Why You Can’t Give Up On Love: 10 Reasons For Those Alone

Love. That's the most important reason not to give up on love

By Olivia Jud
Why You Can’t Give Up On Love: 10 Reasons For Those Alone

Let’s be honest, we all search for love constantly. Whether you talk to a friend about a mistake you made, presenting your new business idea to your boss, or calling your Mom. You’re always expecting to get acceptance. And this relates to love. It can also be said that love correlates with happiness. It seems like you are looking for different things but deep down it always ends up in being loved and sharing the love.

Although there are different ways to experience love, the most beautiful and rewarding way to receive this very much needed feeling is by being in a romantic relationship.

Love. That’s The Most Important Reason Not To Give Up On Love

The main reason for not giving up in searching for love is, that you feel so much more confident, happy and things tend to work out way better if you feel loved. Simply said, your life is getting easier and you feel good about yourself. It’s some kind of self-care, I mean you deserve to feel your best all the time, right?

Why Love Triumphs All Other Emotions

Happiness, excitement, joy, serenity but also sadness, disgust, anger, shame, embarrassment are some emotions we all know very well. The list goes on and on. And not everybody feels those emotions the same way as you do. Some of us feel ashamed very fast, even though nobody in the Café just saw that they spilled their coffee all over the table.

One very strong emotion is, again – love.  If you’re lucky, you’ve already experienced this deep emotion, that brings so much fulfillment into your life. This is also the reason why it’s compared to all the other feelings so much more important. Love can take overhand over the other emotions very easily and quickly. If you found the one person in your life, which unleashes all the love in you, suddenly you won’t be that upset about your friend canceling your girls night and all your other problems seem to be absurd.

Love is that powerful, that all the other emotions just seem to be a shade somewhere in your mind, whereas the world seems so much more colorful and happier.

10 Reasons To Not Give Up On Love Even When You Are Lonely

You’ve been on your own for some time now? Sometimes you even feel lonely even if your friends and family are constantly around? Then it’s time to change your destiny and be open to love!

1. Just go for it

Never give up on love. That’s probably the most important advice someone can give you on your journey of finding the person who loves you. What have you got to lose? It might be hurtful sometimes but if you give up on Love, you could miss out on something magnificent. If you keep going, the rest will be history as they say.

2. Your chance to become a better person

Love makes your life better. And having a better life means becoming a better person. Do you remember the last time you felt so much love for someone that you felt like bursting? I bet you wanted to share your positive emotions with somebody else. Many people tend to share their love experiences by doing good things. Everything in your life will get a little better this way.

3. La vie en Rose

Or as we would say: Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. There is definitely something about this saying. As you get to experience love, your life gets more spectacular. Everything around you seems to be so much more exciting than normal and you start to see the good things in your life much clearer. The best thing about that is that you might exude this vibe and people will see you in a different light.

4. Touch the sky

All of a sudden, things that seemed to be impossible yesterday are now within your reach. You get the confidence to do stuff which you were scared of for a long time and you finally have the energy to start a new project, which you pushed aside for so long. Your friends will say that you should think more realistic but don’t listen to them. Now is your time!

5. Feel connected

Finally, you have somebody for whom you have such intense emotions that you might feel complete and fulfilled for the very first time in your life. There’s a person with whom you can share your deepest fears, your dreams, and even the weird side of you without being judged. Because your boyfriend accepts you no matter how you look like or how you act.  

6. Be open

Finding love has a lot to do with being open to such emotion and embrace everything that comes with it. If you’re not open to love, you can also not be open to other parts of your life. There’s so much that won’t have the chance to get to you. That means that you should open your heart and listen to all the signs around you.

7. Simply be human

As we already discovered, everybody is looking for love. Love is a human necessity. Our soul tells us to live a life of love, just because we are human beings. That means to love and to be loved. If you stop believing in love and being open to experience it, you might lose touch to your true self.

8. Your way to be healthier

There is evidence, that love has a major impact on your health. Many studies show that people who are loved or love someone are happier in general and healthier. Love has the power to lower the risk of personality disorders and is also capable of reducing anxiety and stress. The biological functions that are happening in your body while having the feeling of love in your life are responsible for being happier.

9. Love comes and goes

After a rough break up or loss in your life, you might feel hopeless as you will never find love again. It probably seems like you’ll never be able to feel this way again for another person and step by step you start to give up on love. But once you look around you, there are signs that love isn’t a once in a lifetime thing. Most people find love multiple times throughout their lives. And if that’s the case for others, it can definitely happen to you as well, never give up on love!

10. It’s never too late

Especially while going through a rough time, we tend to wish for a partner, a relationship that is uncomplicated and where we can escape from our every day worries. But sometimes we’re also glad to be alone and free of all the duties that a relationship brings along. Yet, we all want to have this one person in our life. You’re already in your thirties and haven’t found this person? Don’t worry! There is no perfect time to find the love of your life and it’s also never too late for that. Read on to dive into the world of the late love romances.

Famous Celebrities That Found Love Late

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz (c) Benji Madden/Instagram
Source: Benji Madden/Instagram

There are countless celebs who needed a little longer to find their partner. And that’s okay, better late than never, right?

Let’s start with Dwayne Johnson, he married his current spouse Lauren Hashian at the age of 47. They met in 2007 and got married in 2019. He was already 35 when they first met!

Cameron Diaz married her husband Benji Madden also when she was in her forties. According to her, she just wasn’t that sure in her previous relationships and there was never a guy she would’ve married.

Salma Hayek always said that she didn’t want to have a husband but still, she got married when she was 42 to the French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault.

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Sometimes it’s easier to give up on the search of love and just stay alone. There are also people who are doing better being alone just because they are not the relationship kind of person. Even though those persons don’t have a romantic relationship, they need the love which they can find in friendships, in their families, or maybe also in having a pet.

But that’s not the norm. Many of us are made for romantic relationships and we should all never stop to strive to find love. There are so many reasons to never give up and the benefits from having love in your life are definitely overweighting all the troubles and emotional rollercoasters you will experience while following your path of love.