How To Make Your Man Sexually Addicted To You: Guaranteed!

You may have the idea, but this is how to get it (and him) right

By Hana O.
How To Make Your Man Sexually Addicted To You: Guaranteed!

Let’s face it, ladies, the sparks, thunder, and lightning might be there at the start of a relationship, with you and your partner having steamy sex multiple times a day, every day. With time, the frequency could decrease, or worse, completely disappear for weeks on end.


It’s so easy to fall into a routine, and there’s nothing more boring than routine. With that said, let’s take a look at how to make (and keep) your man sexually addicted to you by using their nature against them and to your advantage.


Why not use their predictable, primal nature to master the art of making ourselves absolutely irresistible to our special man. You get satisfying power, he’s happy, chances of infidelity remain low –  that’s a triple win!

What Is Sexual Attraction?

We all have types when it comes to men. Some women like the dominant, Christian Grey type of guy while others prefer the boy-next-door, adorable kind of man. A woman with the former preference might meet a guy from the latter description and feel nothing.


However, when she sees a guy looking all polished, slick, and fresh in a suit passing by, a wave of feelings and reactions start bubbling in her core (or a bit lower down there) area. That’s basically what sexual attraction is. It’s an emotional attraction based on sexual desire or the quality of someone that arouses our interest.


For a relationship to work, last, and be successful, we need to be sexually attracted to one another. It may be superficial, or there might be a saying that “We never end up with our type,” but the presence of sexual attraction, even if on the lowest level, must be present. Because why be with someone that we’re not interested in?

What Drives A Man’s Sexual Attraction?

Many factors affect a man’s sexual attraction, the top of which could arguably be the physical and social traits of their partner or potential romantic interest. When we’re talking about the physical traits, it all boils down to preference.


Some guys prefer curvaceous and voluptuous women, while others are sexually attracted to petite ladies. You can also include race or nationality here, which affects the physical features of a woman, such as a complexion or facial features.


There is more agreement when it comes to social traits wherein men want a woman who is wife-material (especially true if that guy is looking for a long-term relationship). Someone respectable, goal-driven, ambitious, kind-hearted, intelligent, or intuitive are some of the social traits in a woman that men are typically sexually attracted to.


Furthermore, when the man discovers that he shares numerous traits in common with the girl, the attraction increases.

How Do I Get To Know My Man Even More?

Observation and study must be done to increase sexual attraction in an established relationship. There is always something new to learn about our partners because, as humans, we are continually evolving.


If you want to get to know your man more, there are two ways to go about it: pay attention and listen. Study his habits, actions, reactions, idiosyncrasies, responses, and any other aspects that don’t involve communication with you. From those alone, you will get to know your partner more and more – enough to make him even more sexually addicted to you.


The other approach is to listen. Now, this requires an actual conversation to happen. You can initiate the topic, or he might bring it up on his own. Since physical or social traits drive sexual attraction, there could be something about your attitude that he absolutely adores or hates. Build on the former and sacrifice the latter. Relationships take work, and getting to know your man, even more, requires effort on your end.


If you’re in a state where you’ve lost control of your body and gained too much weight, your partner might have hinted on that, and although he loves you for who you are, being physically “unappealing” could hinder sexual attraction. The course of action here is all up to you, whether you will get back on track or like how you look now and talk it out with your man instead.

How Can I Make My Man Addicted To Me Sexually?

There are countless ways to get your man addicted to you sexually. Why? Because they’re straightforward beings, remember? Here are a few ways to do so.

Do something new

Think of something you’ve never tried in bed before and go for it! Listen to his anime desires, if any, then get that maid outfit and surprise him with it. You don’t do 69? Try it. We all have something that we talk about we would do or want to try – now is the time to take the plunge.


Trying something new in bed is one sure way to let your man know that you aren’t settling for the mundane or the routine. Not only will the novelty surprise him in a good way, but it will leave him wanting more, more, more.

Try Kegels

This one’s easy. While he’s inside, SQUEEZE as your life depends on it. Watch his eyes almost pop out of their sockets or listen for that under-the-breath curse that’s bound to happen. You might want to practice beforehand so that when it’s time, you do it full force and full pleasure for your man.

Two words: Role-play

Roleplay is a great way to be someone else in the comfort of your room where there’s privacy and no one to judge. It may be awkward at first, but once you get into character, it’s totally alluring and addicting. Be his favorite porn star or a character that he’s fantasized about. Give him the pleasure of turning his fantasies into reality, and you’ve got him hooked.

Stay fit and healthy

Don’t lose yourself. Keeping fit and healthy is another way to ensure that your man would never get bored or worse, turned off. This might sound harsh, but it’s the sad truth. If you keep yourself at a pristine condition, he has no reason not to stay attracted and interested.


What’s more, this plan is actually good for you too! You get that confidence boost brought about by exercising and looking damn good. You can wear all those sexy lingerie also and turn your man on easy peasy.

Up your dirty talk

Why not listen to Jason Derulo’s advice and talk dirty to your man. Whether through text, phone call, or in person, you know exactly what to say to get him horny. Make it as salacious as possible, and get him to imagine just what you plan to do with him.


It’s best to implement this plan as a surprise to catch him off-guard. Maybe send one sext while he’s at work, so he’s reminded of you and your capabilities. This technique should be used sparingly so that he doesn’t get too acquainted with it, and your secret weapon wouldn’t lose its effectiveness.

Introduce toys

If you’ve never tried sex toys like vibrators and dildos, give it a go. You might be pleased with how satisfying they are. While there’s not a lot of sex toys focused on men, you and your man could incorporate the toys into your sex play and prove to him how adventurous you are.

Make it all about him

“Master, I live to serve…” you get the gist. Make some of your lovemaking sessions all about him. Give him all the unimaginable pleasures he’s only dreamed of experiencing. Chances are, he will want to reciprocate, so it’s a win-win!

Take control

Ride him, tell him what you want, command him what position to take, and get him even more hooked to the sex goddess you are. Men like it when women take control because it proves that they are in a fulfilling partnership.

What Should I Not Do When Trying To Get My Man Sexually Addicted To Me?

The tricky part of getting your man sexually addicted to you is going over the line and turning him off in the process. Don’t try too hard, don’t lose yourself, and as much as possible, keep it real and raw. Once the opposite happens, you risk eliciting a negative response or reaction from him.

How Does It Work Or A Long-Distance Relationship?

Gone are the days when long-distance relationships survived on snail mail. We now have the technology and multiple platforms that offer a seamless video call experience. Take advantage of that, and keep in touch. Squeeze in that sexy play. It may be awkward at first, but the mood quickly progresses to something more steamy and sensual.


The key to making this work with your man who is thousands of miles away is keeping in touch, making feasible, short term plans, and staying honest and transparent.

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And there you have it, super doable ways to make and keep your man sexually attracted to you. There is now no more reason why every couple should be living fulfilled sex lives.