Sign Up For This Latest Online Course In Sex Education

Sometimes you need to go back to learning to get better

By Aey
Sign Up For This Latest Online Course In Sex Education

With problems related to sex increasing day by day and sex being the most researched topic online, it is clear that we have a problem on our hands. With prominent personalities being sued for sexual harassment, kids facing problems regarding their sexuality, unwanted pregnancies on the rise, and general chaos when it comes to sex, begs to bring the question, where are we going wrong? Why is it so hard to know about something as natural as sex?  And why are we facing problems in that regard? The answer lies in the subject itself. Rather than having open conversations about it, it has been pushed under the rug for so long that we feel ashamed to talk about it.

While you might think things have gotten better over the year, that isn’t entirely true.  The state of sex education varies from state to state in the US.  The type of sex education that most Americans get is either abstinence-only or comprehensive. In a recent survey, more than half of the states didn’t even do demonstrations.  I, for one, was told how to put a condom on a prop, and that has helped me out a great deal; even during my steamiest encounters, it hasn’t been a problem. However, if you don’t tell a teenager how to do so, that will result in two things, either they won’t think it’s necessary, or they’ll learn on a trial and error basis. And with an activity as sensitive as sex, a slight mistake can knock one person off the path they’ve thought for themselves. So this topic shouldn’t be something we take lightly.

Another thing everyone should keep in mind is just because people are comprehensively learning about sex; it doesn’t mean they start sleeping around. If anything, a person who knows about everything is more likely to take precautionary measures and stay safe. So, if you’re someone who needs to go back to the basics and learn a few things, don’t feel ashamed because you’re wiser than most out there. Be proud. Here mentioned below are a few of the best online sex-ed courses that you can sign up for.

3 Best Online Courses In Sex Education

After going through numerous resources, the conclusion that I’ve come to is that most sex ed video making companies are just pushing out content for the sake of profits. They’re catering to the norms and constructs of specific areas rather than fulfilling their responsibility to the teenagers who suffer from the lack of it. Playing with the concept of morality and religion, companies are flushing out content that doesn’t have any authentic educational value. So, here mentioned below are three online courses that you can follow to get a judgment-free idea of what predicaments you might find yourself in with your bodily needs.

1. AMAZE org on YouTube

While it might seem juvenile to some people that YouTube has better content about sex education than most of the videos that are used as resources in school, but it's true. I came across a very informational page that had answers to almost any question that one might have with regard to sex or their body in general. AMAZE org is a YouTube page you can get all the information you need. Not only is it a great source of information for teenagers who are curious about their body but also for adults like us who had sub-par sex education at school and had to find out things the hard way.

2. Scarleteen

Sex Education For The Real World

This is another website that can provide you with well-researched content on the respective matter without any judgment. Another reason why people should turn to online sources is that it takes out the element of unease that one would be otherwise amid their peers. It provides answers to mostly researched questions and will surely help you understand your body in a better way.

3. Tabu


Tabu is an informative website that helps you come to terms with many aspects of sexuality. Whether it’s one's sexual orientation, masturbation, multiple sexual partners, or sexual health - Tabu will surely have the answers to your queries. It has helped a lot of people I know develop healthier relationships with their bodies and their partners.

5 Reasons Why Sex Education is a Good Way To Go

1. It can decrease the case of teenage pregnancy

One reason why quality sex education should be made compulsory is that it can decrease the number of teenage pregnancies. While some of us might be too quick to judge and say “They shouldn’t have been having sex if they didn’t want a child”, that isn’t the only reason why people have sex. To think that is redundant.  In the case of teenage pregnancies, in most cases, it is the mother that suffers the most. So giving people proper education about such problems that may arise can help lower the risk.

2. It can lower the risk of STDs

Another reason why sex ed should be made accessible to all people of all ages is that they should know what safe sex is. Even if the woman takes a morning-after pill, in most cases, pregnancy isn’t the worst turn out. What if someone gets an STD? Who is responsible? The teenager who didn’t know any better or the grown-ups who thought they were censoring his access to information. If you’ve seen the Netflix Tv show Sex education, you know how severe an STD can get. I’m sure you don’t want your child going through that hysteria due to the lack of proper information.

3. It can help increase sexual health

In general, proper sex education can lead to better sexual health and awareness of one’s body. It can give individuals the basic information they need to take care of sanitary issues and other problems as well. While people might think that its normal and everyone know what to do, most of you would be surprised if you knew how many women die of ovarian cancer and why it is caused in the first place.

4. It can heighten chances of abstinence

While most of the people present the logic that sex education might lead to immorality and encourage people to have sex. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. If teenagers were made aware of how normal sex is and if they don’t take care, they have numerous possibilities to cause themselves harm; they would try to stay away from it as long as possible or at least know that they should be smart about it. What surprises me the most is that parent trust their 11-year-olds with cell phones that give them a gateway into the world of the unknown, and they seem to be apprehensive of educators telling them how to carry themselves in life.

5. It can reduce the chances of mental illnesses

Another reason why sex education should be made compulsory is that it can prevent many mental illnesses. While one might not make the connection, research proves that a lot of people suffer from mental problems that arise due to a lack of sexual knowledge. In 2004 a boy castrated himself because he thought that if he didn’t, he would end up having sex. The lack of awareness about his body led to his belief that something was wrong with him. This could have been prevented if he had known that there is a certain way our body reacts, and it is completely natural. Repression of sexual desires normally occurs because it is considered a taboo to talk about. This can lead to more mental problems than we can talk about in the constraint of an. Feel free to research and make an educated decision. 

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So, I hope to go through the above-mentioned material has made it easy for you to make your decision. Know that learning about something is the only way to equip yourself with the necessary information to take precautions. Whether those precautions be using a condom, or abstaining from sex and waiting for the right person, the choice entirely depends on you. Know that you have the power to make sure that you, as an individual, are aware of your body and that you have a responsibility towards your children. Now that the ball is in your court, try to take steps that will ensure the safety of yourself and your young ones.