60 Effective Ways To Be The Perfect Girlfriend For Your Partner

It’s possible to be a perfect girlfriend to your partner if you follow a few basic and some not-so-basic rules. Here’s showing you how!

By Monalisa Murmu
60 Effective Ways To Be The Perfect Girlfriend For Your Partner

Prove to your guy you’re one of a kind

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The secret to being the perfect girlfriend is in being irreplaceable in his life. If you can successfully show him that you are one of a kind and there is not another woman in this whole wide world who can take your place in his life, well, you’ve pretty much insured your place as a girlfriend or partner in his life forever. Usually, as human beings, we go from person to person and from date on date trying to find that one perfect match to our eccentricities. And the day we meet that person who does that job better than anyone else has ever done or anyone else could ever do, our search ends and we want to settle down with them. Same goes for your boyfriend. He must have at least encountered a few different women (even if he isn’t the type who dates frequently). Now that he is in a relationship with you, he is exploring that option of finding that one perfect match in you. If you give him ample reasons to believe that there is no other alternative to you, it automatically translates to you being the most perfect girlfriend for him. So if you haven’t already figured it out, the most important step to being a perfect girlfriend is to be YOU, more than anything else. Find your quirks and your unique personality. And then enhance it with some additional qualities that men usually look for in a perfect girlfriend. The combination of these two things will make you the most perfect girl he could ever find in this lifetime.

How to be irreplaceable to him in 60 effective ways:

So obviously, your question now is, what are those additional qualities that men look for in a perfect girlfriend? Are they even tried and tested? And guaranteed to work? Yes and no. While it is true that there are certain common qualities that men find extremely attractive in women, as found out from several surveys, it is important to remember that every man is different. The notion that all men are same, is for better or worse, not entirely true. Each has his own preferences which can widely vary depending on what type your guy is. However, certain things make sense to everyone. And if you have those qualities, no man is ever going to say, “Oh that’s unattractive!” So the following is really a cheat list of all the things a perfect girlfriend should already have. But you make them your own by adding in your own little unique qualities, as discussed earlier. Let’s jump right into them:

Be a perfect girl before being a perfect girlfriend

Many women make this mistake of losing their own identity in order to be the perfect girlfriend to their partners. A very bad move! You should focus on building your own identity first because unless you are a strong individual, you can’t bring anything new to the relationship, and ultimately lose respect.

Be independent

One of the top qualities of being an awesome person that is perfect for your guy, is to be independent. This sounds counterproductive, but if you’re not independent, you’re basically dependent on your guy. And a relationship is about balance, so the scales can’t be tipped in one direction (his, in this case) if you wish to be the perfect girlfriend.

Work on your grey matter

Seriously, no one like dumb chicks. No one. I mean, listen to how that phrase sounds. Does it evoke any respect? A perfect girlfriend commands respect with her repertoire of knowledge. And let’s just say, ‘beauty and brains’ is the most attractive combination ever. Read books, watch documentaries and get knowledgeable.

Hone your skills

We’re all talented. In some way or the other. We just need to recognize them and nurture them with care and ample time. Don’t be the girl who is good for absolutely nothing. You don’t need to be an Olympics gold medalist, or a Spell Bee champion, but have at least a couple of skills you can be proud of. Your boyfriend will not just be impressed, he will proudly flaunt you too.

Have your own goals and ambitions

Most men admit that ambitious women are hot AF. Yes, the rumors that men are intimidated by women who are driven, is also kinda sorta true, but you’d want to stay clear of those misogynistic freaks anyway. Have a passion in life, be excited about something in life (other than your boyfriend that is). It’s a mark of a wholesome woman.

Build a personality that’s both strong yet pleasing

A perfect woman should know how to balance things (that’s our superpower yo!). As a woman as well as a girlfriend, you should know how to toe the line of being strong and dependable, as well as soft and vulnerable. Because you see, men alternatively like to both take care and be taken care of!

Get physically attractive

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Alright this! You can’t deny that ALL types of men appreciate beauty in women. That sucks! But not really, it doesn’t. Because men don’t really want you to look like Miranda Kerr. They just want you to be the most beautiful version of you. And that my friends, is very achievable.

