20 Signs That Your Coworker Likes You But Won’t Tell You

The attraction is there aren’t any moves from your coworker?

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20 Signs That Your Coworker Likes You But Won’t Tell You

Workplace Romance

You see each other five days a week for a good chunk of the day. You’ve seen them be confident in meetings. You watch how they take their morning coffee. You know when they are hungover from the tiredness in their eyes. Developing a crush on your coworker is not at all uncommon. It will probably happen at least once in your life. But unlike the crushes you had in high school, these are a bit more complicated. You are obligated to maintain a professional work environment. Crossing these boundaries could lead you to become unemployed and face humiliation. To avoid this, you must walk around in a pretty thin line.

20 Signs That Your Coworker Likes You But Won’t Tell You

1. They are interested in your life outside of work

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If your coworker asks you a lot of questions about your life outside of work, this means that they are interested in you. You will find them to be curious about your hobbies, activities, and preferences. This is because they want to get to know the fun side of you.

2. Their body language gives it away

One of the most important factors in telling if a person has a crush on you is body language. They will try to be close to you whatever chance they get. They’ll try to sit with good posture. Observe their knees. Where a person’s knees are pointed while sitting or standing indicates who they like most in the room.

3. Prolonged Eye Contact

You’ve heard the phrase that eyes are the windows to the soul. Well despite it being a cliché, it is very much true. People who like you tend to pay more attention to you. Thus, they will make eye contact for longer than necessary.

4. They perk up their appearance around you

It is natural to want to look good for your crush. So, if you notice that this person tries to fix their hair or straighten their collar when you enter the room, it may be because they have feelings for you. Humans want to present the best version of themselves to the one that they desire.

5. They are overly eager to help you

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You find yourself facing minor difficulty at work? This can range from not being able to reach the top shelf or having trouble with a project you are working on. This particular coworker is always the first to offer help. They are enthusiastic about helping you and go out of their way to lend you a hand.

6. Inside Jokes

Generally getting along with people you work with involves some form of friendly banter. But when this banter starts getting a bit too flirtatious, you know something more is up. A key indication of this is that your coworker has inside jokes that only the two of you understand.

7. You two have insane chemistry

When you are around each other, it just feels electric. You are on the same wavelength and can connect well with each other. This may also be partly sexual tension that has built up between you two. There is palpable sensual energy when you interact with this person.

8. They seem nervous around you

Our crushes make us anxious. This is a fundamental part of liking someone. You want them to like you back! So you become hyperaware of your body and your actions and words. You don’t want to do anything embarrassing.

9. They praise you

Compliments are a great way to tell if someone is interested in you. Plain flattery doesn’t cut. The types of compliments they give you are just as important. Detailed or specific compliments are what you are looking for. These could be regarding your work, your abilities, or most commonly your appearance.

10. They try to make physical contact

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That accidental touch of your hands or the fact that your legs are pressed together when you sit is not a mere coincidence. You will know that this person likes you in more than a friendly way when they do whatever they can to be in contact with you.

11. They interact on social media

In real life, flirting and making a move can be intimidating to some people. So, many prefer to interact with your social media posts instead. If they leave likes, comments, and appreciation on your social media frequently, this could be a sign they caught feelings.

12. They remember small details about you

Everyone makes small talk but when someone truly cares they won’t just listen to you but remember the information for your next conversation. For example, they will remember your dog’s name or how you like to drink your coffee in the morning.

13. There is gossip about you two

When the two of you can’t seem to figure out if there is something there, look around you. Other coworkers and friends will be able to detect that energy much more easily. So, if there are rumors this may be another sign.

14. They look happy to see you

Mornings are tough especially for people in the workplace. You are not fully awake yet; maybe you are hungry or just didn’t want to show up to work that day. Yet your crush will always bring a smile to your face. So, look out for this in your special coworker. 

15. They bring you food

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Small presents like buying someone's lunch are a wonderful form of affection. It is subtle yet makes the other person’s day. Other than the food, small thoughtful gifts that reminded the other person of you are extremely romantic and heartwarming.

16. They give you a nickname

Nicknames make you feel more comfortable around a person. If this coworker has a special little name that only the call you by, you can be sure that cupid paid a visit.

17. They try to spend more time with you

Does it seem like they just can’t get enough of you? This is because they want to get closer to you. They are imaging what your life together would be like. Thus, they hop on every opportunity to see you outside of work. 

18. You catch them staring

A sure-fire way of knowing someone is interested in you is just the way that they look at you. You catch them off-guard sneaking a glance and oftentimes they will shyly look away. Just like you are trying to observe their behavior they are observing yours.

19. They support your ideas

Someone who wants your approval will voice praise for you in front of other people. They want everyone to know how highly they think of you. In meetings, they’ll be the first to show support for your plan.

20. They boast about themselves

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You may think they are a show-off if your coworker starts to brag about himself whenever you’re around but in reality, they are merely trying to impress you. They want to seem like the best possible candidate for you to be interested in.

Why They Aren’t Making A Move?

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You are certain that this person is head over heels for you. There are undeniable signs but they just can’t seem to make a move. This can be immensely frustrating and confusing. It feels like your heart is being played with just like in your teenage years. You know they like you and you like them back. So why can’t you just get together already? Here are a few reasons why your coworker might be refraining from confessing their feelings for you.

The first reason is perhaps the most common one. They are afraid of rejection. Even though you are dropping hints, they fear you may not feel the same way. Facing rejection is hard at any age. Your coworker wants to avoid this awkwardness and keep you in the blue about their feelings. Secondly, they don’t want to cross workplace boundaries. After all, if you start dating and then break up it could potentially affect your efficiency and focus at work. This is why a lot of people just prefer to keep their love life separate from their work life.

 Lastly, there is one more reason that isn’t as innocent as the others. Your coworker may already be in a relationship! Whether they are married or just have a partner, they may not be disclosing their feelings because of this. It is not your place to judge them. A lot of people are stuck in unhappy relationships. But of course, make sure they are single before you start dating. Remember to respect their boundaries and choices.

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Being attracted to someone you are in a workplace environment can be difficult. But if your job policies allow you to have a relationship, then why not give it a shot. You might just find your soul mate. If they refuse to take action and step up, try asking them out yourself. Be confident and casual. In the worst-case scenario, they don’t want to be with you. No harm was done! Remember there is plenty of fish in the sea.