How To Keep Your Erection Hard And Longer During Intercourse

Going to bed with a girl can be frustrating when you're trying to make your erection longer and hard without success. Here's how to fix that.

By Gerald Matiri
How To Keep Your Erection Hard And Longer During Intercourse

Keeping it hard for a longer amount of time

One of the major concerns that many men face is their inability to satisfy their partners. When you are unable to satisfy her, you ought to know that the risk of cheating is real. In order to be able to satisfy her, you will need to ensure that you can keep your erection longer and hard. A softer erection isn't the best option for sex. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, you might be getting anxious wondering how to turn your sex life around. The good news is that there are many ways you can use to ensure that you get a longer erection and enjoy better sex. The penis is like a barometer that shows your level of confidence. When you have a soft and limp sexual essence, this will also make your confidence in other areas of life go on a downward spiral. The penis is 30 to 60% smooth muscle tissue. Like other kinds of muscles, it can shrink or grow depending on how you use it. Here are a few tips you can use to make your erection harder and last longer.

1. Avoid OTC pills

You may be tempted by the colorful ads that suggest that once you use certain OTC pills, you can make your erection super hard and last much longer. However, this is not a matter that will be solved by quick fixes. In fact, these pills might worsen the problem. For a short period of time, these products may make you feel more confident. However, the confidence isn’t authentic as the performance will be from the pills rather than you. You will be left feeling bad about yourself and your poor performance in bed. The pills may also make your erection too hard, to the point that you might end up temporarily losing sensation in your penis. Instead of using OTC pills, search for natural ways of handling the problem.

2. Remove stressors to make your erection hard

If you are going through a stressful period in your life, you can be assured that this will have a negative impact on your sex life. This is because raised stress levels in the body cause a dip in your sex drive. In order to make your erection harder and longer, you will need to get rid of all stressors in your life. Consider if you really need to work all those overtime hours. Also, minimize your intake of coffee/caffeinaited energy drinks. If there are some extra responsibilities that you have been given, look for a polite way to decline them. The more balanced and relaxed your lifestyle is, the better you will feel overall. This will make your erection much harder and longer. To make things even better, engage in some intense workouts and your mind and body will be ready for action in the bedroom.

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3. Avoid watching porn to make your erection longer

There are various studies that have shown that watching pornography excessively or even moderately can have a negative effect on your ability to be aroused by your partner. This means that if you want to strengthen your penis and avoid premature ejaculation, you will need to minimize watching porn as this reduces your erectile ability and strength. Sorry guys, but sometimes you gotta make sacrifices for those you love.

4. Use blackberry jam to make it hard

Dark fruits such as bilberries, elderberries, and blackberries have high amounts of ultra-powerful antioxidants and anthocyanins that are good at fighting erectile dysfunction. It is worth noting that the ability of the penis to rise to the occasion (pun intended) will depend on whether nitric oxide is present or not. When your blood is filled with lots of free radicals, the amount of nitric acid levels will go down and your penis also goes down. Anthocyanins have the ability to attack the free radicals before they lower your levels of nitric oxide. According to a study that was done by researchers at Indiana University, when arteries are treated with anthocyanins, high levels of nitric oxide are retained even after these blood vessels have been flooded with free radicals. The role of the antioxidants is to control the levels of free radicals and enable nitric oxide to perform. This is what provides the penis with the blood it requires to turn your excitement into an erection.

5. Stop smoking to make it hard and longer

Studies show that smoking can lead to arterial damage, which in turn can increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. However, according to a study that was published in the Journal of Urology, it was noted that when men stop smoking before they reach their 50s, it is possible for them to reverse this damage. Smoking is actually known to be a major cause of impotence. There is also evidence to show that smoking can affect the size of a man's erection. One study showed that the penises of smokers are significantly smaller as compared to those of non-smokers.

6. Don’t be in a rush to ejaculate

If you are the kind who loves quickies and always enjoys rushing to ejaculation, you are missing an opportunity to make your penis stronger. If you want to make your erection rock hard and last longer, you will need to ensure that your penis remains firm for at least 5 minutes.

7. Breathe deeply to get a hard and longer erection

In case you want to increase your ejaculation speed, start by tensing many of your various groups of muscles and keep holding your breath. On the other hand, to make your sexual session longer, relax your muscles as you breathe deeply through your belly. With deep breathing, it is possible to have control over your erection.

8. Lose excess fat

Diabetes is also a major cause of erectile dysfunction. In fact, over 50 percent of men with diabetes are usually impotent. This is because diabetes increases the rate of arterial disease and also causes a slowdown of the transmission of stimuli in the nerves of your body. You can be assured that when your penis becomes numb, it will not be able to rise to the occasion. One of the best ways of avoiding diabetes is by remaining slim. In case it is already too late for you, speak to your doctor about ways to lower your blood sugar levels. Men who are not good at controlling their blood sugar have more erection problems as compared to those who stay on top of the situation.

9. Avoid bumping into hard objects

When the corposa cavernosum (or simply, the penis) is hit, it can rupture. This is a direct ticket to erectile dysfunction. This means that you need to take good care of your private parts. While a partial tear may not be that serious, it may cause problems later on if untreated. Medical experts suggest that over half of cases of impotence are a result of penile trauma. Please note gentlemen, your partner's pubic bone is as hard as a tree’s trunk. This means that it is important to be careful when she gets on top of you during intercourse as this is the position that is most likely to cause injury to your erection.

10. Walk a lot to make your erection hard

Walking can also help you a lot when it comes to maintaining a rock hard and longer erection during intercourse. Recent research has found that men who walk at least 2 miles in a day had fewer erection problems as compared to those who were sedentary. If walking isn't your cup of tea, you can try weight training or jogging for a period of 30 minutes every day.The more exercise you engage in, the cleaner, healthier, and more flexible you will be. Remember, a healthy man has a healthy penis.

