55 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them And Miss Them

Expressing love to someone special shouldn’t be complicated. Other than the normal ‘I love you’ there are many ways you can show your affection.

By Gerald Matiri
55 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them And Miss Them

How To Show Someone Love

It is one thing to tell someone that you love them, but it is a completely different thing to show them with actions. The gesture you put behind the word love is what counts because actions speak louder than words. Remember the last time someone told you they loved you and backed up the words with gestures? Indeed they made a difference. If you love someone, it is important that you show them how much you love them before it gets late. It is even better if you express love without words. If you want to build a stronger relationship with your parents, friends, siblings, husband, or boyfriend, show them you love and miss them once in a while through the following.

1. Spend the entire day together

The most special gift you can give someone is your time. It is priceless and shows that they are significant to you. You can take a day out with your kid or friend and be free. Dedicate a whole day to someone special and don’t let anything distract you as you do things together. Spend some quality time and talk over some important matters.

2. Lend them your hand at work

No work can be too big or small; respect the work of that special person in your life. If your friend is a busy professional, you can offer to prepared data, type or organize their files in order to reduce their workload. The amount of work you do for them is not as important as the willingness you show.

3. Shop together

You can kill boredom with your mom through shopping. If you are a workaholic, try to seclude some time and join someone shopping. Whether it is about the groceries, clothes, or furniture, helping someone shop feels wonderful.

This my neighbor Anna. About 3 months ago I ran into her on the elevator a few days after she broke her foot. I offered to buy groceries for her whenever I went shopping. Over those many weeks of my dropping off food to her, we became friends. It was not till recently that I discovered she was an artist! Her pieces were on display at West Elm in Santa Monica. You can find her art work at https://annasyrkisart.com Helping isn't hard and you don't have to know the person well to be of service. Offer something specific and offer more than once. (It took Annna two times before she accepted.) So go ahead, offer to help someone you know in need. You never know what might happen!! #loveoneanother #buygroceries #youmatter #justhelp

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4. Have a fun day

There are many ways to fill a day with fun. Surprise your loved ones with a picnic, take them to a swimming pool, or plan for a long drive. Laugh, eat, and play together for fun.

5. Give someone a surprise visit

Your parents are some of the people you should visit often if they live in a far-off town. You can take leave but do not let them know that you will be visiting. Your parents gave you life and you always miss them, so make them happy.

Actions To Show Love To Your boyfriend Or Husband

Romance is a paramount aspect of any romantic relationship and you must know how to rekindle it for a healthier and happier relationship. Romantic gestures show your intimate person that you care. And if you forget to do so, your lover might feel jealous, insecure, and sad. Not everyone is romantic. Some people know how to use a few words and woo someone while others need more help to bring romance to the table. Here are tips to help you mean what you say to your man.

6. Write him a love card

You don’t have to write your husband a card only when you are fighting. Do it often to show him that he makes your life better. A love card is a great way to revive some old love and you will be expressing your inner thoughts, which is very intimate.

7. Cook for him

The world revolves around food and no one can escape this. You can make your better half happy with your tangy skills even if you are not an expert chef. With this small gesture, you can touch his taste buds and who knows what magic will follow? Surprise him in his office with some delicacies and he will forever remember this. It is a good way to impress him and make his entire day. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner at your place without necessarily going to a hotel.

8. Support him

It is human nature to make mistakes and you must know how to support your beloved when he is going through a rough time. Even though you warned him about a trap and he still fell for it, there is no need to reprimand if he regrets it. What he needs is your support. Tell him that everyone messes up and that he should learn from the mistake rather than dwell on it.

9. Show love with hugs and kisses

The warmth of a hug is enough to show that you miss your man all the time. A good morning kiss is a simple way to express love.

10. Watch movies

Movies are educational and entertaining. Watching a movie with your lover is an amazing way to pass time. Be sure to take care of his taste and the entertainment will be much better. Have some popcorns or homemade food to make it a romantic date.

11. Share passion

Ask your boyfriend if h can join you in some activities that he loves like watercolor painting. You can also invite him to see something you enjoy doing.

12. Touch him

A touch of love doesn’t need to be sexual all the time. Anything from cuddling to light massage is fine.