Work out and stay in shape

I’m a big champion of the cause of fitness via eating right and working out. And I have no fear saying that I do not endorse sitting on your a** and passing off your laziness as self-love. Don’t do that to yourself or your relationship. Buck up, get healthy and fit, and see how attractive you get in the eyes of your boyfriend.

Take care of your skin and hair

Basic hygiene and some cleansing toning moisturizing routine religiously followed, should do the trick. But if you’re feeling fancier, get those facials and massages to keep your skin and hair glowing. Because the radiance of your face should match the radiance of your personality! (Too cheesy, eh?)

Dress well

One of the traits men love in women, that is not so popularly known, is their sense of dressing. Men might not know it themselves, but they subconsciously notice these things and judge your personality accordingly. So dress tastefully; no jarring colors or over-embellished clothing. And definitely no pointy nails and glitter nail polish! Men definitely do not understand that trend.

Smell great

Oh yeah! You can be well on your way to being the most perfect girlfriend with just this one trick. Men are absolutely enticed by women who smell fresh and nice at all times. Not just your perfume, make sure your hair and skin (and lady parts) smell nice at all times (or as much as is humanly possible).

Constantly reinvent your style

Stagnation is the poison in relationships. It’s good to have your own personal style, yes, but it is also important to constantly reinvent yourself to avoid dullness. One of the reasons models are attractive (besides, you know, that they are models!) is that they change their avatars each time. It’s a great trick to surprise your guy, and surprises in a relationship are always good. However, don't try anything that you don't feel comfortable or confident in.

Being the perfect girlfriend is an art

Yup, no short cuts here. You need to know the ins and outs of what men want and why they want what they want. And then commit yourself to do what it takes to make your relationship an ideal one, and yourself the perfect girlfriend.

Learn the art of femininity

That sounds like a no brainer, right? But it is not a default to be feminine just because you’re a woman. And lots of people mistake femininity to be weak, which is not true at all. You can have a strong, ambitious personality and yet be a sweet, caring and romantic woman who knows the art of nurturing. Learn to create that balance.

Learn the art of being unattainable

That’s right, even in a relationship. Just because you are a girlfriend to someone, doesn’t mean they own you. Protect your personal space and your unique identity and definitely do not throw yourself at your boyfriend (literally, perhaps, but not metaphorically, if you know what I mean). Make them work for your love and they will respect it even more.

Learn the art of seduction

A princess should know how to be a temptress as and when needed. Learn how to seduce him and you’ll have a solution for all fights in your relationship! Just kidding! (Or am I?) Playing healthy games in a relationship is fun and no man can ever say no to a girlfriend who can charm him as and when she pleases.

Learn the art of inspiring

Fun and games are all good, but of you want an ideal relationship and wish to be the perfect girlfriend he wants to keep for a lifetime, you gotta be way more than a seductress. A person who inspires simply by being their awesome selves is a person who is perfect in their own imperfect ways. And you need to aim to be that person.

Learn the art of motivating

Inspiration and motivation go hand in hand in a sweet, caring relationship and you have to do both. The perfect girlfriend is one who is a source of constant motivation to her partner as he goes out to battle the big bad world every day.

He was a boy and she was a girl!

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A lot of the debate on gender equality drowns one basic fact: men and women are not the exact same creatures. They were never supposed to be! There are fundamental differences between both and the ideal relationship is the one that respects it.

Respect your differences

Like I was saying, recognize the differences and respect them. Don’t expect your guy to think and act exactly like you do. That’s not what a perfect girlfriend would do. You can avoid a lot of silly fights and tension if you attempt to see things from his perspective.

Complement his personality with yours

You’re not supposed to match each other, you’re supposed to fill each other’s gaps and fit like a glove. The only approved match is the “twinning” with your matchey clothes (although ask your guy about it first; some men do hate those!)

Occasionally, fan his male ego

It’s okay, really. You don’t have to go all feminazi on him every single time he wants to wear the pants in the relationship. Let him have the satisfaction every now and then, unless of course it gets to the point of unbearable chauvinism. But it’s alright to make him feel “like a man” when he craves it.

