are perfect as you are. Don’t you ever dare think of yourself as anything less than the goddess you are


50.       I can’t believe I have lived so many years without you. Can’t do that for a second now.


51.       Please don’t stay away from me anymore. My soul hurts when I am not in your arms. I need you.


52.       If you have ever wondered if men get butterflies in their stomach, then the answer to this is yes. I get them every time I look at you. You make me weak.


53.       You mean everything to me. You are my happiness. You are my dawn. You are everything good in my life.


54.       Damn, I nearly forgot there are women other than you in this world. You have blinded me.


55.       Your love makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world. I feel bad for everyone who has taken someone like you for granted. You are so precious.


56.       They need to come up with a new dictionary fast because I have run out of words to describe your beauty.


57.       Being with you is my biggest win.


58.       I really want to thank your parents for making you. What would I have done if they hadn’t made you?


59.       If my heart could speak, it would call out your name with each beat.


60.       You are like a drug to me. I need more of you every day to function.

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Send the aforementioned texts to your girlfriend to lighten up her mood and make her feel happy throughout the day. Remember, love needs no words. It is a holistic expression in itself. But, girls like to hear about your feelings. Message your baby girl now to put a smile on her face.


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