11 Signs You Are Unknowingly Fighting Your Feelings for Her

Are you unknowingly in denial about your feelings for her?

By Fred S.
11 Signs You Are Unknowingly Fighting Your Feelings for Her

Feelings of attraction or crushing on someone are complicated, and often hard to identify. We tend to second guess our instincts, and ask ourselves; do I really like her that much? Is she looking extra pretty today, or is it just me?

Do you feel the same way about a specific girl? If you’re hoping to find out whether you’ve got real feelings for her or not, this article is the right place to be. We’ve listed and explained 11 direct signs that point towards you liking somebody. If you identify with most or all of these traits, chances are you’re in for your next romantic endeavor. Keep reading!

1. You look at her but don’t want her to know

Men look at girls they’re into, all the time! You can even catch yourself doing it a lot of times, just because of how often it’ll happen. Whenever that special someone is around you, there’s just nowhere more interesting to look than her face, and her smile. As soon as she turns around or looks at you, you tend to look away! This means you like glancing at her but don’t want her to catch you – that’s a sign of catching feelings right there.  If that’s something you can relate to, then yeah, it does sound like you’ve ticked the first box.

2. You pay attention when she speaks and memorize a lot about her

Whenever that special someone speaks, your focus seems to be laser-sharp. It’s like you couldn’t care less about the rest of the word, and all your attention is tunneled to her words. You even remember the stuff she says, in an attempt to memorize more of her personality traits. Right now, if you can remember something she said weeks ago, then this in itself is a green signal that you’ve got feelings for her.

As a little confirmation to this particular sign, ask yourself if you’ve taken a deep dive into any of their social media handles. Have you ever just looked her up and scrolled, trying your best not to like something unintentionally?

3. Your own body language communicates that you’re interested  

You might be an expert at pretending to be uninvolved, your body language will show what’s going on. No matter how hard you try to play it cool, the countless body language signs always show what’s really going on.

Is your body faced in their direction all the time? Do you tend to mirror their gestures and body language? Do you sit or stand in a similar way to their posture? If all that’s happening, then it’s your subconscious self, showing her that you may be a good match for her.

4. You’re protective of her

If you truly like her, and aren’t just after that one thing, you’ll try your best to protect her at all costs. That’s just natural instinct for any man who really likes a girl, and there’s not much you can do about it. You’ll be able to tell if your protective behavior around her is just your personality, or something special that you don’t feel commonly. If you like her, then seeing her upset, distressed, or harmed will naturally bother you. Even behind her back, when someone mentions her in a negative light, you’ll find yourself defending her. This is a strong sign that you truly respect her, and really like her!

5. You’re jealous

No matter how hard you try to fight your own feelings towards this girl, you won’t be able to control jealousy. It’s not something you choose, but whenever other men are interested in that specific girl, you always get that threatened, uncomfortable feeling. That’s jealousy, and usually only occurs when you’re truly interested in someone in a romantic way. You just don’t want anyone to be with her, and the thought of her liking someone back is horrifying to you. If that’s what’s going on, buckle up for love!

6. You hate the guy she’s interested in

This one can also be termed as jealousy, but it’s a very specific kind. If you’re really into this girl, you’ll naturally feel sour energy with any guy she shows interest in. If you know her as a friend, you’ll find yourself taking her out of her crush, telling her how it’s a bad idea or how the guy’s just a player. You may feel that she deserves way better, which is often a healthy sign of having feelings for her.

If you feel like you’d be the right guy for her, putting in the time and energy she deserves, then you’re attracted to her. Going to lengths trying to break her interest in other men is a sign in and of itself, so ask yourself if you do that a lot.

7. You go cold on her

Whenever men get confused over whether or not they like a certain girl, there’s a defensive mechanism to push those feelings down inside. As a result, you may find yourself acting strange around this girl, going hot and cold on her. If you’re really trying to fight the obvious feelings you have for her, you’ll randomly act cold around her, just to communicate that you aren’t that into her. But in fact, that may just be a sign that you really are into her – a lot!

Actively trying to cut all communication with them, not seeing her in weeks, and just trying not to look at them in a group setting (even though you want to) – all of these are signs of fighting your feelings for her!

8. You make excuses to talk to her

If men like a girl, they’ll generally find excuses to talk to them. Even if it’s just for a few seconds, a small interaction can be enough to make their day special. If you also catch yourself making excuses to speak to her occasionally, you probably really like her.

You might know what the math homework is but still choose to ask her. In an office setting, even if you don’t really care about what the presentation said, you choose to talk about it and ask her. Any opportunity to speak to them directly just brings you a special sort of happiness. If that’s the case, you’re super interested in this girl!

9. You try hard to impress her

As a man experiencing a major crush on a woman, you’ll try your absolute best to make sure she sees the best possible version of you. You’ll make an active effort to be at your best behavior around them. You’ll dress better, act better, try being funnier, and possibly talk in a deeper voice. If that’s what’s happening, you’re trying super hard to impress her, and that just means you’re into her. If you’ve bought a new perfume with her in mind, or pick a shirt to wear while thinking about her preferences, you’ve got some feelings for her!

10. He asks you to hang out instead of going on a date.

You love to be around them and find ways to do that more often. Spending time with her brings you the most joy, but you struggle to set that up for as long as you might want. Obviously, you don’t have the guts to ask her out on a date right away, because you’re not even done hiding your feelings for her just yet. However, if you ask her to hang out more often than your other female friends, it’s probably because you enjoy her company in a different way; a more romantic way. Whenever she’s coming to a hangout, you’re going – even if it’s not something you’d commonly show up to.

11. When people say you like her, you shut down the ‘rumors’

When two people like each other or have sexual tension in between, the other people around feel it. The vibe is too obvious and pushed people to mention it later on. When they do mention it with you though, saying there’s a special chemistry between the two of you, you immediately try to shut that idea down. You act like your friends are being silly, even though they’re actually being pretty spot-on!

This happens because you don’t really want to fill others in on your little romantic endeavor just yet. You don’t want the girl to find out you’re into her right now, so your only option is to deny it when someone brings it up. Secretly, you do like it when people think you’d make a good couple. If that’s the case, you probably really are fighting your feelings for her!

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Men don’t often admit when they get involved in feelings for a girl. Not just to others, but they refuse to accept it themselves in the beginning. If you’re also one of these men and are unsure as to whether or not you like a girl romantically, this article was meant for you! These 11 signs occur when there’s a strong case of being into a girl, and if you identify with them, you’ll have found your answer. All the best!