17 Notes that You Can Send Out to Make People Happy

Send as a letter, text or post it note to lift up their mood!

By Fred S.
17 Notes that You Can Send Out to Make People Happy

It doesn’t matter if you live with them or are currently miles apart, the notes in this article can be said in person, sent as a letter, or even a text! In this day and age, it’s easy to convey your message no matter the distance in between, but what should that message be? What can you say in particularly sensitive situations to make things easier for your loved ones? Keep reading to find out!

Someone Going Through a Rough Time? Cheer ‘em up!

People could be suffering due to lots of different reasons, which sometimes even occur at the same time. These may involve the death of a close person, illnesses, or a breakup. We’ve added positive notes to send a person for each one of these situations in this article, but sometimes the problem isn’t so specific. Your friend could just be passing through a rough patch in life generally, and your kind words could mean the world to them! Try conveying one of the notes in this section if you think someone needs it.

1. "It is okay if you failed this time. It’s just one failure, it happens. You’ve already achieved this, this, and this!"

Replace the ‘this’ with the accomplishments they’re most proud of. Maybe the person has flunked a test, lost a big game, or messed up his presentation. In such a time, cheering them up by reminding them of their achievements is a great idea.

2. "Ugh, losing a job can be super stressful, I’ve been there. Wanna vent?"

Often, lending someone your ear, and telling them that you understand their pain can be extremely helpful. By hearing your friend out, you’re allowing them to vent about a toxic colleague, a naggy boss, and whatever they’d want to get off their chest.

3. Send a funny GIF or a video

A massage doesn’t just have to include words, the world of texting lets you be as versatile as you want. Sending a goofy video or a gif into their inbox could also be a quick way to make someone smile!

4. “You’ve been dealing with all of it so well. It happens to all of us, but not everyone stays as strong as you.”

Struggling with common life experiences isn’t specific to one person. They wouldn’t be that ‘common’ if that were the case. If your friend or family member is also facing one of these, like being rejected for a job position he wanted, such a message can cheer them up. It tells them that they’re not alone in feeling this way, and their strength impresses you.

Helpful Notes to Send Out When There’s Been a Death

Losing loved ones is possibly the biggest grief in the world, and it’s the hardest to console people going through it. Usually, people don’t have much to say except for lines like being sorry for their loss, or asking how they can help. For it to actually have a positive effect on a grieving person, adding something more is important.

5. “I’m here whenever you need to talk or call.”

You may or may not be able to actually visit them, but that’s not necessary in order to be available for someone. You can still be there for them from a distance, and let them know you’re there for them whenever they need you. Reassuring people that they’ve got genuine people who care about them can always lighten up someone’s day!

6. “Your loss is my loss. I really wish I could be there with you right now.”

Acknowledge that you wish you were there with your friend who has lost a person. Letting them know that you share their pain and wish you could be there to lend them your shoulder is incredibly supportive. Cheer them up by telling them that there’s nothing else you’d rather do than be with them.

7. “Your family is super lucky to have a person like you through this loss.”

Death affects countless people; not just the person you’re friends with. Remind them that they’re a blessing for the people who share this loss with them. This communicates to them that you believe in their strength, and gives them a purpose i.e. fully supporting their own family through it all.

8. “You’re always in my thoughts, keep that in mind.”

Grieving takes time, and it’s important to keep positive messages like these flowing towards the person during it all. Just a simple message to remind them that you haven’t forgotten about them counts a lot!

Cheer an ill family member or friend up with these notes!

Being sick is the worst, and getting through it without positive messages is even harder! Regardless of how small or big the illness is, kind words always soothe the patient. Offer them a little cheer by sending these notes out as a text or a letter!  

9. “I’m gonna need you to get well soon – real soon. That’s an order. We miss you way too much.”

This one’s appropriate for a person who isn’t suffering through a life-threatening disease, but a common lengthy sickness or injury. Let them jokingly know that you seriously need them back up and running, and their presence is missed. Bed rest is frustrating, and messages like these can bring lots of hope and motivation!

10. “The way you handle your responsibilities is honestly so inspiring. Let me know if I can ever help!”

Almost everyone can use hearing such a message. The recipient of the message should be a person that’s taking care of a sick family member or friend. They’re putting in honest work to fulfill the responsibility they have towards their ill loved ones. A message that appreciates how they’ve been dealing with it all can be priceless!

11. “Remember when you (insert an achievement they’re proud of)? You’ve totally got this.”

Fighting disease needs constant will power and motivation. People can tend to forget how powerful their personality is when they’re bedridden and weak. By reminding your friend of the biggest milestone they’ve conquered, you’d be restoring their self-belief! It’ll spark the fighter within them and help them remain positive.

12. “I can’t imagine how difficult this must be – I think about it a lot. You’re being so strong, keep going!”

Acknowledgment can sometimes be the biggest booster. Struggling with a long-term illness or injury can take a toll on one’s mental health, but notes like these will keep them kicking every next day. Show them you remember and you care, and they’re efforts aren’t going unnoticed!

Text Messages to Cheer Someone Up After a Breakup

Breaks ups are messy and can leave a person crushed from the inside. It takes time to heal, but that sad stage can be made a lot more bearable by supportive friends. Cheer your friend or relative up with some of the notes we’ve listed for this particular situation!

13. “I know it’s hard. I’ve been there. It gets easier every day, I promise.”

There are many ways to get over a broken-up relationship, but in the essence of it all, it just takes time. Often, you just need to wait it out before things normalize. Remind your sad friend about this, and how literally everyone follows this same pattern after a breakup. Joke about it if it feels natural, it’ll make em’ smile!

14. “Hey, how about we (insert a hang-out idea they’ve always loved)?”

It’s common (and important) for friends to cheer each other up to help deal with breakups. It’s usually a good idea to suggest fun activities that get the grieving person out of their room and hang out in a high energy place. If not that, simple activities like an online game or a video chat with mutual friends can also bring them happiness!

15. “I’m here if you wanna vent it all out with me – no judgements”

Venting can be incredibly helpful for people going through a breakup. Your friend or loved one might just need a caring person to hear them out. It might take a heavyweight off of their chest to express every detail about the breakup!

16. “How do you plan on getting over this?”

Yes, it may sound a bit insensitive or harsh, but it might be needed for their own happiness. No matter how much external support they get during a breakup, it ultimately falls upon themselves to climb out of the ditch of negative feelings. A message like this reminds them that they’re supposed to make an effort and change things for the better for their own sake.

17. “I heard this super lame joke today, but you’d love it… (Tell them the joke)”

A few days or weeks into a breakup, look to normalize the air with lame jokes that let you laugh together again. Overcoming sad experiences is a lot easier when you laugh with the people you love. It reassures you that the breakup was only an end to a relationship, but there’s a lot more to look forward to. Consider sending them funny memes daily via text!

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Everyone goes through good and bad times, and the low stages of our life are precisely what makes happiness feel special. When your own friends or family members are going through a bumpy ride in life, you’d feel an inherent urge to somehow keep them cheered up. After all, they would do the same for you! In this article, we’ve discussed how you can bring positive and happier changes to their lives only through the power of words. All the best!



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