How to Sober up fast with 9 Global Hangover Remedies

Best hangover cures from all over the world to freshen up

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How to Sober up fast with 9 Global Hangover Remedies

Know the Terrible Feeling of a Hangover

If you have ever crawled out of the bed at night feeling like someone is constantly punching you in the head or have an upset stomach, you must know how miserable hangovers are. People drink alcohol primarily as a euphoriant, it makes them happy. This happens because alcohol releases endorphins and different chemicals including dopamine which in return stimulates the brain's reward system, causing a person to feel light and happy. Once these happy chemicals wear off, the feeling of a hangover sets in. Alcohol causes dehydration. So when you drink a huge amount of alcohol, you urinate frequently, causing your body to lose potassium and salts. This lessens the number of liquids in your body causing fatigue and weakness along with the other symptoms of a hangover.

Natural Hangover Remedy

After waking up from a night of heavy drinking, you may find yourself with an upset stomach or a throbbing headache. This means that you're hung-over----no worries! While there is no magic cure for a hangover, there are many easy and natural remedies. As alcohol is consumed in all parts of the world, it is obvious that many countries have their hangover remedy which they depend upon. The severity of the hangover however depends upon your intake of alcohol and the number of impurities present in the drink. In other words, the more pure the alcohol is, the less severe is the hangover. Doctors advise drinking in moderation as there is no magic pill to end the hangover instantly. But if you’ve had a few cocktails and don’t want to feel terrible the following day, here are some of the best hangover remedies from all around the world:

9 Hangover Remedies From All Over The World

1. Ireland


Irish people have specific names for hangovers which is obvious because they are big fans of alcoholic drinks. So, in Ireland when people have a hangover, they say that they are “as sick as a small hospital” or that “they’ve had a bad pint”.The way a hangover is cured there is by eating a full Irish breakfast which consists of sausages, tomato, bread, and beans. This breakfast is perfect for treating a hangover and it gets you up and going in no time. This traditional breakfast also helps to make your blood sugar levels go back to their original state but the fat content can take a toll on your heart. Boiled eggs instead can also do the job as they release different types of vitamins including vitamins B and D. Fried tomatoes are also an awesome alternative to cure a hangover.

2. Russia

In Russia, if you've a hangover you say ya p’yan which simply translates to “I’m drunk”.The cure to a hangover in Russia is kvas. Kvas is a traditional beverage that is made from rye bread. The rye bread is referred to as the black bread in many countries.  The bread is black and so is the mildly alcoholic drink that comes from it.  .You can also eat kvas in the form of a soup. It also contains a high concentration of magnesium and sugars. Magnesium is very important when fighting a hangover. The main reason is that it helps in the breakdown of alcohol and the removal of it from the body.

3. Germany

In Germany, if you're hangover you say   Ich bin verkatert. This means “I am feeling hungover”. The cure to this is rollmops, which are a type of pickled fillets rolled into a circular shape. They often have a savory filling inside them. This type of German breakfast does wonders in curing your hangover and also contains a large number of electrolytes. As every person who cares about their fitness and health knows, electrolytes are extremely important in restoring your health and stamina. They also lessen weakness and fatigue causing you to feel much better.

4. Japan

In Japan, if you're hungover you say Futsuka yoi desu (二日 酔い です) meaning that the person saying this is hung-over or drunk. The cure to a hangover there is Umiboshi, which means salty Japanese plums. .They usually taste salty or very sour.  These plums are the best cure as they contain many essential salts. Umeboshi is also extremely alkaline and restores stamina and reduces nausea.  The energy drinks people take after a workout have the same components as they help with dehydration. It can also help reduce the common symptoms of a hangover like a headache and dizziness.

5. China

In China, if you're hungover you say Su zui (宿醉) which translates to hung-over or drunk. The cure to a hangover in china is Congee, which is a traditional Chinese food. Though this rice itself does not have a lot of benefits, it makes your body feel fresh and hydrated. This dish is sometimes served with chicken, quail eggs, or century eggs. It is also usually eaten as breakfast in the winters.

6. India

In India, when you're hung-over, you say “mein nashe mein houn”, which translates to “I am highly intoxicated” in Hindi. The cure to a hangover there is herbal tea or water mixed with lemon. The herbal tea is full of intoxicants which in turn helps the liver to remove the toxins which you’ve ingested and recover faster. It is also recommended that adding ginger or lavender to it will reduce nausea, but the key here is drinking lots of liquids as tea contains caffeine.

7. France

In France, you say aviour mal aux Cheveux which means “to have a hangover”. The cure to a hangover in France is Cassoulet. It is a casserole that is filled with a lot of meat and also contains white beans. This will leave you feeling full, but experts say that it does not have that many benefits. The cheese which is added in the onion soup will help with slowing down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream, but that is all it does. It is much better to eat it before you plan on getting drunk.

8. USA

The cure to a hangover in the United States of America is the prairie oyster. It is a blend of egg yolk, Worchester sauce, vinegar, hot sauce, and pepper. The prairie oyster is shellfish-free. It originates from the 19th century when oyster houses and bars were at an all-time high. When it is served, it is very important to keep the egg yolk intact and the person eating it should gulp it in one go. It does sound gross but it does wonder in healing the hangover. So even the idea of drinking one can make a person stay away from too much alcohol.

9. Mexico

When you're hungover, you say Estoy Crudo which translates to “I am drunk” or “I have a hangover”. The cure to the hangover is a Mexican dish known as “Pozole”. It is often said by Mexicans that this dish helps not only with hangovers but also severe flu and cold. Pozole is found all over Mexico and it contains chicken and large amounts of corn. It is a spicy dish that is very efficient in curing even the worst hangover. 

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Every person who likes to drink is also very likely to experience a hangover at least once in their lifetime. Hangovers are normal and are not usually a sign of danger. But if you feel unusually weak and dizzy ever after a few hours have passed it is best to call your doctor or a friend to take care of you. Hangovers, if treated in time are not harmful. The key here is drinking water and other water-containing liquids in huge quantities.

The best way to not get hungover is---you guessed it! Drinking in moderation. Which is easier said than done most of the time. Just keeping a check on your alcohol intake and refraining from day drinking can save you from a lot of different problems. Unfortunately, there is no drug yet, to treat a hangover itself. But if you are hydrated and drink according to your size, you will be just fine. Following these above-mentioned remedies will help you more than you think in curing your hangover. But remember, the key here is not letting yourself drink too much in the first place. Drink in moderation and you will make things easier not only for yourself but also for other people as well.