How A Taurus Man in Love With You Texts You - 28 Signs

Signs from the way he texts you that a Taurus is in love with you

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How A Taurus Man in Love With You Texts You - 28 Signs

Characteristic of a Taurus Man

Taurus men are known as gentle lovers. They are kind and patient. Letting the woman make all the decisions and lead will not bother them at all. In fact, it probably helps the relationship.

When dating a Taurus man, know that he can feel slow and uninterested at times even though it may not be true. He doesn't want to step out of his comfort zone. More importantly, Taurus men are known to take things slow as they don't want to intrude and interrupt.

It can be confusing and frustrating at times but as long as you know what you are dealing with you know how to struck and if he is interested! Read the following 28 tips to find out if he is in love with you through his texts!

28 Signs That A Taurus Man Is In Love With You Based On His Texts

The speed of his replies

1. He replies as soon as he is available

Instant replies are not uncommon for Taurus men. They want you to feel desired. Whenever he sees your text, he will take the time to give a detailed, thoughtful reply. You will never feel left out. You know when he is off work, in between breaks, you will hear from him.

2. He makes time to reply to you

There's a difference between replying when you have time and taking the time to reply to you. Even if he is busy, he takes the time to send you a short message, letting you know he is in a long meeting or it's going to be a long day. A Taurus man is responsible and reliable. He will never make you feel not worthy. He always lets you know he is thinking about you.

3. He sends you long messages

It's never only emojis or single words like "okay", "sure". He details his reply. When you ask him about his day, he will never reply with a "good". He will tell you several interesting things in his life that day and ask about you. That's how you know you have a Taurus man's heart. You can tell from the length of his replies. No one does that for someone they don't like.

4. He lets you know in advance he may not be available

Being as responsible as he is, he always lets you know he is not going to be available and won't be able to reply for a while if that's the case. He will never leave you hanging wondering what is going on. If he has a long day ahead tomorrow, you will receive a text a day earlier telling you he will not be able to text you for a while and wants you to know he is thinking about you and he will wish you a good day.

The way he flirts with you through text

5. He leaves tiny hints of his feelings

Taurus men are a gentle being that likes taking care of others. They always want to present their best side to prove that they can take care of you. They will leave little hints of his feelings in his texts rather than telling you upfront what they feel. It can be really subtle but you will be able to pick up the hints.

6. It's always very subtle

Taurus men aren't the type to make a flirt obvious or over-the-top. Before you blame him for being boring, know that this is what a Taurus man does. They will never rent a Billboard to let you know he loves you, but he will spend his time sending you suggestive jokes. Next time you feel it's not obvious enough, know that he is already trying his best.

7. He throws in some naughty-faced emojis

As said, Taurus men aren't very outspoken with their feelings, they might throw in some naughty-faced emojis to tell you how they actually feel. Whenever you send him a picture of the cake you are eating, he might reply "it looks as yum as you are!" with a wink-wink emoji.

8. He sends you compliments

Whatever look you are rocking to work or the tiny achievements at work, he will compliment you and make you feel like a queen. He will make you feel all those achievements are bigger than you give yourself credits for. He will make you feel all your work is worth the effort.

9. He offers advices on your outfits

Doesn't sound like he is flirting? That's because you aren't looking close enough! He is telling you what makes you look hot because he is trying to tell you how hot you are! That's a classic move by a Taurus man because he can never be too upfront with his flirts.

10. He makes jokes about you

He is thinking about you that he is making little jokes about you. All harmless of course. Don't expect a man to make an offensive joke about you because he likes you. A Taurus man will make little tiny jokes about you. Or possibly some inside jokes between you and him to make you feel included.

11. He asks you all the "what ifs"

What if we live together? Do you think we can handle each other's snoring?

This funny little joke is exactly how you can tell a Taurus man is into you. You think he is being a little mean but this is the sweetest way he can tell you he loves you.

12. He asks you out on important dates

He wants you to be his plus one on his company annual dinner. Any major events he wants you to tell you he is really into you.

13. He says he is going to dress up for you

You deserve all the jealousy from other girls because you are a queen!

14. He sends you little dirty jokes

His jokes will never be overly dirty or overly obvious. It's always only going to be slightly suggestive and never aggressive. He wants to protect your feelings so you won't feel bad about it.

The way he shares with you

15. He includes you in his future plans

He sees you in his future life. Whether it be shopping together in your cranes or sipping a coffee in your backyard when you are retired, from time to time, you hear him casually mention his future plans and somewhat jokingly involve you. That's more than a joke. He really does have you on his mind.

16. He shares his emotions with you

It can be difficult for a Taurus man to be sensitive and share their feelings with you and be vulnerable. They want to be the carer and giver, not the taker. It can be hard for them to open up. So if they do, that means they really love you.

17. He shares little things that go on in his life with you

Taurus men aren't the type to be very sisterly and share all the little details in his life. Not that he doesn't want to share with you. He just doesn't feel those details are important enough that he wants to share with you. So it means a lot when he is willing to share.

18. He wants you to join the everyday life

He invites you to join the company lunch or an after-work drink with his colleagues. All these say how much he actually wants you around and wants you in his life.

19. He shares things in his life that make him laugh

He wants to include you in his life and shares things that make him laugh hoping they will make you laugh too. Isn't that sweet?

20. He talks about his family with you

A Taurus man rarely goes out of his comfort zone. It takes a lot for him to open up to someone about things he cares about like his family. If your Taurus man openly shares his family situation with you, even if it's not great, you know you mean a great deal to him.

21. He shares his secret with you

What says ultimate trust more than secret-sharing?

22. He shares his friends with you

Introducing his friends to you can be challenging for some Taurus men because they are so used to having things a certain way. They like things slow and stable. They already have an existing group of friends. It'd be hard for them to open up and add an extra member - you, to the group. If he does, don't doubt how much you mean to him.

23. He shares his more personal information with you

Things like his salary, savings, his ultimate dream. things that can be considered personal and private, he is willing to share with you all. That says a lot about his character and his love for you that he is willing to share his ultimate dream, without fearing you judging him. 

24. He shares how much he wants to be there for you

It's not a secret that Taurus men are lovers and givers, but for them to admit how much they want to be here for you can be hard because they are more the type to take actions rather than talk about it. So if he does, you know you are special.

25. He buys you little gifts to make you feel special

Ain't that sweet? He never wants you to feel left out.

26. He shares everything he has with you

That's a huge step! He is willing to share with you, for richer or poorer. Hold on to this guy!

27. He lets you see his romantic side

Taurus men can be sexy and sensitive. They can be one of the most romantic people if they put an effort to try. It's harder for them because of their nature, but when they try, it will take you by surprise.

28. He shares his life with you!

What's more to ask than having a Taurus man sharing his life with you! That's the ultimate sign of love!

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Do you feel now you know more about your Taurus man? Many mistakenly think Taurus men are boring when they just don't know how to decipher them. Now that you know, are you happy with your Taurus man? Save these signs so you know if your Taurus man is really in love with you!