Clitoral Pump: The Secret Tool For The Ultimate Pleasure

The lesser-known sex tool that everyone should know about

By Sophia R
Clitoral Pump: The Secret Tool For The Ultimate Pleasure

What Is A Clitoral Pump

For those of you who do not know the new generation of clitoris suckers, in this article, we will talk about them. We will explain how they work, the advantages they can provide, and the best existing brands.

How Do Clitoral Suckers Work?


Female sexuality suckers are erotic toys designed to stimulate the clitoris by circulating air. They produce a vacuum and a release of it over and over again, making the clitoris erect and stimulating it without touching it. With this suction, the toy manages to pump the blood, locating the circulation in the clitoris and its surroundings, sensitizing and stimulating the area, producing intense orgasms.

Before continuing we want to indicate some of the main characteristics of the clitoris as they will help to better understand the benefits that these toys provide:

  • The sole function of the clitoris is to provide pleasure
  • It has more than 8,000 nerve endings, which is why it is so sensitive
  • It will never lose the ability to provide pleasure and orgasms
  • Erect when the woman feels arousal
  • The visible part of the clitoris is the most sensitive and would correspond to the "glans", it is also protected by a cap similar to the male foreskin and finally by the vaginal lips.
  • Until recently, suckers were almost all manual and designed to stimulate the clitoris, labia, or nipples. Their designs are very large and designed rather enlarge intimate areas reminiscent of a man's erection pump. The new generation of suckers has focused on the clitoris: they are elegant, high-quality toys, with interchangeable and renewable silicone accessories, a powerful motor ... all with the aim of generating a good flow of suction.

What Benefits Can A Clitoris Sucker Bring Us?

The main benefit of this new generation of suckers is the intensity they have on the clitoris without having to come into contact with it. Most are adjustable in intensity and are characterized by causing fast and very intense orgasms (especially the first times they are used).

They can be used to lengthen the arousal and know our point of no return so that we can intensify the orgasm and lengthen the stimulation time.

They can be used daily for a few minutes to generate lubrication naturally. If the woman has lubrication problems, these types of toys can be of help avoiding the dryness and itching related to this problem. The sucker can be a great ally during menopause since it will allow us to stimulate the area daily, making it fit and lubricated.

They make you enjoy pleasure, lubricate the area, keep it active ... If you can achieve orgasms or enjoy good times, the response will improve and libido will increase. Using it as a couple can be a good idea.
Multi-orgasms: the power and the power to reach orgasm quickly make these simulators can be a good tool to achieve multiple orgasms alone or in the company.

How To Use A Clitoral Pump

More and more women dare to enjoy sex toys and one of those that promise more pleasure is the clitoris sucker, did you know that there are several techniques to make the most of it? Learn about the sexiest ways to use it to achieve multiple orgasms.

Knowing how to use the clitoris sucker allows you to get to know your body better and enjoy its benefits either alone through masturbation, or as a couple.

But to use it correctly it is important to place the sucker in the right position and part the lips to clear the clitoris. That is why Eva Moreno advises people who use it for the first time to try until they find the most suitable pressure and placement, focusing the suction effect on the clitoral hood, or a few millimeters from it so as not to press directly. Another option, according to the expert, is to use it by stimulating the lips and avoiding the clitoris.

At first glance, the clitoral sucker looks like a facial cleansing brush and has a finish that prevents water, lubricants, or other fluids from entering, making it an all-terrain toy.

The majority of them does not use batteries, it charges like a cell phone through a USB cable, it has 11 intensity levels and is very simple to use because its main objective is to stimulate the clitoris through a sensation of emptiness, shock waves, and air pulsations.

They do not use vibration, but rather stimulate the clitoris through waves, producing a release of air that concentrates circulation in the area, increasing sensitivity. You simply have to place it close to your clitoris to notice how blood flow increases rapidly and orgasm comes in a few minutes.

How To Use With A Partner

here are many tastes, and of course, the clitoral sucker is not for everyone. There are women who do not find it exciting, they may even find it annoying if they are very sensitive in that area. Don't worry, it can be used in more ways, for example in relationships with your partner.

Any sex toy is ideal to be used as a couple and can be combined with a man's. In the case of clitoral suckers, you can use them to stimulate other erogenous zones such as the glans of your partner in case it is a man or even the nipples.

You can also use the clitoral sucker as a supplement during penetration and help you achieve a more pleasant orgasm. Think that when a woman has an orgasm there are uterine and vaginal contractions that stimulate the penis even more. Therefore, it can be an option to achieve orgasm together. 

To get the most out of this sex toy, we recommend that you follow some techniques to use the clitoral sucker:

1. Doggy style

One of the advantages of the clitoris sucker is that it does not have a phallic shape like other sex toys for women, which makes its use as a couple much easier since the man will not feel displaced in the sexual act.

The best thing to enjoy as a couple is during the doggy style sex position, in which the woman is in the position of four, while the man penetrates from behind. Do the position in a normal way but your partner must stimulate your clitoris with the sucker playing with the speeds and intensities.

2. Oral sex

While your partner is giving you oral sex, at the same time you can use the sucker to stimulate your clitoris, the ideal is to do it with minimum speeds so that the arousal goes up a little bit and the orgasm is very intense.

3. Shower sex

As the clitoris sucker is waterproof, you can enjoy it in the shower. Your partner can stimulate your breasts with one hand or with his mouth, while he masturbates you with the help of the sucker. The sensations will be very intense.

Do not leave it for later, start to enjoy all the advantages of the clitoris sucker, you can first experience yourself through masturbation and since you are an expert, ask your partner to stimulate you using the sex toy in the way that most enjoy it.

Top 3 Clitoral Pump Recommendation

1. Satysfier

This one is the best known of all clitoral suckers and the first to make the leap to social networks, where its users, many of them well-known influencers, speak wonders of it. Created in Germany, it measures 17 cm, it is beautiful, discreet, and ergonomic. It has two buttons, one for power and the other to vary the intensity (it has 11 levels!). Before using it, you will have to charge it as if it were mobile. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation | Clitoris Stimulator|

2. Sona 2

Sona 2

Another best-seller among clitoral suckers. Sona 2 adapts perfectly to your hand, so you can hold it comfortably and access its 12 programs without stopping enjoying a second. Its small size makes it ideal to enjoy it also as a couple, integrating it in your erotic games and it is 100% waterproof. Psst. Lelo brand suckers do not emit vibrations like those of conventional sex toys, they generate sonic waves in the form of pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris, not just the external part! An ideal toy for those who have difficulty reaching orgasm or have never experienced it during oral sex. You have it in Diversual.

3. We Vibe Melt

Melt | Buy your Pleasure Air™ technology vibrator online |

From the well-known brand of vibrators for couples Wi-Vibe, the novelty of this toy is that it is a clitoris sucker with remote control. Its curved design makes it 100% fit to the body and is made with high-quality medical silicone. It is the only clitoral sucker with Pleasure Air technology. And in addition, it is submersible, has a long-lasting rechargeable Lithium battery, and works with the We-Vibe app for remote control from anywhere in the world, so it is the ideal toy.

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Both alone and with your partner, the clitoris sucker can be your ally to achieve much more pleasant orgasms or to enjoy your body and your sexual relations as a couple in a new and fun way. What to wait to try it?