Make him feel like he’s in charge

Just one of the male ego things. But also that he wants to take your responsibility. So no matter how independent you are, let him feel like he has a say in your life occasionally. Allow him to treat you like the queen you are if that makes him feel like a king.

Give him space

Ideally, I should say, respect both your own personal spaces. But specifically for men, they need their 'me time' to do their own things. And often. So don’t demand to tag along every time he makes plans with his friends. Allow regular breathers, no matter how close you are.

Be a perfect partner in crime

If you want to be the perfect girlfriend, you have to be an equal to him in every which way. The partner he needs by his side for every endeavor. If you achieve that status in his life, there is no way he’s ever gonna let go of you.

Get along with his friends

His friends are important. They have been around when you were not, and they have seen him through thick and thin. You might or might not have liked every one of them, but it’s your business to be civil with them so he doesn’t need to choose between you and them.

Make his friends like you

What’s better than liking his friends? His friends liking you back! Most ideal relationships are likely to stay so if the friends approve. So if you’re serious about your guy, make sure your friends are gaga about you. It will catapult you into the perfect girlfriend category in no time.

Get along with his family

Getting along with his family is essential especially if he is close to any of his family members. Also, being able to gel well with them makes you a part of the family, which is the ideal situation in a good relationship. Eventually, you will remind him of family, which means you have successfully become the perfect girlfriend.

Get along with his pets

For most millennials, pets are the substitute for family. So the same rules apply to them as well. And seriously, unless they own an anaconda or a cobra, why would you not get along with their pets anyway? Because if you can’t stand dogs or cats, you’re way out of line in being a perfect girlfriend to anyone!

Be the other (better) half of anything he does!

An equal, like I said earlier. Be that to him. Does he love playing video games but his friends are next always available? Take it upon yourself to learn to be the toughest competitor he will ever find. Does he like to plan parties often? Be the gracious co-host he has always wanted.

Be a great company to have

At the end of it all, he’s going to have to want to spend time with you. All of his free time. That’s how good a company you have to be to him, in order to be the perfect girlfriend.

Be a friend to him

That’s why we call the word, “girlfriend”. Because if you can’t be a friend to him, who he can share everything with, you’re just another forgettable attractive woman. Be the friend he wants to come back home to. Every single day.

Listen to him intently

Sharing is caring. And when he does that, hold the other end of the fort. Be kind and patient with him, even if he rambles about something you’re not very interested in. The more important thing is, it is important to him and as an ideal partner, you should be good listening board.

Be warm and friendly

As a general rule. Be so warm and friendly that whenever he thinks of you, he associates you with those two words. Warmth and friendliness are the two most endearing “feel good” qualities in a person. And as a perfect girlfriend, you should make him feel good about you.

Make him laugh

Is he gloomy because he had a bad day? Learn how to cheer him up instantly! Do silly little things to make him laugh. Sing to him, even if you think you can’t. And ask him to join in. or better still, do a karaoke night together and see his tensions melting away.

Show him you’re better than his ex-girlfriends

The reason his ex-girlfriends are, well, ex, is that they all lacked somewhere. Either in their individual qualities or in their compatibility. You need to identify and cover those lacking areas. You have to constantly make it visible to him that you are, indeed, the best he has ever come across.

Be a fun girlfriend

Dull relationships can’t be ideal, can they? A relationship can be sweet, caring and romantic, but if it is not fun, it is not fun. You need to therefore turn up the fun quotient. And don’t wait for him for it. Be the perfect girlfriend who knows how to initiate the fun.

Be a source of adventure in his life

You can’t be the perfect girlfriend if you’re waiting around for him to initiate fun activities. Instead, inspire and motivate him to get more adventurous by being so yourself. A little crazy in relationships helps, especially if it is already sweet and romantic.

Travel with him

Most people love traveling. If your boyfriend is one of them, plan those trips you’ve always wanted to take or ones you know he has always wanted to take. They don’t need to be fancy; even budget backpacking trips do the deal, if they are done with love and care.

