Love or Money: What If Someone Rich Enters Your Relationship?

Should you leave an existing relationship when the new person is rich?

By Sid
Love or Money: What If Someone Rich Enters Your Relationship?

What Will You Choose? Love or Money?


Experiencing what it means to be loved is one of life’s greatest experiences. However, it is to note that every human being is unique and we all have different priorities – some people prioritize financial security over love and some go the other way around. Although there’s nothing wrong with making sure that you’re financially successful, if you ensure that your bank account comes before the satisfaction you feel once being loved, you may have a gone a bit overboard. Making money at the expense of your love life isn’t the wisest decision you’ll ever make.


The old saying "money can't buy love" is indeed true. Ask yourself if your money can comfort you when you’re feeling down, give you long, warm hugs, or listen to you for hours. My point is, no matter how much money you have, it isn't going to give you the satisfaction you feel once you find someone to share your life with.


In a nutshell, I’d advise you to choose love if you ever come across the challenging choice of choosing between money and love. I’m aware of the fact that my advice is an opinion as well. That being said, the final decision, of course, is up to you. Think about what is important for you when it comes to defining what success means in life. However, remember that the value of love reaches far beyond a stack of paper.

Our Advice for Difficult Situations


We get it – it’s easy to be seduced by money, but it’s a sin to be seduced at all. If you’re already in a relationship and somehow or the other, a third (wealthy) person enters your relationship, it’ll truly be like eating the forbidden fruit. However, we’ve got you covered – here are three tips on dealing with difficult situations:

When Someone Rich Enters Your Existing Relationship

1. Remember that your existing partner loves you for who you are – do the same for them


Try to think about how unfair it would be for your existing partner when they come to realize that you fancy someone else only based on how chubby their wallet is. Recall the fact that your existing partner, regardless of how much money they bring to the table, loves you for who you are. That being said, what guarantee can your provide yourself with in regards to the rich person you fancy also having a pure heart and pure intentions for when it comes to loving you?   Your existing partner’s love for you isn’t material, instead, it’s about how they feel when they're with you. Try to pay them back with the same pure sentiments.

2. Be appreciative for all that your existing partner does for you


If you’ve befriended a wealthy person and find that their mental connection with you is on the same wavelength as your partner, it can truly be a challenging time for you to choose between the two. Your new friend might be showering you with a lot of expensive gifts and that may be common for them, but for your existing partner, it would mean forgetting about next month’s rent. Having said that, be appreciative of all that your existing partner does for you. Take into notice that even though they have the responsibility of making their ends meet, they somehow take out the time, money, and energy to please you. It’ll be anything but fair to leave them just because someone else gives you more gifts than they do – that’s just below the belt. Remember not to stoop down so low where you find gifts as a way for someone to buy your affection.

3. Remember why you fell in love with your existing partner in the first place


As we mentioned before, it can be very easy to get lost in the amount of money your new friend has or the price tags of the gifts they allure you with. However, try to think of how toxic such material seductions can be for your existing partner and how devasting their impact can be on your existing relationship. Having said that, take a step back and try recalling all the crazy times you spent with your existing partner and all the things you love about them and wouldn't change for the world. Remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. Don’t let the glitter of materialism blind you. Money or no money shouldn’t change the fact that you fell in love with your partner not for their money, but for who they are.

When You Have a Rich Person and Not-So-Rich Dates

If, somehow or the other, you do fall in love with your new friend and end up dating them, be sure to be mindful of a few trigger points. We’ve compiled a list of things you should be careful of while dating your rich boo:

1. Know that they love you for who you are, not where you eat


If you’re anxious about the fact that they take you out for dinner in five-star hotels while you choose to head out to the nearest McDonald’s, remember that they fell in love with you for who you are, not where you eat. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end up loving cozy McDonald’s dates more than you!

2. Be confident about your choices


It’s important to be confident about who you are. Continuing the example from the previous tip, if you choose to head out to McDonald’s – it’s not only because of the money – maybe you just love McDonald’s too much. When you’re confident in your choices, they’ll end up loving you, even more, trust us. 

3. This could be a blessing in disguise


If you’re aware of the fact that they won’t judge you for where you eat and are confident about your choices, this could be a blessing in disguise. You see, they’ll notice that you love them for who they are and are open to sharing your ‘not so expensive’ experiences with them. In turn, it’s possible that they feel more secure and satisfied with who you are as a person. As a result, this could leave a positive impact on your new relationship.

When Someone Rich is Married

If you find out that your new, rich beau is married, things could take a drastic turn. We’ve compiled a list of advice you might want to check up on while dating someone rich, but married:

1. Don’t be a homewrecker


Leaving an existing relationship just because your partner wasn’t wealthy enough was one thing but being in a new relationship where your partner is wealthy but married, is another. We can’t put it into simpler words: don’t be a homewrecker. Think about what their spouse would have to go through once they find out that you were the one their partner was cheating on. You don’t want that kind of publicity – you’re better than that.

2. Respect the values taught to you


Throughout our lives, we reflect on the values and morals taught to us by our parents. Think about them before you think about yourself. Respect the values they taught you – I’m sure being okay with dating a married person just because they’re wealthy was not a value they’d have consensus over.

3. Treat others how you want to be treated


Remember that karma is very real. Whatever energy you give out into the world will find its way back to you. That being said, treat others the way you want to be treated. How would you feel if you find out (once you’re married) that your partner has been cheating on you? Having said that, think about your new beau’s unaware spouse and stand firm on your decision to walk away from such an immoral relationship.

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In conclusion, it can be said that preferring money over love brings more harm than good for your mental health and the stability of the relationship itself. When you fall in love with someone, it’s because of who they are, not because of how much money they have. Moreover, remember that a person’s personality is ‘permanent’, while money is something that can vanish into thin air in a blink of an eye – make sure you make wise decisions, especially when it comes to love.