Master Neck Kisses That Women Will Go Crazy For

Find the 10 best resources to master killer neck kisses

By Sophia R
 Master Neck Kisses That Women Will Go Crazy For

Why Women Love Neck Kisses

Let me paint you a super sexy picture. You and your partner are kissing and things are starting to get more intense. Sort of like a tongue hockey game. Things heat up and your partner begins to descend towards your neck. Sounds pretty standard, right? But, why do kisses on the neck turn on women so much?
In other words, kisses on the neck have been very well accepted by all of us since we started our experiences with love out there in high school. But why do they feel so good? We have come up with the answers to almost every question you have about kissing on the neck. Let the learning begin!

Anyone who has had the pleasure of being kissed on the neck knows that it feels amazing. But why? For one thing, there are a lot of nerve endings in the neck, so it's very pleasant. In addition, it is a super sexy extension of your body. I mean, think about it: your partner loves your body. So you sure want to kiss every inch. It's like the clitoris on your upper body!

Review of the 10 best resources for Neck Kisses

1. The Start

Passing your fingertips through some areas of the neck is the ideal way to start before planting a kiss on the girl's neck. You should do it with your hand upside down so that the surface of your nail is rubbing against the skin.

This will generate a slight tingling that will be the anticipation of the torrent of sensations that you propose so that your partner feels. This gentle touch will indicate your intentions that will increase arousal from the start. It is a subtle and delicate way of asking for permission. This step is to make your partner's mind ready for the pleasure they are going to receive, so never ever skip it!

2. The first kiss

The first contact with the neck should be soft and slightly damp. Keep in mind that to get the most out of your partner, you have to follow an upward stimulus pattern. In this you must go from less to more in the intensity of your caresses and kisses.

So these first steps have to be almost shy, not jump at the beginning to lick her neck because that breaks all the magic. A first kiss with your mouth closed and wet lips is like a good snack, which leaves your partner wanting more.

3. Small kisses

Once you have received a few kisses on your girl's neck, you should move towards a particularly sensitive area. The best way is to mark a path with small kisses similar to the first one you have given. The kisses should be slightly wet, mouth closed and very soft and continuous. As you get closer to that area, the excitement will increase. To passionately kiss a girl's neck and excite her it is important that you do not rush so that she feels pleasure.

4. Suck

Separate the lips from the skin and blow on the area that has been moistened. Once you have applied a little saliva on the inside of your lips to a particularly sensitive area, now is the time to move on. Separate slightly and stop making contact with the mouth. Look at the area you have been working on, which should be slightly damp, and gently blow on it. Believe it or not, you only send a jolt of pleasure to your nervous system, as the air applied to wet skin generates a discharge that will be transmitted throughout the body.

It is time to attack another strategic area, the back of the neck, an area with a multitude of nerve endings, and therefore very sensitive. Start from the base and continue to the top, making the whole journey with only the tip of the tongue without depositing saliva. Simply strike your tongue from the bottom up and repeat the operation a few times, preferably varying the path on several parallel lines.

5. The secret

The secret to kissing a girl's neck as you can see is broad. Different stimuli applied in different areas provide the best results in terms of arousal. If you just licked the nape of the neck, now it is necessary to change the area of ​​action and the type of contact. Go to his ear and start kissing gently under him with short kisses and his mouth closed.

The feeling will be totally different from the one you gave before and that will keep alive the desire to continue exploring your girls' skin. She'll just be begging for more.

6. Kiss different parts

Again, changing the zone is the ultimate trick you need to master in order to make her go crazy. Gently raise your jaw and head toward her neck front. Start tracing it with your wet tongue. It is important that you use the correct amount of saliva to notice the humidity, but without going over it. Unless you know your girl really likes it, it's best to be conservative about this because some people find saliva too unpleasant and just nasty, so keep that in mind.

7. Small bites

In addition to sucking on her neck, it works very well to give small smooth bites. They can be alternated with kisses or licks so that it does not become repetitive. This will allow you to stay longer by stimulating the front neck area and making her arousal peak.

Just make sure your bites are not too strong or you will destroy the pleasure. The intensity of the bite should be small so that the mood of kissing the neck is not destroyed. A bad or to strong bite can kill the mood in seconds and there is n going back from that, so be careful with that.

8. Go for the lips

At this point, you've already made pleasure take over her, so it is now time to go for the lips. The best transition to the mouth is to climb from the neck to the jawline. Now you can travel with small kisses that will allow you to kiss her lips in a totally passionate way. At this point, you can put your hand in the fire because she is totally committed; A prolonged session of kissing the neck does not leave anyone indifferent and allows the temperature to rise to extremes that you cannot imagine.

If you are not used to it, try to put into practice all these steps that we have shown here and you will see how your relationships increase in the degree of intensity and passion.

9. Switch between lips and neck

Now that you know how to a when you should kiss her neck, what will make it all special and good will be how you choose to alternate between these two spots. It is not that you will focus all your attention in one single place, but that you will have the perfect balance between the two. This is what will keep her stimulated and wanting more, as every time you go for the neck it will be like a teasing of some sort. 

10. Include sexy talk

If you are kissing her neck, you are in a part of her body where you have access to many important arousing spots. One of them is the ears. Girls not only get turned on with touch but with sound. Take advantage that you are just right under her ears and just slightly raise your head and tell her sexy things whilst whispering. This will definitely take the experience to a whole different level. Let's just say, she won't be able to keep it at kisses for long. 

How To Hide Neck Kisses Marks Aka Hickeys

In the middle of a passionate night or an intense makeout session, it is easy to forget that the time you spend on a neck can result in an unpleasant purple mark which is very difficult to hide. That is why we bring you the 5 best ways to hide a hickey. Take note:

1. Spoon

It is the best known and the easiest remedy to apply for a hickey. As soon as you notice the problem, moisten a spoon and put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Press it against the bruise to help it deflate. If you do this for a while, you will see how the bruise starts to slowly disappear. 

2. Toothbrush

AS we know, a hickey is the same as a bruise, just blood that is accumulated in a specific area. Helping blood flow is very simple, which will be the solution to this issue. You just got to rush the center of the hickey outward with a toothbrush. The purpose is to massage the area so that the accumulated blood moves. Do it several times a day and goodbye hickey!

3. Hemorrhoid cream

This next one is a little secret that not many know works for hackers: hemorrhoid cream. If you have a super important meeting or seeing your parents and you have to get rid of it fast, try this cream. Also good for dark circles! Thank us later!

4. Makeup

Makeup is a good old solution for hickeys. A thick foundation of liquid makeup will be needed to cover most of the bruises. Apply a little translucent powder to seal. Try to use waterproof makeup because of the sweat.

5. Hair

If you can't cover it with clothing, makeup, or anything else, divert attention with your hair. Let it loose and straighten or curl it so you can run a lock over your shoulders. 

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After reading this article and if you put all of this in practice, your girl will go absolutely crazy. Trust us, neck kisses are a weakness for all women, so, you have nothing to lose! Go ahead and try this out, you will see it for yourself. You will thank us later, and so will she. 


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