Partner with him in his hobbies

Don’t yawn at the thought of game night, even if you want to. Understand that his hobbies are important because they are a part of who he is and what he likes in life. So if you can’t be a worthy competitor, at least be his best cheerleader. Show some enthusiasm in the things that are fun for him.

Plan his birthdays with care

For some people, birthdays might not be a big deal, but for others, they are really sensitive about who remembers and how special they make it. No matter which category your boyfriend fits into, it is never a bad idea to surprise him with birthday parties that you plan with utmost love and care. Again nothing fancy needed, just attention to details that show you remember and value everything about him.

Plan the birthdays of his pets!

Because they are family too! And they deserve it, those poor mutts. You’ll rise to newer levels of awesome and perfection if you successfully plan thoughtful birthday parties for his pets every year. And his pets will be fond of you too. Win win!

Be a naughty girlfriend

As the saying goes, good girls seldom make history. And if you want your history to be etched in your lover’s mind forever, you need to know how to be naughty as well. Read on for tips:

Perfect your skills in bed

Two words: go down (on him). Majority of men will tell you that this is one bedroom skill they want their girlfriends to master. Of course for men, just about any kind of bedroom action works, but if you have your fingers wrapped around this one skill (double entendre is ALWAYS intended here), he’ll have a tough time letting go of you.

Dance with him

Dancing together is a very sensual couple experience and if you want to be the perfect girlfriend, you need to make intimacy happen in more ways than one. Sign up for a ballroom dance lesson and get those bodies close and moving!

Dance for him

Shed that sweet, innocent persona for some sultry action occasionally. Do little dance numbers in even littler lingerie numbers to grab his attention full span. The perfect girlfriend knows how to mix things up and a bit of spice in that mix is more than welcome.

Give him reasons to be mildly jealous

Yes, you heard that right. To make him feel possessive of you, it is important for him to sometimes see how much other men want you. So anytime you find a chance to exhibit that in front of him, but subtly, very subtly, do it! Don’t actually flirt or double time on him, but show that you’re this close to doing so, of he even thinks of loving you any less.

But constantly assure him you only belong to him

This is very important, especially after the previous step. ALWAYS come back home to him. Make him feel like you’re this goddess whom a lot of men want but can’t have because she has graciously committed herself to you. Aww, that’s so sweet you guys!

Be the girlfriend that uplifts him

We all need a little support in the constant wars that we fight in life: the broken dreams and the rebuilding of those dreams. In this journey, be the girlfriend who lifts him up from the misery to the extraordinary.

Be supportive of his dreams

If you don’t know what his dreams are, you might want to reevaluate your priorities. His dreams are his identity and his identity is yours to protect. Support him in his quests in life. Whether or not they make sense to you, don’t judge or belittle them. Just be by his side while he fights it out.

Don’t come in the way of his work

Never do this. Not until he ignores his health or other basic relationship commitments due to work. Learn to value his work because not only is it his source of earning, but because it is also another aspect of his identity.

Have a positive impact on him

He should learn to associate you presence with positivity and want to come to you when he feels like nothing else in this world can cheer him up after a hard day. However, don’t let yourself be a dumping ground for negativity either. An ideal relationship is a perfect balance of sweet sharing of things.

Don’t make him feel like he’s taken for granted

In an ideal relationship, your boyfriend will be working hard to keep you happy. Both in terms of work and in terms of taking care of your emotional needs. In which case, make sure he gets compensated for his caring love. Don’t make him and his actions feel taken for granted.

Recognize and appreciate his efforts

Whatever he does, big or small, learn to appreciate them in your heart. And then be vocal about your appreciation. Don’t crib because he doesn’t do what you want him to do; give him the space to show his love in his own sweet ways.

Make your relationship perfect through communication

As you must have learnt from many sources, good communication is the backbone of an ideal relationship. You can be romantic all you want, but if you don’t communicate your feelings well, they fizz out along the way.

Speak with him

It’s a myth men don’t like to talk. They’re just too scared they will disappoint you somehow and it will lead to an unpleasant conversation. Rid them of that fear and have rational grown up talk about how you feel, without being too emotional or manipulative. Really, just talk.

