Asking Her: 20 Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

The signs that she is sending you to make a life-changing move!

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Asking Her: 20 Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

Not Relationship Bases But Critical Milestones


When two people come together to form a bond of human connection, we term this as a relationship. Relationships can be platonic or romantic. But today we will be talking about romantic partnerships. To successfully maintain a relationship with someone, the two of you must be in sync at some level. One would think that verbal cues and direct communication are the primary methods of letting your partner know what is on your mind. Yet most people struggle with this fundamental concept which can lead to relationship problems.

Being on the same wavelength as your partner means that a lot of the time you will know what they are feeling without them verbally telling you. You understand each other’s body language and actions so well that you can pick up on slight changes in their energy.

1st Milestone: To Chase or Not to Chase?


1. Body Language


When we can’t say things often our body says it all for us. She will lean in while she is talking to you. She will try to sit close to you in big settings. Another clue to look for is if her body is pointed toward you while she is talking to someone else. This is a subtle sign that in her opinion you are the most interesting person in the room. Furthermore, she will try to initiate as much skin to skin contact as possible.

2. Flirting

One of the most obvious signs that a girl wants you to chase her is flirting. Everyone has a unique way of showing what they are interested in. She will laugh at your jokes. She may try to tease you playfully. Fiddling with her hair or her mouth etc. is a big give away that a girl thinks you are attractive.

3. Finds excuses to hang out

This girl will hop on any and every opportunity to hang out with you. She will find excuses to spend more time with you because she wants to get to know you. Most importantly when a girl has a crush on you, she will try her best to get you alone with her. Group settings just can’t get the romance started.

4. Her friends get excited around you

A girl always tells her friends when she has fallen for someone. So, look out for her friends’ reactions when you talk to her. Are they smiling or giggling? Does it look like they are teasing her about something? Do they keep glancing at the two of you? The key to finding out if a girl wants you is to notice the behavior of her friends.

5. Nervousness

People often tend to feel intimidated by the people that they are attracted to. Our crushes know just how to get a sweat out of us. We want to be extremely careful to not embarrass ourselves in front of this person. If she looks nervous and agitated or if she stumbles on her words and chews on her lip, you know you have this girl wrapped around your finger.

6. She asks you a lot of questions

She will want to know more about you. A woman who is attracted to you will be interested in what you have to say. Not only does she ask questions but she will gladly and attentively listen to your response. She just can’t get enough of you and she is trying to gauge what your likes and dislikes are. This will give her a better chance of impressing you.

7. She tells you you’re on her mind

This is as obvious as it is going to get in the dating game. When a girl tells you that she has been thinking about you out of the blue, she wants you to chase her. If she can’t get you out of her mind, be confident, and ask her out.

2nd Milestone: Girlfriend or Friendzone?


8. She wants to meet your family

Showing interest in your parents and siblings is the biggest way of taking the relationship to the next step. It is a prominent sign that she wants you to make her yours. Meeting the family is a big step. If you have just been fooling around for a couple of months, now is the time to officially make her your girlfriend.

9. She remembers all the details

Does she surprise you by knowing things about you that you do not even remember telling her? This means that she cares about you deeply. She will listen when you tell her something and she will ask you follow up questions about it. She just somehow knows your regular order at the coffee shop or when you prefer to shower. She remembers the hilarious story from your childhood and what color you love to wear. If all of this resounds with you, it is time to make that girl your lover.

10. She teases you about it


Playfully messing around is a popular way of dropping hints when you are too shy to say something straightforward. She’ll tease and fight jokingly hoping that you somehow get the message. Pick up on her cues and be the man she wants you to be.

11. Small Romantic Gestures

Buying you a thoughtful present or lending you a hand when you needed it are examples of small romantic gestures. If you have been on a couple of dates and know each other pretty well by now, you should take it to the next level.

12. She gets a bit jealous

When we feel strongly about a special someone, we become fragile. Acting possessive and bitter when you are around other girls is her way of showing how much she wants to be yours.

13. She introduces you to her friends

Friends and family make up the people closest to us. If she introduces a boy to her loved ones, it means she wants him to be there for a good long while. She might take you to a family function as a plus one or invite you to a night out with her friends.

14. She gets vulnerable around you

She opens up to you if she is serious about this. Casual hookups usually are not lent the deep and scary thoughts from our mind. If she takes down her walls to let you in, accept her with warmth and open arms.

15. She wants to get to know the real you

If she encourages you to be open and comfortable around her, she may want a relationship with you. Let your guard down for once and ask her to be your partner.

3rd Milestone: Wife or No Marriage?

16. She is well acquainted with your family


A girlfriend who gets along with your loved ones is the kind of woman to keep around forever. If she is close to your siblings and your parents, you know she is a keeper. When someone doesn’t see a future with you, they won’t put in the time and effort to impress your family.

17. You’ve talked about your future

She has had “The Conversation” with you. You guys talk about where you see yourselves in the future and it is clear that wherever you are you want your partner to be there with you. All your plans become in the plural instead of in the singular.

18. She is comfortable around you


Transitioning from the girlfriend status to the wife's status means you will see each other’s ugly sides. If she has seen you at your absolute worst and still chooses to love you, she cares about you a lot. It might be time to pop the question.

19. She mentions other couples

Another way she will hint at a proposal is by talking about other couples who got engaged. Whether it is someone from your neighborhood or a celebrity, she will be sure to bring up the wedding talk.

20. She’s been looking at engagement rings

Here is how you know for sure she wants you to put a ring on it. You find engagement rings on her phone! She’s been looking at potential options and does not want to hide it.

Other Periods In A Relationship To Make The First Move

These are just three of the major milestones in a long term relationship. When you are in it for the long haul, there are so many phases that you go through as a couple. Moving in together can be a deal-breaker or the opposite. You get to know a person only when you start to live with them. This will prepare you for life as a married couple if you are interested in that. Having children together is another important period in your life where you need to do more than just drop hints. Open and honest communication is vital to keeping both of you comfortable and in the loop.

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Times have changed and women do sometimes take the lead in initiating relationships. Yet it still feels good to be chased by someone. Muster up the courage and when you are ready for it, take the first step to make a move.


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