Justin Verlander Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Kate Upton's Husband

Intrigued about Kate Upton's husband? Here are some 5 facts about the famous football player Justin Verlander along with his net worth.

By Amanda Palmer
Justin Verlander Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Kate Upton's Husband

The Houston Astron starting pitcher Justin Verlander and his net worth

Justin Brooks Verlander is better known to the world as an American professional baseball pitcher. He plays for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball. Verlander made his debut with the Detroit Tigers in the year 2005 and continued to play with them for 13 seasons. Verlander is regarded as an ace player among the pitching leaders and has achieved many distinguished rankings. A right-handed batter and thrower, Verlander stands 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) tall and weighs 225 pounds (102 kg). His net worth amounts to $80 million approximately. The baseball star has many feathers to his crown. Verlander has won the title of MLB All-Star six times. He managed to pitch a no-hitter-the first ever in 2007 at the Comerica Park against Milwaukee Brewers. He has also led the AL in strikeouts for four times. His greatest and most successful season so far has been in the year 2011. He also achieved the Pitching Triple Crown and won the Al Cy Young Award, the AL Most Valuable Player Award and the Sporting News Player of the Year Award. He was traded by the Tigers in 2017 to the Astros and was named as MVP. Justin Verlander has had his education from Old Dominion University and had played baseball in college for the Monarchs. He was exceptional even then and broke all the current records. He also managed to grab a silver medal at the Pan American Games in 2003 while leading the United States National team. Apart from these well-known facts, there are also some other less known facts about the player. Read on to know more.

1. One of the highest paid athletes in the world

The 34-year old player Verlander has made a lot of money in his career through his outstanding skills in his sport. The Forbes magazine ranks Verlander on the 40th position in the list of the highest paid athletes in the world. Verlander became a well-known star in this long career with the Tigers before he was traded by them in the year 2004. in his first full season in the year 2006, he won the prestigious AL Rookie of the Year Award. In his first full season in 2006, he won AL Rookie of the Year with a 17-9 record. He led the league in wins in 2009 and 2011. Verlander has had certain injuries in the recent years which have slowed him down comparatively. Verlander lost three World Series consecutively and has not appeared since 2014.

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2. Justin Verlander will earn $28 a year for the rest of his contract till 2019.

March 2013 saw him sign his five-year contract extension with the Detroit Tigers. According to the contract, he would make $28 million a year till 2019. The deal also said that if he managed to finish in the Top 5 Young voting after 2019 season, he would have an option of a $22 million to vest for 2020. He signed the deal and let the title of the pitcher go to Kershaw in 2014. He said in an interview to the MLB.com that he finds the entire deal thing very intriguing. He feels he has a chance to get the $200 million contract, but he needs to earn it. The trading between the Houston Astros happened within a few seconds. They sent three prospects - pitcher Franklin Perez, outfielder Daz Cameron and catcher Jake Rogers. The Detroit Tigers agreed to pay Verlander's salary of $8 million for both the seasons in 2018 and 2019.

3. Justin Verlander's personal life

His parents Richard and Kathy Verlander lived in Virginia, where he grew up with his younger brother. His younger brother, Ben, plays for the Detroit Tigers organization as an outfielder. His life has been documented by his parents in a book titled, 'Rocks across the Road.' Justin Verlander met the love of his life, model-actress Kate Upton in the year 2011. Verlander started dating Upton since then and finally got engaged to Kate Upton in 2016. In an embarrassing scandalous leak of iCloud leaks of celebrity pics, many personal pics of the player and Upton were over the social media along with some nude ones of Verlander and Upton. The baseball player and Upton married on November 4, 2017, just two days after Verlander won the World Series with the Houston Astros. The wedding was a lavish affair. The wedding took place in a medieval Church in Tuscany, Italy. Verlander resides in Lakeland, Florida, during the off-season.

4. Kate Upton and husband Verlander bought a huge estate

Verlander and Upton together purchased this massive property in the year 2015 in Los Angeles. The estate is in Beverly Crest and has a living space of 5706 square feet. It was originally owned by saxophonist Kenny G.

5. Verlander has an expensive hobby of collecting exotic cars

In 2014, Verlander bought the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster which costs between $440,500 and $485,500.

Kate Upton on her husband Verlander

Kate Upton is often found attending her husband's matches. Upton proudly cheered husband Verlander during his victory at the World Series Games. She not only is proud of her husband's achievements but also tries to be present in his matches.