Be honest with him

Transparency of thoughts and actions often build strong, caring relationships. As a perfect girlfriend, you should practice this habit in your conversations with your boyfriend. Coming completely clean about your deepest emotions can also make for extremely romantic rendezvous.

But also know what secrets to keep

Contradictory to the last step, sometimes keeping certain secrets are for the better. Not the serious details that he has the right to know, but the tiny stuff that are just not worth spending your time and energy on. Like someone at work made a pass at you. You handled it gracefully and no harm was done. But you know if your boyfriend found out, all hell could break loose. Just use your judgment but keep these instances to a bare minimum.

Be thoughtful

Before you say or do anything, before you judge your guy for something he has done, before you start a fight, be thoughtful. Give him the benefit of doubt sometimes. See where he’s coming from. Don’t make hasty decisions about him you’ll regret later. More importantly, that will never make you a perfect girlfriend.

Be respectful

The same goes with being respectful too. Even in the most romantic, sweet, caring relationship, you will fight. But don’t make it an excuse to be mean and disrespectful. Watch your tongue even when angry or hurt, and give him the respect he deserves.

The perfect girlfriend is the one who cares

If you do not feel an overwhelming caring sense towards him, do you even love him? And are you ever going to be a perfect girlfriend? You’re right, it’s a rhetorical questions.

Learn how to cook

Not because cooking is a woman’s job. Not because a woman’s place is in the kitchen. But because the surest way of showing your care for ANYONE is feeding them. And tossing out your own recipes is a huge step ahead in becoming the perfect girlfriend.

Or just order in his favorites regularly

If you can’t be a Nigella Lawson in the kitchen, simply keep your food apps handy. Order in his favorites (you DO know what his favorites are, right?), pop it in the oven to heat and surprise him to the whiff of a delicious meal when he comes home!

Be protective of him

Even with all that testosterone, men feel vulnerable too. They need to be shielded and protected from negativity too. Stand up for him when you need to; let him feel protected. It’s a great role reversal that a perfect girlfriend should know to don.

Know how to surprise him

Even the most perfect of us love the silly thrill of surprises. It isn’t just a man’s job. Arrange for romantic dinners for no reason, bring little gifts and take surprise trips often. Only the most perfect girlfriends do these things.

Give him the special treatment

To be a perfect girlfriend in his eyes, to be treated special, you need to do the same for him too. Do little things through the day that make him feel special. He will mirror the behavior.

The perfect girlfriend is the one who understands

Are you the demanding girlfriend who stomps out after every fight? Or are you the perfect girlfriend who acts with patience trying to understand her partner’s emotions and empathizes with him? Find out:

Learn to ask him to do things the smart way

One of the most important qualities to have for a perfect relationship is to be able to make your man do things he normally doesn’t like to, but you know are important. Don’t be the nagging girlfriend; work on a smooth way of sweet-talking him into doing these things.

Avoid fighting over the small stuff

If you try to make everything happen perfectly, you’re in for some rude awakening. As a perfect girlfriend, sometimes you need to let things go. Choose your fights. Let the smaller ones go, and only pick a fight when the matter is of grave importance.

Be kind, gentle and affectionate

A perfect girlfriend isn’t someone who is always irate or is always complaining, no matter how justified those complaints. A romantic, caring relationship constitutes sweet, affectionate moments for which you need to be kind and gentle in your manners.

Trust him

A perfect girlfriend will trust her man no matter what. Of course, being prudent is one of her qualities too, but if you want to step up to being a perfect girlfriend, you can’t get crazy jealous every time you see him with a girl.

Truly love him

In the end, if there is true love in an already-romantic relationship, it is bound to work. And you’re bound to do everything a truly caring, perfect girlfriend should do. Love is all it takes.

Work your charm on your man right now!

The above steps should result in a perfect girlfriend status in no time at all. It is romantic enough that you’re ready to do what it takes to be the perfect girlfriend. You’re already the girlfriend, and you’ll get perfect soon. Just take the plunge!