11. Yawn to make your erection hard and stronger

This may sound strange. But yawning has the same effect on the body as an erection. Both of these activities are controlled by nitric oxide. When the chemical is released into your brain, it travels to the neurons that are responsible for opening your mouth as well as breathing. This chemical may also go down the spinal cord to blood vessels that are responsible for feeding your penis. This is the reason why you will find that a good yawn will awaken your penis and give you an erection. This doesn’t mean that you should have your mouth open during foreplay. The key thing is to keep yawning during the day to ensure that you will be ready for action later in the evening.

12. Have a good night's sleep

You've probably noticed that most mornings, you will wake up feeling hard down there. In fact, throughout the night, you can have 3 to 5 erections. This is a clear indication that sleep helps make your penis get hard for longer periods of time.

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13. Avoid snoring

Snoring can be a turnoff for a good night of intercourse. Aside from that, in order to remain healthy, all your body tissues require oxygen. Penile tissue is one such part. By snoring, you will be depriving the tissues of this oxygen. Again, you will need to avoid the OTC snore preventers. There are studies that show that these products aren’t effective at all. A good way of preventing snoring is by putting bricks below the posts of your bed. This is because snoring has more to do with your head’s gravity. According to Mayo Clinic, elevating the torso with the neck remaining in the same position can change gravity's effect on the throat’s soft tissue.

14. Lower your estrogen level

You can begin by calculating your BMI. If you have a BMI of over 25, your erection during intercourse is likely to be affected. In people who are overweight, testosterone is usually converted into estrogen. Higher estrogen levels are usually related to erectile dysfunction. The good news is that even losing weight moderately can help get rid of excess estrogen and ensure that your sex life gets back on track. Studies show that men who are clinically obese, with a body mass index of over 30, will show improvement in their erectile dysfunction after losing only 10% of their body weight.

15. Consume dark chocolate

This is one of the most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. The reason for this is that dark chocolate has been noted to contain flavonoids and epicatechins that are responsible for causing the release of the dilating chemicals within the inner layers of arteries. Studies show that people who consume 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate per day can improve dilation of their blood vessels by over ten percent. Even though the study, done at the University of California, didn’t touch on the receptive tissues, when the endothelial system in the body is improved, this will result in a hard and longer erection during intercourse.

16. Contact an acupuncturist

In case you believe that the main reason for your erectile dysfunction is stress, you should contact an acupuncturist. Acupuncturists can help to reverse erectile dysfunction that is psychologically induced. Erectile dysfunction that is psychologically induced occurs as a result of the imbalance between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. The goal of this traditional Chinese medicine is to help restore the body's natural balance.

17. Be comfortable during intercourse

A common mistake that men make is supporting their entire body with their hands during intercourse. In order to avoid the scenarios that leave you uncomfortable and weak with tiredness, excessive sweating, or overheating, always stay relaxed.

18. Be innovative to make it longer

No matter how good something is, too much of it will be boring. It could be that you have a very sexy girl. But it is only when you come up with new ways of enjoying sex that you will avoid getting bored of sex. Once you start getting bored, you can be assured that you will become less horny and less satisfied. And if you're hornier, you'll have a longer and harder erection.

19. Take your time and do not rush

One thing that many guys do not understand is that you do not have to rush to get inside a lady and ejaculate. Foreplay is very important. You may find those 15 minutes that you engage in foreplay to be useless. However, this is what will hold you up longer. This is because your little man down there will already have warmed up to the event. Stop thinking about your erection until you get inside her. When you finally penetrate her, you can be assured that your little man will ready.

20. Discuss it with your partner

When you are unable to hold an erection, this will leave both of you upset. This is why you should learn to discuss it and be able to reassure one another. This way you will not allow bad sex to destroy your relationship.

21. Work out to make your erection longer

When you engage in a nice cardio workout, it will help you to feel healthy and fit. This can also go a long way in improving your flexibility as well as the level of blood circulation in the penis. When you look good, you can end up staying hard down there for longer. This is on top of the fact that the increased circulation of blood will ensure that your boneless buddy will remain hard and sturdy for a long period of time.

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22. Avoid masturbation

If you want to prevent premature ejaculation and stay hard, you will need to avoid masturbation. Abstaining from masturbation may make your erections during sex harder, as you will be more excited for it.

23. Remove all kinds of inhibitions

Ensure that you remain in love with your body. There are many men out there who hate seeing their bodies. In case you are bothered by your physique, you will need to work on it in order to start loving it.

24. Understand love-making techniques

You need to remember that love-making is more than just penetration and ejaculation. If you are looking for a way to keep your penis hard and maintain an erection, you will need to understand the art of lovemaking. If all your attention is on penetration, you will end up pressuring yourself. Ensure that you look for a way to please your partner too and you will find that she will be sensual and relaxed.

25. Avoid thinking about sex

In case there's nothing that works for you, this is one thing that should definitely do the trick. Try to stay away from sex for around one month. Make sure that you don’t even see your partner naked, but keep arousing one another. You can do this by going out together, kissing, etc. When you restrict your level of engagement in sex, this will bring the curiosity and arousal back. This may help you to have an erection for long as you want when you do have sex again.

26. Consider the medication you are taking

Create a list of all the prescription drugs that you're currently taking. Some of these may be associated with poor performance in bed. One of these drugs is simvastatin, brand name Zocor. It's used to lower cholesterol levels. It's important to talk to your doctor about any side effects your medication might have on your erection and/or sex drive.