10 Tips to Have a Hot Make Out Session with Your Partner

5 Kissing Positions to Have a Hot and Fun Make Out Session

By Fred S.
10 Tips to Have a Hot Make Out Session with Your Partner

No matter which sexual encounter you come across, whether you’re involved in it, or whether you’re watching it in a movie or a TV serial, it always involves kissing; and I mean always! There’s something special about just gripping your partner’s neck and locking lips with them ever so passionately, no other mutual act matches it. There may be some personal bias involved in the following claim, but even sex fails to match it sometimes.  

This obviously makes kissing an incredibly important skill to master, as you’d be starting things off with it every time you’re looking to “get it on”. This article puts together a list of some of the best kissing positions that give you an easy ground to play in when it comes to aiming for a sizzling make out session. The aim is to keep you and your partner begging for more and to make each second of the precious session count. What they are, and why it’s important to know about these is discussed ahead.  

What Are Kissing Positions?

Even the simplest lip-locks are positioned in some way, even if you’ve just casually scooted over your front seat to kiss your boyfriend goodbye in the car. But these could get complicated, and as they do, they can start to play an impactful role in your make-out sessions once you realize their significance.  

Do you know how the steamy kissing scenes in the movies always look incredibly appealing, without even a drop of awkwardness in the air? That’s because the director on-set has carefully crafted each detail about the setting of the shot, including the way the actor and actress position themselves, with deep directions as to how they’re supposed to hold and caress each other’s body. Particularity in those instructions and Oscar-winning execution by the actors is what adds up to achieve that feeling of a perfect, juicy make out. What if you could achieve that with your partner? After all, it’s just the right positions you need to look for. This article is here to tell you just that!  

1. Sit on Him

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This one’s being mentioned first for a reason; it’s an absolute game changer. You could be doing everything wrong as a girl, but if at some point you decide to lift your thigh and put it across him to climb on top, resting all your weight on his dick, it’ll turn the tables (quite literally). A guy will always love having his crotch rub against your butt as he kisses you. If you master this move and learn to smoothly move your waist back and forth, it doesn’t have to be just your butt that rubs against his dick. As you could imagine, this can get extremely pleasurable for you down there as well.  

2. Do It Against the Wall

Have you ever fantasized about him pinning you against the wall and kissing you wet and hard? It’s not impossible to make that work, it comes naturally if you start things off in the right environment. It has an incredible taste of dominance which is a huge fetish for some women, and it provides tons of room for progression as the hands move across each other’s body freely.  

3. Let Your Chests Meet

Find an armless chair, lift your partner up and place them right on top of you, straddling them and pulling them into you with both your arms. This passionate embrace allows you to have them as close to you as humanly possible, as you feel them chest to chest while making out. Feel free to linger your fingertips on their back for added effect!  

4. Missionary Kissing

Source: (@sex_positions_pictures) on Instagram

Yeah, it’s an overused position, but that’s true for sex. When it comes to exclusively kiss your partner, people don’t nearly try this position enough. Just picture this in your mind; you’re lying under your guy with his hands beneath your back, and his crotch right over yours, as he kisses you until you can’t breathe. Just the thought makes you skip a beat, imagine experiencing on a warm rainy night.  

5. Cuddled Up in Bed

Cuddling always starts off innocent, but soon after it tends to plant naughtier ideas in both the cuddling participants. This kissing position comes with a ton of options to discover, as each couple may have their own favorite cuddling pose. Whatever it is though, it’s highly likely that your faces are going to be close by when you cuddle. Extend them and make it steamier with a juicy kiss, as your hands reach out for more private areas of their body, gripping them and pulling them towards you – it works, always.  

10 Tips to Have a Hot Make Out with These Positions

1. Find Rhythm in Your Motions

A make out isn’t just kissing, it’s how you move with your partner in general. It could be your hands under discussion here, the way you move your fingers on them, and even how you move your waist if you’re riding them. A rhythmic consistency in all your movements during a make-out can go a long way towards having a session that makes you want more.  

2. Kiss them Slowly

Usually, with teens, libido is incredibly high, pushing the couple to do things faster and wilder. While that has its own charm to it, you must slow down once in a while. You don’t get to make out with your boy every day, do you? Make the most of the private time you have, feel every detail of their lip on yours, and bump up the intimacy ever so slowly.  This will keep you in his mind all day. 

3. Hand Movements

This is what makes a make-out session extraordinary. Imagine if your guy, as he kissed you slowly, just dug his fingers at the bottom of your neck and started dragging them up towards your ears, while his other hand slid inside your shirt behind you and did the same? Yep, there’s no stopping a make out from going explosive after that. You could do this to him too! 

4. Love Bites

What better way to make sure he or she remembers you than by actually leaving a physical mark of your love on them? When you’re kissing, especially in the chest to chest position discussed above, sneak your way to her neck and suck on a part of her skin there for 3-4 seconds, while caressing her body. She’ll absolutely love it, and it’ll remind her of you when she sees herself in the mirror the next day.  

5. A Nibble on The Lips

You might think this one’s only limited to movie scenes, but nope, you’d be missing out on a great opportunity! It doesn’t have to be frequent, just use it a gesture of letting them know they’re yours, and you’re aggressively possessive about them.  

6. Tongue Usage

This one’s complicated, because you can’t go overboard with it! This shouldn’t happen in the initial stages of the make out, wait until things heat up. Once you feel like your partner’s gasping for more, pull them towards you and flick your tongue against theirs. This will be a pleasant surprise if you time it well, but you should definitely go light on this one.  

7. Crotch to Crotch

Dry humping could be an essential, and potentially the most mind-blowing part of your make out. When you’re deeper in the session, choose a position that has your guy’s dick pressing against you right where you need it. Kiss them while moving rhythmically on them, and feel them get harder and harder. At this point, you can use more tongue as things are superheating up! 

8. Pull Her Hair

This one mostly depends upon your partner’s preferences. You could try it once or twice to see their reaction, and if it’s welcoming with a green light, you should do it to them periodically. The key is to get a grip close to the back of their head, as in closing down your fist right next to the head to grab a handful of hair. You can control the way they tilt their faces now, and that’s a feature of dominance right there. Tilt it to the side and lick their neck from bottom to top, which brings us to the next tip.  

9. Never Forget the Neck

When you’re trying to please your significant other in a make out, their neck should be on your mind quite a lot. Especially if you’re a guy! Every woman loves getting her neck kissed, and some even enjoy heavier tongue action there. That’s because it’s a super-erogenous zone that multiplies even the slightest of simulations you create. It’s not just kissing and licking though; some ladies love being choked by a dominant grip of your hands. Try it, and give the neck the attention it deserves! 

10. Confidence is Key

If you’ve got enough confidence during a make out, everything could work towards your advantage, even the small mistakes you make. This applies to girls too, because guys love hearing girls moan for them, as it’s a reassurance that he’s doing it right. You have to be confident and moan your heart out, as real as they come. Imagine if your guy was shy about touching your body during a make out, quite a turn-off eh?  

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You will need these 10 make out tips whenever you are with your partner. They are applicable for new hook-ups or long-term lovers.


Making out is what starts every session of a sexual encounter between you and your partner, and that’s exactly why you should learn to make it as fiery as you can. As we all know, a make out isn’t a make out without long and passionate kissing. This article aims to improve the very core of your make out mechanics, starting from the position you’re in while you kiss your significant other.  


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