13. Romantic gifts

There are fun ways to gift your husband such as buying him underwear and put it on. Small gifts like chocolates and neckties can surprise him and brighten his day. Make an effort to create a handmade gift for your boyfriend, for example a collage, scrapbook, stitch bag, or painting. A handmade souvenir can keep good memories because it represents authentic love by the person who made it.

14. Hold his hands

You can do this in private or public place. It is a way of showing the world how much you love one another.

15. Dress up for him

Put on some sexy clothes that he loves to see you in when you are going out. Find ways to charm him with your appearances and he will never want to leave you.

16. Initiate romance

You don’t need to wait for him to start a make-out session. You can also initiate it to get him in the mood for lovemaking. This will show him that you enjoy getting intimate with him.

17. Give flowers

There are many varieties of flowers you can give to your lover. Find out his favorite scents and colors and send him just that.

18. Refer to him with endearing words

The little lovey-dovey things are never taken for granted. Call him sweetheart, honey, love or whatever works for you.

19. Clean his car

Don’t wait for your hubby to ask you to do this. Surprise him by cleaning his car when he least expects it.

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20. Prepare a bath for him

He will feel good seeing a warm bath just waiting for him after the long day he had.

How to show love to a long-distance boyfriend

A long-distance relationship is challenging. A lot of dedication and trust is required to show love to someone who is miles away from you. It gets frustrating to maintain a close connection when you are not beside one another. How do you keep the romance burning with a long distance boyfriend? Don’t worry because there is a way as long as you have the will. If you don’t make any efforts, your long distance relationship might crumble. Let your long distance lover know that you miss them in the following ways.

21. Create a romantic scrapbook for him

Gather postcards, love letters, photos, ticket stubs, greeting cards and any other mementos. Write down how your love story started on the first page of the scrapbook. Include jokes you love sharing and funny moments you’ve had in the past.

22. Send him your photos

Take pictures often and send them to your long distance boyfriend. Let him know what you do all day long though those pictures. Fuel his fantasies and make his imaginations go wild by sending racy pictures of you.

23. Hang out online

Make sure that you text him good morning each day and good night. Let him know that you are thinking about him through Whatsapp or any other online platform. Ask about his day-to-day life and show him yours via texts and photos.

24. Call him often

When dating long distance, you have to spend as much time as possible with your loved on the phone. In as much as you have many chores to perform, try giving him your undivided attention when you talk over the phone. It will make a huge difference.

25. Video chat

Video chats will enable you to see your lover’s face. All you need is a reliable video app and good internet connection.

How To Show Love To Someone Through Texts

If you are attracted to someone, you shouldn’t forget to express your feelings through text messages. If you are not the romantic type of woman, you need some help telling your boyfriend how you feel. A cute text every day could be all you need to spice things up in your relationship. These 30 texts are enough to show your lover that you love and miss them. 26. Good morning handsome 27. Thanks for being my light when am suck in darkness 28. I love sharing my secrets with you 29. I trust you 30. You are the most wonderful gifts I have in my life 31. I feel it when your heart beats because it makes mine sing 32. I know you have good intentions for me even when I don’t understand your actions 33. I feel less scared when you are around 34. I hardly get attached to people but it all changed when we met 35. I forget the essence of time when spending time with you 36. I never stop thinking about you 37. Am glad to be all yours 38. I want nothing more than to hear you laugh 39. You are the first person I want to talk to when a there’s a major event in my life 40. I can hear your voice even when you are miles away 41. I love your sense of humor 42. My favorite part of the day is waking up next to you 43. Seeing you smile makes me smile 44. I want to go through life together with you, forever 45. I would kiss you right now if I could 46. Am looking forward to seeing our future together 47. I cannot imagine life without you 48. No power is greater enough to break our love 49. You mean the world to me 50. Your happiness means more to me than my own 51. You bring the best in me 52. Your ambition and kindness blow me away 53. I still get goosebumps after all this time 54. I love you for who you are 55. I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me


Sometimes the three words ‘I love you’ are not enough. You have probably been told this countless times and said them a million times. When you feel like they are not enough for your dad, mum, or lover, use the 55 tips to show how much these people mean to you. Knowing how to show someone that you love and miss them should not be difficult. It is the little things that make a difference. Instead of saying empty words, learn how to express yourself by actions and be sincere.


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