11 Awesome Benefits Of Having Stay At Home Husbands

Why you should be open-minded to have stay-at-home husbands!

By Diana N.
11 Awesome Benefits Of Having Stay At Home Husbands

Growing Trend Of Stay At Home Husbands

In the world where there’s a change in traditional gender roles, it is unsurprising to find house husbands while the wife is the one who goes to work to earn money. 

Nowadays, men have minimal hesitation about leaving their careers to stay at home with their kids. They prove to be just as capable of running errands, keep the house in order and be a childcarer. What makes it different, however, is that they have to practice to be like their wives.

Are you wondering where the male ego is resting? Testosterone levels have no place where unemployment and the towering cost of childcare are, especially if the wife has a better job.

What makes it hard for stay-at-home husbands is the negative stereotype they face. To everyone else, the first thing that pops up when they hear of such a man is an image of a shameless guy who cannot get his act together.

Hopefully, people will start finding the change as the new normal, and wives will not feel shame when they fend for their homes because it is not a bad thing after all.

11 Awesome Benefits Of Having Stay-At-Home Husbands

Girl, just imagine how blissful it is to live life minus household chores! Having a husband rule the house while you are out making the world better comes with many benefits. Read on and find how.

1. It Is Money-Saving

Unsurprisingly, economic hurdles are the major reasons why a hubby may choose to be the home-maker. Therefore, when you have him at home taking care of the children, you might significantly cut expenses that cover services such as daycare, commuting, and lunches while saving on gas and parking fees.

2. He Becomes More Appreciative

There is no doubting the fact that you only feel it when you are in it. And a stay at home hubby knows this too well since he spent his past days thinking that there's nothing hard to stay at home and do a few dishes.

He will no longer take motherhood for granted when he spends his time figuring out how to play every role he can in the house.

3. Tighter Parental Bond

While mothers naturally bond with their kids immediately after conception, fathers have to create that bond physically. Some never get such an opportunity when they stay too far away from home.

However, men get to impact the emotional and social development of their children by playing more than a secondary role. It enables them to experience their children’s important milestones and spend quality time with them.

4. You Have A Support System

You can always count on a man who can gladly cook, clean, and allow you to walk into a delicious dinner on the table. Such a man can gladly support and take care of you as you do your best to be a super-star at work.

And since everyone knows how a shoulder to lean on is very important after a long day at work, count on having someone to rub your feet, and listen to you as you spout on how you hate that your boss is on your neck.

 You can have all that if you have your spouse taking care of your home.

5. Safety For The Kids

Demanding jobs require parents to trust strangers to take care of the kids. Such an act exposes children to danger and accidents from strangers such as day-cares workers and nannies.

However, having someone you share family values with a stay at home and take care of the children alleviates the stress of worrying if your kid is safe and well-taken care.

6. He Can Find Other Cash-Milling Means

After he finishes with the children and the house chores, he can use the remaining time to find online jobs, write, or blog and bring additional income to the family.

7. You Can Concentrate On Building Your Career

You can build your business brand, and take your career to higher levels without having the kids on your neck because they are with their father.

It will also allow you to spend quality time with your kid after work instead of doing the chores that your hubby took care of.

8. Discourages Over-Spending

Full-time mothers are the worst spendthrifts and hoarders ever. However, men are more likely to spend wisely and balance budgets effectively. You can, therefore, have someone to help you manage your finances while taking care of you as well.

9. Strengthens Marital Bond

If you make your spouse comfortable with his new role, he’ll gladly take care of the family, and trust you with the finances. Role swapping allows couples to respect each other because they get to understand the responsibilities and pressures of each other’s traditional roles.

10. They Do Chores Better

Playing a full-time dad enables him to master excellent culinary skills and allow him to be a better cleaner. Surprisingly, they become way better than women when they commit to their activities. 

11. You Have Enough Time For Yourself

Weekends and evenings are never the same when you get kids. Full-time motherhood demands that you be there for your children all the time.

However, when you have their father taking care of them, you can get enough time to have your own time, hang out with friends, and grow individually.

Side Hustles For Stay At Home Husbands

1. Blogging

It doesn’t have to get boring for your spouse when he can become a blogger. He can turn his passion into a profiting income. For instance, he can use his free time to make fitness episodes, or cook and sell them through his website.

2. Writing

A writing spark can blow out when someone lacks time to coin words. Now that your hubby doesn't have to run errands in the office anymore, encourage him to light up his passion and write as many books as possible.

He can later publish his work and sell them to readers.

3. Reselling Items Online

If he loves collecting antiques and is good at graphic design, he can use this opportunity to display his hand-made creations to prospective buyers on online platforms.

Apart from that, He can also create additional income by buying fast-moving items such as toys, books, and toys and resell them at a profit.

4. Marketing

Since he has all the time on his plate to create a large online following, he can promote other people’s products through his site and earn a commission from each sale he makes in his home's comfort.

5. Virtual Assistant

For a little reserved spouse that cannot write or blog, he can find a side-hustle by handling administrative projects.

For instance, he can manage social media platforms for high-profile individuals, respond to companies' emails, and create content for other bloggers.

6. Freelancer

Does he enjoy writing but is unable to make their own blogs or write books? He can identify online publications and websites that require new content to share with their consumers.

This job's flexibility can enable him to juggle between parenting and writing for as many publications as he can.

7. Dog-walking And Pet Sitting

If he is an animal lover, all the kids are in school; the house is sparkling clean, he can earn extra income by spending money with pets from the neighborhood.

He can decide to pet sit and handle visits to the vet for friends and family that don’t have the time to during the day.

8. Tutoring

After spending all his brain cells arguing with the kids over cereal, he can get them back by tutoring kids. He can help kids finish their homework and use his knowledge to help them in their academic weak-points.

9. Photographing

Home-based photography is a lucrative business if he puts enough effort into it. For instance, he can turn a room or the yard into his shooting studio. You can help him out by advertising his new adventure to broaden his client base.

10. Provide Laundry Services

Now that he is perfect at doing laundry let him offer the services to the neighbors who lack washers and driers.

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